How to self Publish with Kindle

Publish yourself with Kindle

Light self-publication Typing and posting your own eBooks is a great way to top up your earnings so you can repay your debts more quickly, boost your winnings or just enjoy spending whatever you like! The show will explain how to create an e-book that will sell, how to publish yourself on Amazon and how to make your e-book known to the right folks so that you can begin making a living.

If you have not watched the earlier entries in this show, you can make up part 1 (what to post about and how much to write) and part 2 (how to prepare your e-book for publication and make an eCover) by following the appropriate link.

Today's article will cover Kindle Self Publishing - how to publish your e-book on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publisher (KDP) plattform as soon as you have finished writing and formatting your e-book. Amazon's KDP is a simple way to publish your own e-book without the need for a publisher that saves you a lot of work.

Childle self-publishing also means you can keep more of the winnings from your books (up to 70% bonuses in most jurisdictions if you select this option). After you sign up for an KDP membership, it can only take 30 mins. to complete the necessary form to submit your copy of the eBooks.

As soon as you have made your contribution, Amazon will usually publish your e-book between 24 and 48hrs. If you log in (or log in), you will see another window that gives you several ways to get up and running when you publish your eBooks. You will need to fill in some essential information before you can publish your own e-book.

I found this useful post in another diary that tells you everything you need to know about the fiscal side of things, and it's much simpler to track than the KDP site has! As soon as you have done all this, you can publish your e-book! On the next page you will see a series of e-Book related issues, beginning with whether or not you want to add your e-Book to KDP Select.

It is up to you whether you enter your e-book in KDP Select. KDP Select offers you free eBooks for up to 5 working nights (90 days). It also means that your e-book is entitled to appear in Kindle Owner's Lending Library (KOLL), which essentially means that you will have a broader public for your e-book.

With these KOLL sessions, as long as 10% of the eBooks are used. Disadvantage of KDP Select is that you cannot publish your e-book on another plattform while your e-book is registered. As soon as you have chosen whether or not to activate the KDP selection checkbox, you can begin to fill in your e-book information.

Type in your e-book name if it is part of a show, and then go to the descriptions. In the descriptive text box you can type up to 4000 char. So, please do as much as possible about your e-book in this section so that you can make it different from the rest! At the bottom of this page you will find the section where you need to choose a category for your e-book.

It is important because if you select the incorrect classes, your e-book will not be correctly aimed towards the right type of customers. The KDP allows you to select two different classifications for your e-book, so think about where your e-book would best suit you before choosing it. Scrolling down will prompt you to load up your e-book artwork and contents files.

Simply find them where they are on your computer and click Submit. Please keep in mind to select the e-book e-pub itself instead of the initial Word document. Uploading your e-book to KDP may take a few moments, and when it is finished, you will see an indicator that allows you to see a thumbnail of what your e-book will look like on a scanner.

After you have loaded your e-book, you can click on "Save and Next" to proceed to the second part of the KDP procedure, where you can set your publication permissions and prices. Choose whether your e-book should appear in certain areas or whether it should be published globally.

The selection of "Worldwide Rights" means that your eBooks will be released on all Amazon sites around the world. Choose this if you want as much light as possible for your electronic books! In the next section, you will need to specify your royalties options for your eBooks. When you choose the 35% options, you can have your product at $0. 99 and because it is low, there are no shipping charges to worry about.

As your Amazon rankings improve, your e-book will appear higher in your results when prospective shoppers are looking for a subject about your e-book. When you choose the 70% opt, you must set the e-Book between $2.99 and $9.99. If you choose this feature, you will be charged for shipping every purchase of your e-book ($0. 15 / £0.10).

However you get to keep more of the profits from your e-book sells. They might not get so many updates with your e-book that was assessed a little higher. What would you charge for an e-book? Considering what you would want from an e-book is useful in determining the cost of your own e-book.

When your e-book is longer or provides unbelievably useful information, then you can charge away with more. It is also possible to modify the prices at any moment. I used both possibilities for my own eBooks for my prices strategy. One of the first things I did when I released my eBooks was to quote them at $0.99 (35% donation option) and offer them on free promotion to stimulate Downloads.

As soon as I had gotten some reports, I changed the cost to $2. 99 (70% donation option) for each. However, it is converted into the appropriate language when an e-book is posted on other Amazon websites. When you decide how to determine your e-book pricing, that's just about all.

Simply click on the bottom of the page and there are a few more fields you need to choose (or not) before publishing. First is about signing up in Kindle Matchbook - this generally means that if you have a printed copy of your e-book, you can allow buyers (who have already purchased the printed version) to purchase the Kindle copy for $2. 99 or less.

This section can be ignored if you don't have a printed copy of your eBooks yet! If you want to allow borrowing for your e-book (where shoppers can borrow your e-book to their friend for 14 days), the last field you have to choose is. When you have done this, click on "Save and publish"!

We will publish your e-book within 24-48 hrs and notify you when it's going to go online, although if you're something like me, you'll review the Amazon website every lesson until then! Hopefully you found this article useful in helping explain how to get going with Kindle self-publishing. Don't forget out the next pole in this row to examine on how to get your e-book sells off to a great beginning by devising a new marketing strategy so that you can further them in all the right places - see part 4 here.

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