How to Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

Discover the secrets of Amazon book category selection. SECRET method for selecting Amazon book categories in KDP Your chosen Amazon category of eBooks has a clear impact on whether or not you become an Amazon best-seller. Pick the one you don't like, and no amount of textbooks you sell won't become an Amazon best-seller. There is actually much more to select Amazon product classes in KDP, such as Mystery Ignition Classes, about which Amazon does not tell you at release, and the mere fact that you can actually be legitimate for 7 additional classes.

As Amazon is the number one best seller, it's not just about the points, but also about selling more titles. Now, let's immerse ourselves in how Amazon selects which is the number 1 best-seller in a series.

Everything begins with the Amazon Best Seller Rank (ABSR) of your eBook. Amazons allocates the ABSR of a eBook on the basis of how many purchases or down-loads it has made over a given timeframe in comparison to all other eBooks on the Amazonarket. If the number is lower, the product is sold better than others, and if the number is higher, it is not sold.

So how does this help us with Amazon product classes? When your work has the LOWEST ABSR of all works in a class, you are the best selling in that class. Selecting the right categorie or product type has a clear influence on whether you become a best selling product or not.

When you select a class in which the No. 1 in this class has an ABSR of 2,000, you must have an ABSR or 1,999 or less to be the new No. 1. With my pocket computer you would find out that you would have to sell over 90 volumes a days to achieve this.

But if you select a class where the number 1 has 70,000 ABSR, you only need 69,999 or less ABSR. Again, with my pocket computer, that's only three volumes a days. Ninety ledgers vs. three ledgers? In this way, the categories you select have a DIRECTLY effect on whether you become an Amazon best-seller and receive this appealing best-seller-days.

So with that, let's consider how you can find legitimate Amazon Books Classes for Kindle and Books, and begin making more sales because of it. You have three easy ways to find out how to select a good Kindle or Amazon books categor. To find the most interesting chapters, please read the following pages or hear our podcasting session.

I will try to find a good vocabulary for this example: Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't just enumerate every class they have anywhere - if they did, I'd be a very lucky one. Instead, we have to "find" relevant but nonetheless special fields. So to get started, we'll begin by entering all the words that describe our eBook into the Amazon searching area.

It is our aim to get a listing of titles that are similar to ours. I' ll go through each and every one of the chapters as described below: I looked at other titles and found the following categories: If you are looking for more product classes, you can move your choice down and have less competitors.

Once you've clicked on a product group, look to the bottom of the page on the right to see if you can click further down. I have looked at "Words, Language & Grammar" in the example above, and of course there are some specialties. Here, too, we are currently reviewing our shortlist for other possible locations.

So, step 1 and 2 will help you create your Amazon books possible catagories lists. And now that we have a shortlist of possible classes, it's best to see which one has the best chances of making me a permanent best-seller. Simply click on the last part of the categorie linking series.

You will be taken to the top 20 page of the categories. Next, click on the best-selling product in this Amazon product group. Now go to his ABSR and note this number next to the name of the class in your notices. That' the ABSR number you have to hit to become the number one best-seller.

When you have a listing of all classes and their #1 bestsellers ABSR, put them in the Kindle Calculator below or here and it will tell you how many titles you need to sell today to be the #1 bestselling writer in that group. Find out how many titles an writer sells by listing his bestseller rank:

When you have done so, look at your schedule and select the one that best reflects your eBook and has the highest ABSR. When I look at this shortlist, my best classes are to become a No. 1 bestseller: Remember that Amazon offers different classifications for "books" and "child books".

An all new function of the award-winning KDP Rocket does everything I've shown you with just two mouse clicks, thanks to the new category hunter function: Now you can choose the best category for your books and know exactly how many books you need to sell to become number one or just get into the top 20 of those with a single click.

Additional tips and tricks for the selection of categories: Using the KDP Rocket tool, the selection or modification of a category can be done very quickly, efficiently and effectively. Do you know that there are certain catagories that need a specific "keyword" as one of the 7 key words of your books for literature and non-fiction to appear on publication?

They' re known as Amazon keyboard headwords. So before you contacted Amazon and ask them to put your eBook in a particular categorie, make sure you review Amazon's lists of keyboard word classes and make sure that your eBook is not on the listing. And if so, make sure you include the KDP keyboard word as one of your 7 key words in your book's KDPashboard.

I' m betting that if you did the above you probably found some categorie string that is not available on your KDPashboard when you went to the release. Or you have probably seen other titles are in more categorys-such as 10 Amazon categorys! There' s a unique way you can get in touch with Amazon and not only embed your textbook in the desired section, but you can also embed it in 10 sections.

To register for the non original lighter and books or for more than 3 different classes, proceed as follows: Choose the way you want Amazon to get in touch with you: They' ll call you and modify your catagory or immediately insert a new one.

Hello, A categorie-sting looks like this: I have seen the refusal when someone files several Amazon books in one query. So if you've done this a few time, you'll see that your volume has been added to much more than 2 different classifications Well, somehow....that's why there's Secretary #3.

At the end of 2017, Amazon made a big difference. Though you can arrange for 10 classes (combination between notebook and book), you will still see only three classes on your sale page. That put many accomplished markings into a titzy. You knew your ledgers were on the list for more than what you saw, but you couldn't find out how you could see them all - until now.

You will see all catagories in which your textbook is listed: Now that you know the might of each category and know what it will take to get to number one for a particular Amazon category, it's the right moment to act. As a best-selling writer, Jeff Goins naturally says: "Before you can publish a best-selling novel, you have to create a one.

" Then, you must follow these instructions to find the best type of books for your work. Whether you use a utility like KDP Rocket or do it manually, it is important to check your catagories so you can always remain in first place and generate additional revenue.

It should not be a challenge to get into the No. 1 selling list.

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