How to Sell Ebooks on Amazon

Selling Ebooks on Amazon

Open an Amazon KDP account. First thing you need to do is open a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account at Amazon. Book shelf with your eBook. Acknowledge your pricing and royalty options. Waiting until your eBook is published.

Selling an e-Book on Amazon

It can be an exhilarating but frightening as well. It is not the typing of the textbook that causes disorientation for many blogs, but the sale of the eBooks on-line as soon as it is made. Obviously, you can sell your own iBook on your own website and you also have the opportunity to make it an affiliated item for other blogs, but what about other options.

Sell your e-book on Amazon? Receive your Amazon e-Book? One of the best places to buy and sell your book on-line, Amazon has thousands of million readers from all over the know. Gathering your e-book on Amazon opens the doors to many more than you could ever have hoped to get with a plain website, which is why it is SO important that you get your listed on there.

Amazons only accept Kindle eBooks that can prevent many blogs from using the site because they believe this must be a pain. However, this is not the case and should not be a hurdle for you, as Amazon will be converting your e-book by default when you post it.

It is not as hard to sell your Amazon e-book as it may sound at first. Trying to work through the countless Amazonian laws and guidelines can look like a mine field. However, you will be delighted to know that there are actually only a few easy moves you need to take to offer your e-book for purchase.

Don't be worried if your eBook isn't in Kindle size, you still need to register. At a later date your eBook will be turned into Kindle, so try not to be worried. Here all your Amazon products are listed. Your e-book is available for purchase at Amazon in just a few simple clicks - it's really that simple!

If you click on this button, you will be taken to the page where you can type in all the information about your text. You' d like to make sure you fill in each of the paragraphs and give as much detail as possible about your work. The very first section entitled'Enter your booking details' contains an optional International Standard Books Number (ISBN).

As I was looking to add my iBook on Amazon, everywhere i was reading said you needed an ISBN number and i didn't think i would be able to get my e-book lists. Well, I'll be very clear here...... You don't need an ISBN number to sell you e-books on Amazon!

When you publish your own work, you must type your own name in this area. Select a categorie that' s appropriate for your e-book and use key words to help clients find your work. You' ll need to load up a picture of your eBook sleeve. The picture is displayed on the Amazon sales page, so it is important that you invest some quality effort in making it right.

In order to have your e-book at Amazon, it must be in Kindle notation. This can be organized before you start or you can have Amazon perform the conversion for you by downloading the PDF or Word for you. Amazons takes the files you post and hides them in a nice size.

There' is an optional way to display your translated files, and I suggest you do so, especially if you have used images or images in your eBook. It is your guide and you must be satisfied with the definitive look. Amazons demands that you select between two license models, which amount to 35% and 70%.

 This is the proportion of the product selling assumption you, and Amazon faculty retain the part. A 70% license options requires the e-book to be between $2.99 and $9.99. When your e-book is above or below this amount, you must choose the 35% opt-in.

It' worth toying with a few numbers, because maybe it is better to sell the game for $9. 99 than $14. 99 for example, because the cash in the bag would be higher. When you have filled in and stored all the information for your email account, Amazon will check it before offering it for purchase on its website.

As soon as the e-book is accepted, Amazon will mail you and provide you with a quick reference to where it is for purchase. Now all you have to do is share your new Amazon site and await the sell. Did you already list your iBook at Amazon?

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