How to Start a Book Publishing Company

Founding a book publisher

It is up to you to decide that you want to make writing and publishing books a business and not just a hobby. For most authors, this is a great change of mentality. The establishment of your own publishing house can open some doors for you. As one creates an independent book publishing house. Every year, writers around the world prepare millions of manuscripts that are never published.

This is how you can start your own publishing house

Before making any decision about your company, you should seek advice from a specialist and solicitor. Have you as an writer thought about founding your own publishing house? We' ve begun Body and Soul Publishing in 2012 and have not yet been looking back. If you are founding an independant publishing house, you can use your company name to create your own publishing house name.

It will appear on your bookstore page and looks more professionally than "Createspace" or "Your Name" as a publishing house. 2 ) It divides your book publishing activity from your own wealth and revenue. Having separated your corporate and private financial information for fiscal use can be useful. Also if you are an LLC or S-Corp, it protects your individual earnings and property from litigation that may arise.

Suits are very seldom in our kind of shop, but some folks like to have this additional layer at the right place. As soon as you have founded your own publishing house, you have more possibilities. They can even post other author's works with your publishing house.

It is the first stage in founding your own publishing house. It is up to you to choose whether you want to make book publishing a profession and not just a pastime. When I made this choice in 2012, it became much more important to me to invest in my publishing work.

When I concentrated more on book advertising, my writing carreer began. An individual enterprise is an unregistered company that you run yourself. If you are in the USA, you can use your tax number. That' the simplest way to get started. A GmbH is a private company with restricted liabilities, which is taxable similar to a one-man company.

However, it is a registered company and divides and safeguards your own property from the company property with restricted liabilities. A S-Corporation is a registered company and offers more fiscal benefits and cost-saving. It' important to talk to an expert before making any decision about your company. My spouse and I were advised to create an LLC that would be a S-Corp, as it would help us avoid taxing the self-employed by saving milliah.

As soon as you have decided what kind of company you want to start, you now have the authority to name it. They also want to select a company name that is professionally designed and matches their brands. Don't hurry this stage, because your company name will remain with you for a long while!

You can now complete the structure of your publishing house now that you have selected your company name. I submitted a DTA (doing as) to my state when we founded Body and Soul Publishing as a one-man-shop. After that I got documents listing my EIN (Employer Identifier ) which would allow me to open a company profile.

Also I used this one to submit 1099's for my contractor and my tax for our shop. As soon as you have your ON, you can now request a corporate acco. Every one has a different procedure and different needs for creating a corporate network profile. Please contact your on site banking institution for more information.

They can also create a Paypal commercial bank accounts for on-line purchases. We were advised to buy the least expensive Quick Books we could find in an officeinstore. They also want to be very cautious never to buy anything personally identifiable with a corporate bankroll, and the other way around.

You are strongly advised to create a registration for your company. It is another way to make your company more professional. This can also be a place where you publish a list of your publications. I' ve recently begun to use the My Book Table plug-in on my authors page and I' m recommending it to others.

Adding book pages and buying bookmarks makes it really simple. Ensure that you are learning the law related to your company. There are, for example, in the US, there is law on charging VAT when you are selling a book at real life venues and it varies from state to state.

You' ve founded your own independant publishing house! We founded our own publishing house in 2012. Originally we founded an individual company because it was the simplest way to start with the least effort. This year ( (2014) my man and I were very badly affected by this. "Luckily, our nomination went very well and we agreed to form our company as LLC and file the tax as S-Corp.

Had we discussed the same "tax type" last year, he could have spared us tens of thousand of dollars this year in taxation on self-employment. We' ll definitely hire him to do our taxation next year! Indeed, I was emboldened this weekend by two writers who expressed their personal gratitude for their support in publishing and marketing their work.

So, I will end with some encouraging for you ( and for myself) as we set out to write and publish for you. Do you have an independant publishing house? And if so, please include your company name and website in the commentaries below and any suggestions you have learnt in this way.

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