How to Start a Kids Club

Founding a children's club

Every day open. Free parking. Founding a children's club or a weekly program can be an exciting time in the life of a church! Club is a good way to reach children and form the faith. With our dedicated children's club organizers, your children are guaranteed to have fun.

We have qualified childcare staff running our children's clubs.

Activityclub or any other club not Ofsted members?

Child care or active club? Associations providing child care before and after class and during vacations must generally be enrolled at Ofsted and must therefore comply with the Early Years and/or Childrencare Registers, according to the age of the group.

For information on how to create an out-of-school club for child care, please read our section on starting your club. Exceptions to this rule are listed in Appendix A: Registering not necessary for the Early Years and Kindcare Register Handbook.

Three exceptions are usually applicable to active clubs: Exception 11: Not more than two of the following listed activites are provided: You do not need to inform Ofsted that you are in charge of the club if your club is subject to any of the above exceptions, and you do not need to do so.

Since your club does not need to sign up with OSFED, there are no legal obligations for you to comply with in terms of personnel quotas. There are no special child care, educational or sports skills needed to run your activities club as it is not Ofsted-registered. There' s no legal obligation to have a skilled first responder in your club, but it's clearly a very good idea.

It is not a legal obligation for you or your employees to have a secure education, but here too it is good practise to be ready so that you can react adequately to problems that arise. When providing meals at your club, the people who prepare or serve the meals should have been trained in the use of the meals.

You can find further information in our item "Food supply in your club". If you have personnel, you need at least business indemnity as well as employers' compensation. You can take out a tailor-made policy through a local umbrella organisation or member group. When you or your employees will ever be unattended with a baby, you will need to receive an extended DBS scan for that one.

Volunteers also need DBS cheques if they often help out at your club (i.e. four days a week or more). While you can ask for advanced DBS exams for your employees, you cannot get a full DBS exam for yourself. Ofted' s policy requirements does not count because your club is not OSted listed, but it would still be a good practice to have a minimal policy to prepare you for certain problems when they occur.

Or you can build your own guidelines, processes, and templates in our Activities Club package. Taxes, social security, labour laws, etc., all of which are applicable to activities associations as they are to any other company, but are not the subject of this section. The UK website has some essential information to help you get up.

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