How to Sell your Book on the Internet

Selling your book on the Internet

Choose who will read your book - find your community. Find out what your community is doing - connect with these activities. Speak about it, and talk more about it - don't be shy. Buzz it on - find new reasons and angles to promote your book. Get 11 copies of my book.

Anything you can do to help me sell my book

Lovely folks who haven't been writing a book, great news: I've been writing a book! Get 11 specimens of my book. Purchase through my website, Amazon, your regional independant bookshop and Barnes & Noble. When your next Barnes & Noble doesn't have my book on them, consider putting two dozens on its shelf and then buying them all (again).

When you are not living near an independant bookshop, you should consider opening a bookstall at a lively crossroads. I' ll mail you for every copy of my book you buy: B ) an e-mail asking to buy more of my book, and C) a packet of my favourite manual.

You tell the people how much you like my book. Mail about my book on Facebook and Instagram. tweets about my book with the hash tag #holyfuckingshitwhatabook. Send a note to the editorial staff of your regional paper about my book. Aerosol painting on my book in toilets. Walk into the next deserts, spelt the cover of my book with blocks, hire a chopper and take air shots of the cover, publish the pictures on your website and try to republish them on HuffPost, Boing Boing Boing and Reddit.

Check my book. Well, then you' re reading my book in your neighbourhood newsletters, your regional newspaper and the New York Times. And if you are not a member of the New York Times, please see my book for the New York Times. When reading a bad reading of my book, you are initiating an on-line smearing drive against the critic and you may accuse him or her of conjugal embezzlement, white-collar crime or murder.

It' gonna get the media's eye on my book. I' m still working on my book trip, but I just made a trade with a Spokane Pizza Hut, which I'll finish sometime next week-end in the lane behind their house (the one on West 3rd). They can also lecture me from my book in deserted batches, in stripping galleries and outside the small sports series.

You can nominate my book for your next bookclubbook. You' re not in a book joint, you found one. Tell your colleagues that you should be reading my book every single months. When they oppose, tell them that it doesn't really make any difference which book you are reading, as you will be discussing other things anyway.

The important thing is that every member buys my book every single week. Simply create a Rotary clubs where every member has to buy my book once a mont. I need you to compile my book into a third party tongue. When you don't know a third party tongue, you' re learning one, then translating my book.

Have my book translated into it. Printout my book. Please note that my publisher's layout does not contain prints, so please make several prints of the enclosed script and tie the pages with strings or paper clips. Work on my book. Many thanks for your patronage! Prost, as little as $1 per months ($12 per year!) goes a long way to help our editors and collaborators and keeps us ad-free.

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