How to Sell my Ebook Online

This is how to sell my Ebook Online

Currently I have only one eBook for sale on my website. I' ve used it to sell my eBooks & never had a problem. "About the author" - this informs the reader where to find you online. I hope to write my first ebook this year, and your tips are going to come in handy.

A customer's e-mail address is inserted in the footer of the PDF ebook document.

Selling an eBook with PayPal

When you' ve followed along you know we've spoken about making e-books and marketing them with PayPal. The last article was about how to make an eBook and how to turn it into a PDF one. Well, the big issue - what if you want to sell your eBook?

The most popular way to sell an eBook online is to use the Buy Now button available from your PayPal bankroll. Now this is far from the ONLY way to sell an eBook, but to me, it is the most general way to get started to sell information modules online.

PLEASE NOTE: What follows under this area is NOT the easiest way to sell an eBook with PayPal. If it' your eBook for selling with PayPal, there are a few things you need. This is a page where clients can find a link to their eBook after purchasing it.

As you already have your eBook and I hope you already have a PayPal bankroll, let's go to the sell page for your eBook. Sell your eBook from almost any website. Indeed, your advertising mail might actually be a movie or blogs entry.

Most importantly, you are online somewhere where you can discuss your products and describe their functions and advantages in detail. When your eBook resolves a issue (as it should), make sure it is clear which issue your eBook overcomes. There' s a ton of information online about typing impactful sells copy, so I won't go all in that.

Most importantly, today's contribution to the sale of an eBook with PayPal is to have a website where you can find your PayPal Buy buttons so they can buy your eBook. For this example, PayPal is the default pay processors you use. One of many ways to pay for eBooks sold online.

If you sell something online, you need some kind of payor to take the money for your game. Then, the payments processors return the client to a location on your website where they can either get or load their work. With my oh-SO (not) impressing graphical abilities, let me show you how the easy buying of a book looks like.

An prospective client finds your sale page, presses the Buy Now PayPal link and is then diverted to the PayPal website for payments. Once the transaction is completed, the client will be returned to your site to receive their eBook. The whole procedure can be configured to run with PayPal as well.

When you have a website where you want to sell your eBook and a page where clients can get the eBook after paying, go to your PayPal bank details to setup the procedure. Login to your PayPal bank and search for "Merchant Services" above - click on it:

You can use 3 easy to follow instructions to create your PayPal Buy Now eBook. Every time you create a PayPal eBook sales transaction you will see a PayPal tab on the next page. Let's begin with Stage 1: I'm sorry if this seems a bit bewildering at first glance, but once you've created one of these PayPal keys, you'll take it for granted.

Then, select the "Buy now" option. Normally "Add to shopping cart" icons are created when several items are available, so that the customer can put them in his "shopping cart" and then checkout all at once. As we only sell one item - your eBook - we only need a "Buy Now" badge.

Next, give your name and ID to your products. Things like this are displayed by e-mail when someone purchases your eBook both in an e-mail to you and in an e-mail to the client. Even if you ever want to run PayPal accounts to see how much you've done each and every months (or days or weeks or years.... lol), you need a clear name and ID for each item you sell.

Pricing your products and choosing the right currencies. Briefly, these features allow customers to make additions and decisions when purchasing. If you are for example a seller of a piece that could be carved, please enter the box where the client could tell you what to put on the piece.

As we only sell a small, easy eBook, we don't have to be worried about all this today. Just as for sending - usually there would be no sending for an eBook, as everything is sent online (i.e. nothing is sent). This encrypts your e-mail in your PayPal badge so that these evil e-mail harvesters can't come along and your e-mail is readable through the PayPal key.

Stage 2 is especially for those who sell "real" goods - things they have to take stock of and only have as many as they can sell. All I need to do at this stage is to keep a copy of my PayPal buttom in my PayPal bankroll. You never know when I'll accidentally (again.....) delete a website completely and immediately need a new PayPal badge for my work.

It is the stage in the PayPal buying experience that triggers the mystery of your eBook. Believe me, it's great when folks can buy your eBook and get your eBook and YOU don't have to do one thing. First 3 responses are No, No and No. You don't need any of these to sell an eBook with PayPal.

This next box asks you what web adress PayPal should reroute someone to if they abort the order and do NOT buy. A lot of people decide to ship them back to the sell side or their home page. The protection of eBook directories is a WHOLE theme on which I could put 20,000 words, so I will let the theme be for the purposes of this posting.

First of all, just make sure that the address to which you have PayPal sending paid clients is correct. You have so many ways to program and customise the PayPal experience, but you don't need any of them for this fundamental guide. After you' re done, click the "create button" (and yes, you can go back and work on it if you've messed things up like I always do).

Now you can sell your eBook with PayPal!

With PayPal you can transfer the funds for your eBook sales to your PayPal bank immediately after the order. Where can I find out if I bought an eBook through PayPal? With every sales, PayPal sends you an e-mail (to your PayPal e-mail address). You will see the ID of the item in the reference line, followed by "Incoming payment notification".

You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail. If I don't have a website or don't know how to get my eBook online and be available on a download/thank you page? The eBook can be sent by e-mail to any client as soon as the payments are notifiable. In fact, the billing notices have a customer's (not PayPal's) return e-mail so you can open the billing e-mail, click "Reply" and then add the eBook to the e-mail to the custom.

Will PayPal invoice me for this one? Yes, PayPal levies a commission to be your merchant. It' looking to be about 60 US dollars (sixty cents) for me for every $10 in sells. Simply verify your PayPal Merchant Services PayPal balance. Sell an eBook with PayPal - demystified!

One of the ways to customise this is by using our service. There are LOT's of ways to customise this whole thing, so you can gather things like e-mail address and have subscribers and charge recurring fees (like a memberships fee), but my aim here is to get you started and burst through the mist of each other. Go out and sell some eBooks!

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