How to Sell your Ebook on Amazon

Selling your eBook on Amazon

You have decided to publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which allows you to publish both eBooks and paperbacks. If you publish on Amazon (or any other eBook publishing platform), you are more than just the author. Sell your ebook on Amazon using the Amazon Kindle Direct program.

Creating an Amazon KDP account

If you are interested in selling your own eBook through Amazon's Kindle Store through Amazon's KDP website, please read this section. Do you want to sell your eBook at Amazon? Long the largest bookseller on the Internet, Amazon claimed to be generating between 70% and 80% of all eBook purchases through its website by the end of 2010.

The simplest way to sell your ebook on Amazon is to take a pretty simple way known as Amazon KDP (which means Kindle Direct Publishing). Amazons KDP is a web-based system that lets you submit your script, transform it into the right file size to produce a Kindle and maintain your and entry (if you are a UK resident).

There is no charge to create an Amazon KDP bankroll (: com/self-publishing/signin). When you already have an Amazon eBook user profile, you can use your current data and all you need to do is provide a little more information about how you want to be remunerated, if and when your eBook will generate some sell.

As soon as your bank details are finalised, you can log in and you will be taken to your'bookshelf'. It is the page that contains a listing of eBooks you have posted on Amazon, but of course it will not contain any eBooks on your first visits. You can also find other features at the top of the page, such as "Reports", where you can see and load your title sale stories, and "Community", which takes you to the knowledge base and users forum.

Return to the bookshelf and how to book your eBook to Amazon. If you click here, you will see the first of two monitors with information you need to fill in about your eBook. Unlike some advices found on the web, you do NOT need an ISBN number to sell your eBook on Amazon.

Select your browse and search criteria with care, as they can offer you great advertising options. Ensure that the catagories are appropriate for your eBook (you can select up to 5), but don't have the feeling that you need to select the most common and favorite one. With more niches you can allocate to a particular group, you'll have a better chance of earning Amazon Top 10 bestseller rank.

You' ll need to sell a large number of eBooks to get into the top 10 in the Fiction > General section, but much less to be a bestseller in the Fiction > Mystery & Detective > Women Sleuths section. Product image is the eBook sleeve. You can sell your eBook on Amazon with a well-designed frontpage.

Your artwork must be at least 500 pixel in width and at most 1280 high. It is possible to load JPEG or TIFF data. The DRM is a technique designed to prevent individuals from unlawfully exchanging your eBook with others. Writing a well-loved eBook and adding DRM has a good chance that someone will take the trouble to remove the DRM and post your eBook so others who want to try to rob the eBook can do so.

Instead of looking for a free copy, will the vast majority buy the eBook? On the first information page, the last box is the location where you are uploading your accounting contents. Allows you to submit your contents in one of the following formats: While your books are most likely in Word or Portable Document Format (PDF), you may find that these post-conversion document types will not give good results, especially if your books contain images, photographs, tables and more.

Visit the Amazon desktop publishing website for instructions and examples on how best to reformat your work before submitting it. Most appropriate file size for downloading is MobiPocket. When you want to create your own MobiPocket file, you can find free online help erasing your effort, even though you are willing to waste a lot of your free computer training to learn how to get the results you want.

Amazons desktop publishing software takes your files and converts them to a child-friendly formats, and once this is done, you can view the translated eBook on your desktop. When this section is finished, click on "Save and Next" at the bottom of the page and go to the two " Rights and Prices " onscreen.

Amazon has launched a 70% royalties subscription in 2010 that will pay you 70% of the sales value less a small shipping charge for each purchase. In order to use the 70% license you will need to rate your eBook between $2.99 and $9.99 and £1.49 and £6.99. When your eBook is above or below these policies, you must select the 35% license charge.

OK, after you have chosen your royalty option and your pricing, you must check the last checkbox to accept Amazon's terms and conditions, and then click'Save and Publish'. As soon as you do, your eBook will be queued and waiting for someone at Amazon to release it for purchase.

Usually this will take between 24 and 48 hrs and under the assumption that you will receive permission, Amazon will notify you by e-mail that your eBook is available through and It' important to note that once you submit your eBook for authorization, you won't be able to modify any of its terms until it's accepted or not.

Now you can buy and view Amazon Kindle eBooks with an application on an iPhone or iPad, Blackberry, Android or Windows 7 mobile enabled tel.

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