How to Sell Ebook Amazon

Selling Ebook Amazon

What's the better option for you? kickstart self-improvement book amazon sale I recently published a short book about Amazon with their Kindle Direct Publishing Platform (KDP). We' ll share with you our vast experience in all things Amazonas through a series of ebooks on the most difficult aspects of selling on Amazon.

What can we do for you?

Use our frequently used phrases and abbreviations for Amazon sellers to keep up to date with Amazon's specific diction. Amazons has its own unrivalled collection of words and abbreviations that every salesperson needs to know to be effective. You can also learn the Amazon languages by downloading our online dictionary.

The purpose of this eBook is to give you an idea of what it means to provide your customers with expert advice and to keep your Amazon accounts out of difficulties. We' ll tell you what you need to know to stay up to date, from dealing with client claims and Amazon alerts to making a good plea if your bankroll is ever banned.

This can give you good performances and keep your feedbacks high, it can even make the big deal the difference whether you stay in the store or lose your Amazon balance. Good client care means good client loyalty and thus greater opportunities for growth. Already sell on We' ll help you learn what you need to know to make Amazon worldwide a part of your company.

It is a tech eBook with a lot of information you won't find anywhere else. It can be easy to automate re-pricing. However, the opportunities and results of a basic auto price adjustment can be limiting and sometimes disastrous if you make a mistake and do not fix it. In contrast to the easy price adjustment based only on softwares, you are the most important part of intelligent price adjustment.

You begin by using your historical stock development information, such as seasonsal selling patterns. Then, consider your expectation of your business and your current price policies to create an smart representation of your chosen music.

How and where to sell ebooks

I have now released some reasonably succesful ones myself and I have more on the way. Pros and cons of Amazon, Smashwords and other stores, around 2012. If you have a lot of money and you have confidence in other users that they will be able to perform compulsively tricky formating jobs, you can ask someone to help you with the preparation of your work.

Thus if you are not téchie and you have moneys, then you might just consider employing someone to reformat your ebook record and put it on the open Market for you. A " ebook plattform " is a term for the equipment on which you are reading your e-books. The Kindle e-reader, for example, is the Amazon site; the iPad is its own site, the Barnes & Noble Nook is another site, etc.

Childles are dominating, and the non-cindle ebook decks have yockeying for post. Dependent on the website/platform, a self-published writer usually receives about 60-90% of the coverage fee for each eBook sales. The name of a data source is a synonym for the data you are currently scanning. If you use Microsoft Word frequently, for example, you should import your computer data in DOC from Word.

PDF is another data type that you are used to read on your computer. There are many different eReader sizes; the most common is XPUB. It is free and open, what the public will know is great for developing. It is used by almost all major e-readers, except Amazon Kindle, which uses its own size.

Obviously, old-fashioned physically produced hard-copy textbooks are also a possible "format". "And now there are a number of great print-on-demand sites that allow you to turn your work into a virtual library that can be bought, published and sent within a few business hours. The cost is higher, of course, because it is a natural article, but you don't have to prepay these charges because they are subtracted from every purchase - and you can still share your hardcover at a surprisingly low cost.

I use CreateSpace to publish hard copy of my textbooks, because CreateSpace is in Amazon's possession.... which means that the hard copy is also available at Amazon. Are there other print-on-demand websites (and you can certainly put your textbook on more than one if you want to make the effort).

When you already have your own blogs or websites, it's a good idea to consider selling e-books directly to your reader - and avoid the percentages required by intermediaries like Amazon. If you are self-publishing e-books, you must beat Amazon because the overwhelming bulk of e-books are for Amazon Kindle.

Setting your ebook to Amazon is not an option. But you don't necessarily want to spend your own amount of your books on any other e-reader site, as you may only generate a few clicks of each. Now I have to say, though, I have been considering placing a different record on all those different ebook web sites instead of going through Smashwords.

There are many advantages to using smash words. The centralised deployment to so many sites is enormous (although the manual must comply with the "Premium Edition Guidelines", which you can find here). SMASSHWORDS also distributes textbooks directly through its website, and when textbooks are distributed through, the website gives a really high proportion of writers (about 85%, less some cost).

On, customers can seize e-books in almost exactly any size they want (seven are offered). If you - the writer - do not want a particular file to be available, you can limit this without limiting the others. If I want my books in PDF and EPUB, for example, but not in plain text, then there is a check list where I can select PDF, EPUB and not plain text.

It is my main way of submitting a copy to a reviewer because they can simply fetch the work in any size.

Because you can follow your Smashwords Dashboard vouchers, you can also follow coupons to sell. You can publish your book almost immediately on Smashwords, provided you have properly reformatted it (wait, we'll come to formatting). Amazon, on the other hand, needs about 24 hrs to proofread a book. But Smashwords needs more than 24 hrs to check premium selling book, so the second-tier market is slow than Amazon.

When you modify a Smashwords eBook - such as fix a spelling mistake - the modification will take effect immediately (but here too the premium edition will be delayed). Smashwords' big disadvantage is that it forces you to put your textbook as a Microsoft Word DOC document through the site. They then take the DOC document and converts it into all the different eBook format they sell.

Smashwords cannot be used to transfer the files in another form. That means even if you already have your books in a pretty neat and tidy chip it into a shitty DOC document and have it converted into an XPUB. I' m sure it annoys me enough that I thought about creating the EFPUB files myself and then placing them on all these other pages as well.

But I don't like bringing out a less than highly qualified products. If you choose to post to Smashwords, first check out the free Smashwords Style Guide. You just reread the whole thing. Thinking about what you've been reading. It actually has some good hints, even if you don't post on Smashwords.

Amazons are just really big. It is not an option to sell through her, as I mentioned earlier, so it might as well go through her. It is also possible to send an XPUB through the Amazon convertor, although I don't know if this usually goes well. Hopefully Amazon will use EPUBs one day, just like everyone else.

By forcing purchasers to stay with Amazon equipment, Amazon wants to use its own formats. There' are a few Amazon features I don't like, but I'll mention them for the record. On the one hand, Amazon is conducting experiments with a "lending library" where Kindle customers can lend free of charge a book.

Amazons has set up a trust to help publishers who put their works in the libraries, but they require that in return for the honour of participating, writers give them sole copyrights! One other is that Amazon provides writers the ability to manage Digital Rigths (DRM) on their electronic music. So if you want DRM on your notebooks, you can do that.

DRM in Theory is a technological change that makes it more difficult for an eBook to pirate. There is no proof in reality that DRM is reducing piracy, also because it is quite simple to "jailbreak" an eBook and redistribute it anyway. And DRM makes it much more difficult for legitimate shoppers to use their e-books.

Professional tip: If you sell through Amazon, you should definitely create a free Amazon affiliate bankroll. Then use one of your affiliate hyperlinks whenever you create a hyperlink to your work. You will not only be payed for the title; you will also receive a fee for the promotion of the work. I was a freshman when I first published Konfessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser, and I raced against the clock because I wanted the volume to be available when I came out at the huge SXSW-Interactive meeting.

So, I only released it for Kindle. I had it on Smashwords within a few week, later on CreateSpace. From the first day of his début, the album would have been much nearer to perfection. They would not have been complaining that they couldn't get it in their favorite size; I think that made some of my customers feel uncomfortable.

It would be nice if you could mention me in your cred. If you really want to help me, you can always donate or, even better, buy one of my textbooks.

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