How to self Publish an Ebook on Amazon

As one publishes even an Ebook on Amazon

Can a Nigerian writer publish an eBook on himself? I' m Nigerian and have written a few Amazon related novels myself. Simply go directly to Amazon Kindle Publishing and set up an Amazon Kindle directly. amazon had a full help page to get you through with.

Please note: amazon will pay by cheque or wire remittance and you will need a Payoneer user name.

Also, please be aware that Nigerians cannot buy their literature from Amazon, so publish it on to be able to buy it from Nigerians. I have now released myself three time on Amazon. Simply register with Amazon, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Self-Publish with Us" under "Earn with us".

Self-released ebook writer becomes Amazon's top-selling book publisher | Bücher

An auto-released writer has hit like Lee Child, James Patterson and Stieg Larsson to become the best-selling eBook writer on uk for the last three month of 2011, the reseller said on Wednesday. Cerry Wilkinson, 31, himself released Lock In, the first in his Jessica Daniel crime novel serie, last year just to find it in the UK's Kindle Sheets.

With three books to its name, the range has already shipped more than a quarter of a million units, with Lock In sales of its 100,000th copy on Christmas Eve and becoming Amazon's UK Kindle Shop bestseller in the final three months of 2011. Gordon Willoughby, Kindle's EU executive said the message was an "important milestone" for UK independence in this area.

At the same timeframe, the self-published writer Katie Stephens also took fifth place with her first novel entitled Çandles on the Sands. "Last year at this hour I hadn't even begun to write In, and now I have a bestseller No. 1 at the Kindle Store that surpasses many writers I grew up reading," Wilkinson said.

"When I was done with Lock In, I didn't know what to do with it. I then saw the "Publish with us" icon at the bottom of the Amazon website and thought: "What the hell? "He quoted the novel low, with a sale value of 1998p and holds 35% of that; the newer works are costing £1. 88 and £2. 79 and Wilkinson holds 70%.

The sale began when he published Vigilante, the continuation of In. "I never buy the first volume of a show with the reader's cap, because if I like it, I want to know that there is a comeback. And when I published Vigilante, I saw the sale of Volume One soar. Lock In made it into the Top 10 and then sneaked into the Top 5.

If so, you can also reserve two more. At the same I had the No. 1 and 2 thrillers with both tracks in the Top 5. "Wilkinson never contacted a conventional editor with his novel because he "didn't want to be an author" but just "wanted to do something I thought I would like".

"As I realized I could publish it on Kindle, I purchased one and thought about how it worked. There is a free 10% free trial version of the volume. I' m stuffing as much as I can into the first 10% because I want to get folks to buy the text.

" Amazon's UK hit with self-published writers follows the retailer's announcements last year that two self-published writers, John Locke and Amanda Hocking, were selling more than a million Kindle work. Wilkinson says with two more Jessica Daniel novels due out this year that he has an "open mind" when it comes to discussing his letter with editors, some of whom are already contacting.

"I' ve nothing against the book trade.

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