How to Sell my Ebook on Amazon

Selling my Ebook on Amazon

Sony's Nook eBook Store, I had sold a total ofĂ– zero copies. Here is what you need to know if you want to make money selling books on Amazon: Do you want to sell your eBook at Amazon? What is the best way to sell a book on Amazon?

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About the Amazon algorithm

When your work is on Amazon, your main objective is to sell more work on Amazon. The sale of Amazon products is about optimising the Amazon algorithms. There may be, but don't be worried, we have 5 simple yet followable step-by-step tutorials that will help you get the most out of the Amazon algorithms.

Now before we get to the next step, let's try to understand the procedure a little. Amazon's algorithm's mission is to provide Amazon users (also referred to as readers), who are looking for something, with the best possible service AND to give Amazon users pertinent advice on items they might like. To do its work, the Amazon Algorithms requires a lot of information (called input data) about each item (in your case a book).

As more information about your eBook the encryption algorithms will appear or suggest a client a product. If it' about ledgers, the main entrances the Amazon searches for are: Key words, categories, reviews, sells, down-loads, sales ranking and browsing activities. In order to optimise your Amazon eBook, you need to optimise all these entries for the algorithms.

We' ll show you how to do that so you can sell more on Amazon. This is an important element in explaining the Amazon algorithms (and the way people read it ) about what your work is about and who will like it. Bottom are the items we suggest that any good textbook has::

Commendations - If you or your textbook has received any prizes or distinctions (e.g. bestsellers), you should include them in your text. Comparable - A language that will compare your song to bestsellers and let those who love it know that they should read your game.

If you like [Famous Book], you will like[Your Book], but you are a novelist, confuse it a little. Here is an example from sleeping giants, where with "In the Traditions of...." some well-known literature and writers are included in the descriptions. Let the reader sense something by just looking at your descriptions and let them crave more.

The first phrases from a particularly captivating sequence in your textbook that tends to work well are used as a starting point. Key words for your category - Different categories have different tropics that the reader learns to search for. When there are key words that you know will search (and will search) in your category, you should add them to your descriptions.

The one thing you don't want to do in your account is to give the story away. Don't make it a spoiler-filled trailers for your text. Instead, taunt the reader with just enough to make them snoop. Each category and your key words are important input to the encryption algorithms and are used to help new users find your books when surfing Amazon.

Specify your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accounts with both your product groups and your key words. Let's begin with the catagories. At Amazon, your genre is your genre and you can only select two for each of them. If you are selecting a categorie, be sure to select the one that most accurately matches the contents of your album.

And in Amazonian own words: Now, these are the base of Amazon's chart. When you write a espionage story, don't choose romanticism as a class (even if there is a romatic item in your book), because those who browse the novelty chart aren't looking for espionage stories. To see where your books best fits, look at the top chart for your prospective product groups and see where your books best fits.

The following example shows us logging into our KDP accounts (, selecting the product we are working on (in our case a non-fiction Thanksgiving cookbook), and scrolling to the different classes. That means that our books come first in these headings. Now, key words. Optimising your key words is a fun ky word for selecting words you think someone will be looking for.

If you are a readership and you go to Amazon to find a work, what will you enter in the textfield? Do you get inside the reader's minds and think about what words to sum up that make your textbook simple to find. You' ll want to do two sentences of keyword searches for your titles.

First you will want to research the most important key words related to the topic of your work. Here are the words you want to use in your cover and on your descriptive page. Key words used in your titles will appear in the library link, making it easy for your titles to appear when searching for those words.

For example, if a user is looking for a story below, the algorithms knows that the song is a possible outcome that the user can see, because it contains "Thriller" in the link, caption and text. Let's say you write a volume about "How to Make Dog Treats".

If you are searching for related key words, "Homemade Dog Treats" has almost tenfold the number of queries (also known as "How to Make Dog Treats"). That means that you want to use the term "homemade dog treats" in your cover and in your text. Secondly, you will want to research the Amazon-specific key words you will type in for your work.

There are only seven key words you can use for your song, so you want to use them carefully. At Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson over there has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to research and pick out key words that will allow Amazon to sell your game. Amazons also has a useful tool for defining key words for your song, and they suggest you focus on five kinds of words:

If your work is categorised under the right genre and complemented with the right key words, Amazon will bring it better to the right people. We' discussed above how the addition of a comment to your textbook can help make your text more interesting to people.

In the broader sense, with many books reviewed gives the reader trust in the qualitiy of your work, which will lead to more people buying your work. Reviewing books is an important part of the algorithms, so it is worth concentrating on this area. We have found in our research that the number of ratings is more important than the overall score (if your score is above 3.5 stars).

That means 25 ratings with an avarage score of 4. 0 is better than 5 ratings with an avarage score of 5. You have two main ways to get ratings for your stocks: Inquire your reader - Do you have a mailinglist? If your textbook comes out, mail your reader and ask them to help you write your own review.

Also, always add a hyperlink on the back of your textbook inviting your readership to post a feedback. If you really want to make the most of the ARC (advance reader copy ) revisions, try to get them before your eBook is published on Amazon. Contact your most dedicated readership and ask them to write a reviewer in exchange for an ARC.

A ARC is a copy of the textbook you make available to the reader BEFORE the actual publication of the work. That way you lined up your review that can be placed on your Amazon books page on the date your work is released, and you don't have to spend the next few working hours, even the next few month, before you get enough of it.

As soon as you have your books collection off with a good review, matching key words and beneficial abstracts Square, it's case to filming a countenance at your maker's leaf. Amazons offer writers the possibility to create a page that serves as a one-stop shop for all their Amazon-books.

Authors page provides more information about the algorithm: which reader follows your authors page, which reader searches your authors page, which other title is in your catalogue. All these are issues the reader wants to know the answers to. Professionally designed picture - It's a good idea to take professionally designed head shots so that you can have a professionally designed picture that can be seen on the web, letting your reader know that you take your typing and the letter shop seriously.

Any of your bibliographies - Once you have all your book links to your site, it is much simpler for those who have found and loved one of your work! You can book trailers or other promotional videos - Amazon lets you include all kinds of contents.

When you have financed the production of a product trailers, make sure you find it here. In this way, people that you find through Amazon can explore your diary and all its joke product information as they browse your product on Amazon. Follow button - Whenever a reader "follows" you on Amazon, they receive an automatic notification each publication of a new album.

Media and website information - Make sure you have a hyperlink to your other websites so that your reader can see what you have in mind! Customise your U. R. - Make sure your U. R. L. contains your name of the creator so that your Amazon page is displayed when someone searches for you on the web.

As a last resort, to sell more Amazon titles, you can create your own entries for sale, download and tier. In order to do this, you need to advertise and sell your work. It is the aim of the promotion of your book: Driving your product sale - good commerce faculty activity propulsion selling / KU borrowing your product, or people download if your product is people.

It is more likely that the algorithms recommends reading or buying titles. Get your ledger to show up in the branches. - On every page at Amazon there is a section that says: "Customers who made the purchase also bought". If you advertise your work, your book will appear in this section on the pages of other titles and increase the number of people who will find your work.

When you don't have enough users on your site, the algorithms won't know which similar product to use. Have your eBook appear in the top ten top ten lists - Amazon sorts the eBooks they sell by favour. If a song is downloadable by a large number of persons, it will appear on the Amazon bestseller list.

A lot of users come to these maps to explore new titles, so if you move here, you will see a lot of new users. Being in front of new audiences means that more folks will buy your product, which means that chart rankings help to improve your selling position, which is another source of inspiration for the algorithms.

Of course, you can expect your work to be included in the bestseller list, but having worked with tens of thousand of authors, we have found that concert advertising is the best way to get to these maps. It is recommended that you carry out a pricing campaign and promote your magazine to our large audience of new users.

More than 600,000 Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance and AddInBooks publishers who promote on one of our pages will be sure to get your magazine into the reader's hand. Optimizing your Amazon footprint takes a lot of work. One of the most important places to sell your Amazon is to sell your eBook, and if you take these five easy five steps-you' ve taken the first few easy moves to sell more eBooks on Amazon.

We' ve deleted the review/testimonial recommendations from the book descriptions, as this is forbidden by Amazon and we have deleted a phrase about inserting key words into the descriptions. Would you like book marketing tips? that Chloe is a professional book nerd. Likes big words, big textbooks, big sniffers and big adventure.

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