How to Start a Book Review Blog

Beginning a book review blog

However, all too often the authors do not know how to approach a book blog properly. I' ll start with reasons a critic/book blogger could not accept:. You've read your book. SEO links also help with your SEO, which brings more traffic to your blog. They are simple, to the point and helpful for your audience.

Writing a great book review

Back to The Ultimate Guide to Book Blogs! I' ve had a very different book review since I began to blog. In the past I used to create nice off-the-shelf book revisions, but today I either create mini-reviews that I release in The Inkwell, or very long, in-depth individual revisit.

To keep the counting of words in the balance, I don't usually add a complete summary to my mini-reviews (I often reading non-fiction, so the book's topic is pretty apparent anyway), but generally there are three parts to a well-written book review. Any good review should begin with a summary of the book in questions.

Firstly, you can do what the New York Times and most other important papers do and create your own synopses. It requires more work, but it makes the review entirely your own. When you select the latter, just make sure you put it in quotation marks so they know you didn't do it.

Without serious grammar mistakes or totally unshapely thoughts, there is no false way to review a book. There' s as many ways to review a book as there are book blogs. I was talking about hearing your own one-of-a-kind voices a few week ago, and that goes for reviewing books as well as other blogging.

I am an analyst by definition, for example, so I have a tendency to review a book in a fairly analytic way. However it is that your approximation of literature and literacy is something that makes it special, please include it in your review. It' simple to write a good review, but what if you don' t like the book?

It was actually quite surprising to learn that, but I assume it is to a certain degree truth. I' m very demanding and I'm not worried about expressing my frustration if a book doesn't do them justice. I am firm in rejecting criticism as long as it is sincere, has a substance and does not dare to enter harassment ordeal.

I am more of a "honesty is the best policy" than a "if you can't say anything kind, don't say anything" woman. It is always a good notion to summarize your review (especially if it is a long review) with one or two phrases that emphasize your key point and your general view.

Because I seldom review books, I reformat them like any other blog entry. By regularly publishing your review, you can uniformly size your review and provide information and useful hyperlinks such as publishers, genres and number of pages.

Reformatting book reviewing is a nuisance, so I suggest using the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin allows you to quickly and simply enter all the book information into a book and then format it to look stunning when you click "publish".

When book reviewing is a basic food of your blog, it will make your lives so much simpler. Use the Ultimate Guide to Book Blogs for more hints and how to create a book of blogs using the Ultimate Guide to Book Blogs.

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