How to Sell self Published Books on Amazon

Selling self-published books on Amazon

Childle Direct Publishing helps you publish your book for sale on the Kindle Store as an eBook. Learn more about Kindle Direct Publishing. Select a book from your dashboard and click'Sell my book'. Set the price for the book you select on the Sell & Distribute tab for the listing. List your book at Amazon.

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You are an independant writer, a publishing house with restricted possibilities or a new, unfamiliar writer, or are you a collectors who sells your work? We' ve got the answer for you, even if you have a good beginning in a good old textbook but haven't yet written it.

When you are an writer, a central account can help you promote your books, no mater which programme you use. Once you start to sell your books, make sure you set up a central Authoring Account and include your personal profiles, which include blogs and forthcoming shows, as well as your books' editing ratings and other detail.

If you want, you can use your energies to write the next volume instead of advertising it yourself. You are just beginning as an writer and do not yet have a publishing house? You are an writer or editor who wants to post on CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing: two really useful applications from Amazon.

CreatingSpace provides free do-it-yourself resources and accessible business software to help you get your work out as a print product and make it available to millions of retailers and wholesalers in the U.S., as well as Childle Direct Publishing can help you sell your books on the Kindle Shop as an electronic booking.

Learn more about Kindle Direct Publishing. You are an establisched writer at a publishing house, but would like to receive your eBook? Kindle Direct Publishing is recommended. Childle Direct Publishing is a free application that will help you make your eBook available. We also offer licensing services to buy your books on Kindle and Kindle applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod touches, PCs, Macs, Blackberries and Android-based platforms.

Would you like your work to be an on tape album? First of all, please acknowledge that you have the right to listen to your text. If so, we suggest the Audobook Creation Exchange, ACX, where you can make your books come alive, make up to 90% royalty and sell your books through,, Apple, and more.

You are an writer and small publishing house who wants to sell your books on Either Amazon sells on Amazon + Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon Advantage is recommended. Your decision will depend on how much you want to be part of the sales of your books. When you want to handle customer orders and your customer feedbacks, Amazon is the right place for you.

You do not need to involve Fulfillment by Amazon if you want to take over the packaging and dispatch yourself. When you want Amazon to take charge of it all, Amazon Advance is the solution. Advtage also provides a lot of useful tips for selling your books and buying your articles over the Internet.

Benefit: 24 hour on-line availability of your sale and stock information and automated payment. You are an writer who is no longer associated with a publishing company and have remnants of your books you want to sell? Recommended for sale at Amazon. And even if you don't have many leftovers, Amazon can give you the sale you have before billions of potential shoppers and you don't need to worry about paying your subscriptions or memberships every month.

You are an writer who is no longer associated with a publishing house and your range of books is exhausted? You are a publishing house with a new writer? Suggested Amazon Advance. Advtage provides the ability to promote your books to billions of people. This also provides a tried-and-tested means of distributing and processing orders for the author's books.

Keeping the books in storage so that they are always available, we offer 24-hour availability of sale and inventory information and have automated payment on a month-to-month basis. You' re the "seller of the record" on the website. Items appear on the website as items you sell. Cultivate your name and your trademark and you can sell other items if you wish.

Amazons is the "seller of the record". "Items appear on the website as a Amazon selling item. Or if you choose not to involve Amazon fulfillment, you can place your own order. Amazons will process your payment, pack and ship the books and take charge of your support and return.

By including Fulfillment by Amazon, your books are qualified for all Amazon mail order and support offerings. You can combine orders with other Amazon items, free Super Saver delivery and Amazon Prime? are possible. Amazons take charge of after sales support and return shipments. Their books are qualified for Amazon's entire dispatch and support team.

You can combine orders with other Amazon items, Super Saver and Amazon Prime free delivery Prime is activated, and Amazon provides support and return mail. There is no need to have a sales bank or to administer orders or feedbacks. You can buy Advtage items through the Amazon Buy Box page, which allows shoppers to put the items directly from the page into the shopping basket.

Amazons Advtage works like a consignation warehouse. Her books appear on as a Amazon selling item. There is no need to fill your car park with photocopies of your books awaiting sales, and when you make a purchase, you do not need to pack and send the album.

It' Amazon Advance does it. The books you sell on through Amazon Advance are suitable for FREE Super Saver Shipment and two-day shipment through Amazon Prime? We order your books according to your wishes and you return them to us. They are stored in our fulfilment centres, and when a product is on sale, we process payment, pack and dispatch the books and take charge of your support and return.

We' re paying you every month for the books we sell. Find out all about Amazon Advance. Amazons Adventage is not directed at retailers or vendors of used books. So if this is your current position, consider Amazon + Fulfillment by Amazon instead of using Advant. View how Amazon Advance contrasts with Amazonelling.

As with Amazon Advance, you can advertise and sell your books directly on and the Amazon fulfilment networking to save, pack, ship and maintain your orders. In contrast to Amazon Advance, Amazon sales are like a small shop on All of your product are on the website as you sell them.

You' ll receive a fee on the sales value of the article and other sales charges (the fee for the sales of a product is $1.20 plus 15% of the article cost). Fulfilment by Amazon includes warehousing, packaging and delivery costs. Twenty-five pounds of books valued over $25, for example, would be $1. 80 for fulfilment and about $0. 05 per months to save (storage charges fluctuate by size).

Allows you to select to be a pro merchant for $39. 95 per months subscriptions charge or you can be a single seller and be charged $0. 99 per single piece purchased (without paying due monthly). Find out more about Amazon sales. Watch how Amazon sells compared to Amazon Advantage. CreatingSpace also provides cost-effective business support for every stage of the publication lifecycle, from text processing to layout, as well as publishers and marketerservices.

As soon as your project is finished, there will be a CreateSpace Print On-Demand application. Childle Direct Publishing is a free software that can help writers make their books available as an eBook. There are also licensing agreements to buy the books on Kindle and Kindle applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod touches, PCs, Macs, Blackberries and Android-based phones.

You must have the online permissions on the product to use Kindle Direct Publisher. Please refer to their help pages if you have any queries about publication with Kindle Direct Publisher. The 70% license programme is open to books published by KDP itself. Writers can post books in English, French, Germans, French, Hispanics, Portugese and Italians themselves and quote prices in US dollars or pounds sterling.

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