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Preview and visit Writer's Digest tutorials to learn more: http://bit. One question, one secret, one unmarked but fascinating lead. No one cares about the weather, the time of day, the smell, etc. You can get the press you want by creating a report that is picked up by the newspapers. Strong lead sales offer intrigue from the outset.

Think-size, Start Small: The Story of a Startup

It was just interested in the shop because it was different, because it was young and because it has the ability to do really good. I have since believed that RecCam is a great place for emerging businesses to grow and grow. When you want to start your own enterprise and make a distinction in the global marketplace, continue reading.

One of the Cayman Island cams. It' s a straightforward concept: for a small charge, RebCam takes the sea, some of the world's most popular dive sites, to your own home. Subscribe to their services to watch your own streaming streamed videos from one of their own submarine camcorders or from a partner's own camcorder - use them to delight your audience as a calming setting in a lobby or at work.

In addition, 25 per cent of all revenues from the project are donated to the protection of the oceans and research. The four camera locations are in submarine colonies off the Grand Cayman, St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda and the Florida Keys. Other two are located in Brazil and on the International Space Station.

Yes, that's right, the International Space Station! Tim said ReefCam began with a single wish: to give visitors a way to places they might never see otherwise. Tintin says he had no previous corporate ownership or management background before he joined the MBA programme. And these links and the conversations with the teachers were so inspirational that they encourage him to get to work.

Talking to Tim makes it clear that his energy and interest in all facets of corporate management and his commitment to the world of green science have helped the firm succeed. And not to forget that Tim's three co-founders, David Bidwell, John Monterubio and Alex Zajac, all have similar interests in the economy and the world around them.

Starting with an MVP or a basic set of usable products - a simple maritime surveillance system - the firm has evolved into a corporation with the capability to become a mediatypro. Though only six cams are currently in use, the ReefCam crew is working really fast to get more and enhance the game.

Tintin is talking to me about the extra camera they are using in the Great Barrier Reef, another one in collaboration with Cornell, and more to be used in other parts of the game. To me, the only things that could make your products better are the real noises of the sea, more camera in more places and more information about how the seas change over the course of history through man's work.

It is clear that the enterprise is just beginning, but with so much room for growth and influence on the way we think about the oceans and the lives in them, I have no doubts that the crew will do great things. This is known in the world of work as MVP or "Minimum Viable Product".

" This is an endorsement of the Lean Startup Methodology today. It is the basic concept to start with a question that needs to be resolved first. Once the issue has been detected, a minimally sustainable product can be designed. To ReefCam, this is paying entry to a livestream from one of their cams on a local hard surface dive web.

Out of the revenue RecCam will donate a percent to the protection of the sea, research and training. RegCam is already introducing new digital video streams to other parts of the globe, enabling research institutes and businesses to work with them to install their own video streams, and providing the ability to brand web streams and more while they listen to their customers and affiliates.

While growing, they will keep testing and adjusting by illustrating the slim starting method and the benefits of starting with an MVP instead of something that has taken years to unfold and that could just as readily lead to nothing, i.e. years of loss of experience, cash and expertise gained through adaptation on the basis of feed-back.

Tim's co-founder group also has an interest in economics, engineering and the natural world - a great complement for a corporate organization that is simultaneously educated to run a shop and needs technical expertise to monitor camerawork, collaborate with professionals and create the on-line technologies needed to make ReefCam a global market.

Here from lefthand to right, COO John Monterubio and CEO Tim Richards on Net Impact's Net Impact reel. Maybe this is most evident when you see that of the six camera systems that are currently operated by ReefCam, either itself or in partnerships with organisations or research institutes, two are in non-marine environments - the rain forest and the International Space Station.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the business is turning its back on its maritime protection and training missions - after all, a proportion of the revenue from subscription fees still goes in this direction. Rather, the enterprise diversifies and tests, perhaps takes up new possibilities, runs with them, checks the answers and then adapts.

Barracudas swim with one of the Cayman Island cams. Today, small enterprises and start-ups are appearing everywhere. Although this is heartening for those of us who want to become businessmen, it also means that we have a duty to create enterprises that are not just a "fad", but try to promote our perception of the outside world and solve the issues that we have built and that others help.

I am fascinated when I come across companies that have the power to have a positive influence on our planets and the way people see the way the outside worlds are changing or encouraging us to take measures for previously ill-considered causes. And I think one of those companies is RebCam. I think she has the power to influence the day.

They have the same potentials and it is up to you to use them. If you want to start your own company, you should consider the following: Are we socially responsible for creating businesses that make life better and protect the milieu?

How do you feel about the work of RegCam?

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