How to Sell Kindle Ebooks

Anything to Sell Kindle Ebooks

Build and sell Kindle eBooks and have fun! So if you love the idea of making money publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle, but hate the idea of marketing, this course is for you. Another fire, just in time for Christmas.

The resale of e-books and the one-penny problem

Those would not only include e-books, but also soundtracks, films and computer programmes. Now, obviously no resale scheme for e-books would work if the accounts were not copy-protected. The resale of an e-book would only work if there were only one, just like in the case of real eBooks. After you sell it, you don't have it anymore.

Everyone makes sure that only one individual can have a particular copy of an e-book at a while. They know how it works in the realm of physics. Publisher and writers receive cash from the first purchase of the work, after which the proprietor can sell it to others. I' m the writer of 50 novels.

I' d be happy if I could get a piece of the second-hand stuff. I never did, and the whole thing hasn't ended yet. The Twitter site imagines that with each new user the e-book becomes a little more tired, a little bit more ratty, just like in the case of print products. In other words, another individual has expressed the same request.

When Bob purchases an e-book from Amazon for $10. When he finishes his readings, he hands it over to a new guy for $8. In a few more trades, the used e-book goes for $1, but the readings are as original and neat as the first one. You can buy any e-book in this global market for $1 or less if you are willing to maintain long enough.

It turned out that the reduction in materials is not only a side effect of selling books. Infinite e-book purchases would ultimately bring the cost of each eBook down to a single pence. And I couldn't believe Apple and Amazon were so naive. We hope that all four sides - writers, publishing houses, bookshops and the consumer - will show good will, readiness and a minimal amount of avarice and ardor.

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