How to self Publish a Children's Book on Amazon

Publish your own children's book on Amazon

Write children's book Select the age group. Have a look at the books written for these age groups. To publish your children's book on Amazon When you are a creature and have asked yourself what it is like to just type a book for a child, it is good to stop marvelling and keep the crayon. It' easy to publish your book on Amazon without spending a penny.

The following describes how you can do this with Create Space. POD Create Space uses a design named POD (Print on Demand). The book can only be published here on request. With POD you can publish a book with relatively low up-front costs (in the order of $10 to $100, for example).

Prior to continuing, you should be able to see the differences between regular publication and self-publishing. Please also consider the page resizing specifications for Create Space before proceeding with the image book. will list the possible page sizing. There' s a minimal number of pages in Create Space. Have the book checked for typing errors and printouts.

Keep in mind that Create Space will not do this for you. You might be able to stay here for a while. Check the correction sheet and go online. As soon as you have submitted the copy, Create Space will let you know if there are any problems with the submissions. Doing this usually happens very quickly and you can expect to get some e-mail from them saying the evidence copy is willing to resume.

You' re gonna have to order the galley proof. No. That'?s the only thing you have to do. Copies are free of charge. The costs of the copy are the book prices minus your license fee. As soon as you have ordered the copy of the hardcopy, it will arrive at your home within one weeks. When you have problems with the proof, you must rectify it and redo the procedure.

As soon as you have approved it, it will be made available on Create Space very soon. It' coming to Amazon too, but it'll take two or three wards. If you have any queries or suggestions or just want to know more about CareerTrend, please do not hesitate to do so. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us[here] (

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