How to Sell Ebooks

Selling Ebooks

Here is how Heyo Cart works (you can do this too, it's free) Go to Choose the fan site you want to resell. Selling ebooks and more of them is what every author asks. Yep in this post I am going to go deep into ebooks and how to sell ebooks online and turn that into a source of income for you.

These are some of the reasons why eBooks are a popular digital product:.

Anyway Selling Ebooks - It Take Tough Work And Timing

Selling e-books and more of them is what every writer asks. Skip the others and focus most of your books promotional effort on Amazon Kindle. Through this I mean having my e-books available on as many retailers as possible. Smashwords and Draft2Digital and their aggregate retail partners such as Apple, B&N and Kobo, but also smaller retail and on-line publishing companies.

Sure, I' ve been in and out of KDP of select exclusiveness, so I've had a few e-books available on Amazon KU only at certain times, but I' ve almost always had the majority of my e-books available on as many retailers asĀ possible. However, you can't avoid the fact that Amazon is selling more e-books.

Though in the end, after years of trying, being very tolerant and adds links to all these retailers on all my books promotional pages, and adds to my blogs and even writes to widgetts retail traders' blog post to encourage people to look at retail traders other than Amazon, the only notebook trader that provides a review every month is Amazon.

It is a hard reality, but in all sincerity, it seems that only Amazon knows how to consequently buy readersĀ e-books. There is no need to buy e-books sponsorship, give away e-books or even announce my e-books to welfare agents for Amazon to provide sells. I only have to do is release my e-book, make sure I've chosen good key words and headings, and then let Amazon do what it does best.

Brokering them. Things are going against my freelance crop, so to say, but after years of trying, it is becoming more and more evident to me that there is only one shopkeeper who can get folks to buy ecbooks. Irrespective of how much a lot of hassle other merchants make or how much they are complaining about dishonest or repetitive commercial practice, in the end they just don't end up selling enough book.

Wish (read here double, triple wish) that Amazon's e-book would compete or could be learning how to get more reader to buy e-books, but after so many years of frustration, I skeptic. Amazon alone renews and attracts readership and, above all, e-book purchasers. Sure, other e-book merchants make noise about changes, enhancements and new features for self-published writers, but are they innovating?

Apple, Amazon's biggest rival, has done nothing innovating to motivate the writers. Even hyperlinking to a page of a page of a book is not something Apple can do to solicit it. Ever tried to put a shortcut to an Apple email on Facebook? And if so, you'll know how awkward it is to use Apple's Maker when you create a shortcut; it only opens in iTSunes.

It' of course it' s much simpler to put a B&N shortcut, but it will, as so often in my case, always become my three year old iBook. While I don't see why B&N can't upgrade Bookcover, unfortunately they don't seem to be able to handle all this so well that all the cash I've been spending on new bookcovers is wasted by the B&N alliance.

Okay, so you can reread this posting as a murmur. However, when it comes to choosing how best to place your e-books, I have to say that there is only one response. Never mind the apologies, moaning and desire minds and make your choice making on making easy and making good deals and who provides e-book purchases and a review every individual month. What are you doing?

One of the things I could do is do a great deal of research into how many e-books I have been selling over the years on various retail stores. I' d say yes because I've made my allocation choices that on whom I believe e-book can supply sells for me.

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