How to Sell a Book Idea to a Publisher

What is the best way to sell a book idea to a publisher?

Please write a page about your personal data and why you are the best author for this book. For more information about your potential book market and to give your book a better chance of success, read on. Decisive components of a good book idea. You sell yourself and sell your work. The only way to pay a real publisher is to sell a few books.

Do you have an idea for a book? This 4 step guide shows if it will sell

You have an idea for a book but are not sure if it will be successful in today's world? Indecisive as to whether the book is valuable for all your work and your budget or not? As Amazon grows denser and denser, some believe you must be or have a following before you can publish yourself.

You no longer have to guesswork whether a book is well received at Amazon or not. Turns out there are important numbers, analyses and even some utilities to help any writer find out these things before deciding to start writing a book. Validating book ideas, a/k/a book research, does not ensure turnover and succes - I am not speaking of a bull's eye.

It does, however, give you a better insight into the book markets before you enter. For more information about your book business and to give your book a better opportunity to be successful, please continue reading. When you are a favorite author with a large mailing lists, you can post almost anything, use your platforms, and be successful to some extent.

Instead, we need our book to appear in front of the right clients when they search for it on-line, on a large book page like Amazon. It is also known as an organic book. To make sure your book idea has a good opportunity to be'discovered' by your readers in a natural way, you need to check three things:

Is this book idea being sought after? Do you think they' re willing to pay for books like this? While these four simple operations may seem a little boring, they're a breeze when you' re comparing them to a whole book that epic fail. Also if you don't have to do the footsteps below or it is feeling a little too boring, there is a self-publishing application that will do this for you right away.

You can also get my free book idea validation spreadsheet to help you saving your own work. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't tell us how many folks are looking for something on their platforms. There are, however, two ways you can get better information to find out how many poeple are interested in this idea or phrase: the first is a free one.

Browse to Google Keyword Planner and enter your idea or keyword (you'll need a Google Account or another Google Account). The Keyword Planner checks your keyword, gives you proposals and tells you how many persons enter this keyword in Google per calendar week. Sure, Google is not Amazon. From my experiance, if there is interest for this subject on Google, there is usually a proportionate interest on Amazon as well.

Not only does this programme give book idea proposals, it gives you Google search per calendar week, Amazon search estimates per calendar week and tell you how much cash this idea already makes on Amazon. It'asy to get entangled in the commotion, to find an idea for which there is interest as a outcome of Stage Two.

However, it is important not to get involved - as we have already mentioned, the interest in an idea does not always mean that the idea is a money earner. So, how do you go further and assess whether an idea is a potentially lucrative book? Browse the Kindle Shop for your idea or previous stage expression.

Note the Amazon Best Seller Rank (ABSR) for each of the 14 best eBooks (see image below). You can multiply the number by 0. 7 (if each book is between $2. 99 and $9. 99) or by 0. 3 if it is for any other amount sell. Doing this gives the real writer income after Amazon will take their cut. a...

In this way you receive an avarage day's income. You can also cross-check these figures between different concepts and see which one seems more lucrative. Everybody likes a successful, lucrative book idea - even your competition. Once you have successfully guided an idea through the previous phases, you still have a lot to do.

Much interest could lead to much rivalry - which also makes it harder to earn it. Finding the middle of an idea with enough interest but little rivalry is the crucial factor. The figures show the overall competitivity of a book idea. You can also use them to liken a book idea to another, in view of the competitor environment.

Titles and subtitles - Have they been selected with your idea or sentence in view? Is that the word or this phrase? Cover - Are these stains or masters? We have a great opportunity here as authors to achieve a decisive edge over the competition. Also they formatted the text to look good on Amazon?

" It is not always simple to find a good book idea! Once you have completed all the above you may want to return to the sketchboard and come up with something completely different or delve a little more deeply into your initial idea. When the latter is the case, be sure to look for other niches for your idea.

A way to do this is to enter your idea in the Amazon browser, followed by any character of the script (e.g. My idea a, My idea b) etc.). Amazon's Auto-Complete shows you the most frequently sought words about your semen idea. Have a look at the Google Keyword Planner's suggestion lists.

You now know how to give your book idea the best shot at succeeding before you take the necessary writing to it. To do this with your book, just click on the validation link to verify your idea. Think of how much better it will be to start writing with the certainty that you have a good opportunity to make it.

Hopefully, if your anxiety prevented you from taking the plunge and starting to write a book, this will make things a little bit more easy for you. Do you have an idea for a book? Chesson wrote on the Kindlepreneur bookstore, and designed KDP Rocket.

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