How to Start a Story in English

Getting a story started in English

Once you learn English, complications arise. While a novel can take a meandering path, it should start with a scene that sets the tone for the whole book. Have you got an exciting story to tell? If you have a good story, it's important how you start it. If we' re presenting information or telling stories, we have to:

I don't know why I should start in English. - Be yourself

Two and a half years ago I began working in the media. All of the tales I've so far wrote are in Turkish. I recently realised that English will help me get to more audiences in this way. I' ve given some good reason why I chose to use English. Like I said in that story, I chose to get out of my comfy area.

This is my new dare to write in English and reach more audiences! For Eatto, we need to set up a company to start work. That is why I need to increase my spoken and written English language proficiency.

I think that if you move to another county, you should try to study the native tongue, at least a little This will allow you to interact and become integrated with the locals and get a better grasp of their people. You have many ways to increase your knowledge of languages and typing is one of them.

Lettering plays a very important part in both corporate and societal lives.

I believe that good grammatical composition makes reading a story simple and pleasant. Irrespective of the languages you speak, you should use them with their own set of regulations. I apologize if there are any misspellings, and if there are any parts you couldn't hear, please let me know so I can correct them.

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