How to self Publish a Book Online

Publish your own book online

Click on "Your bookshelf" on the KDP main page. Search and click on "Light eBook actions". Search and then click on "Edit eBook content". Then click on "Upload eBook Manuscript" and upload your manuscript file from your computer. Have your book published free of charge in e-book format by online publishers such as Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing, PubIt (Barnes & Noble) or Kobo's Writing Life.

Self-published in South Africa: What platform to publish your book?

When you want to expose to the broadest possible public, Amazon is where you publish your e-books. If you are running on other plattforms or not, Amazon should be your first stop. You can start by creating an Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) bankroll. Then, following the KDP's directions on how to setup and publish a song.

The 70% license fee does not cover e-books resold in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico, unless your e-books are registered with KDP Select. I found Kobo to be the fastest and simplest place to create and modify previously released music. Kobo also shows the price in margins when you surf from a computer in South Africa, which is convenient for locals.

In order to get going, you need to set up an Kobo Writing Life (KWL) accoun. DISCLAIMER 2: Publishing houses and writers cannot distribute e-books in the South African iBookstore. First, you need to set up an iTunes Connect user name. It' a little more of a lawsuit than Amazon or Kobo, but it has to be done. As soon as your new iTunes Producer user profile is validated, you will be redirected to the iTunes Producer file.

For the other plattforms everything is online. iBooks lets you setup all your track information in the iTunes Producer application, and then watch your iTunes Producer application for online monitoring, reporting, etc. by signing in to iTunes Connect. Sout Africans cannot currently publish directly on Nook Press.

Sout Africans can buy e-books on Google Plays, but we cannot create a billing account and get bonuses. Wherever I see writers in the groups of writers, I'm part of the conversation about Google Plays, it's usually a complaint/question about how much they charge. It' s almost inconceivable to check the precise cost of a song on Google Plays, and that causes Amazon to have problems comparing prices, and it's an utter dream when you try to run a bid.

PublishingDrive will take into consideration Google Plays discounts so that they adapt the rate you specify so that the discounted rate that the customer sees on Google Plays is the rate you specify in the Google Plays lists. The Draft2Digital is an e-book distribution tool, like Smashwords (below), but easier to use (at least I found it easier).

It is also simpler to get payed by Smashwords than by Desktop. At the moment we distribute to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Inktera, Scribd, Tolino, 24Symbols, Playster, OverDrive (ebook gallery distribution) and CreateSpace (a printbook platform). Hint: After using both Smashwords and Desktop2D, I suggest using it. In order to start, you need to register an existing one.

S Smashwords is selling e-books on their own e-book distribution list, but more to the point, they are also an e-book distributor. Download your e-book to Smashwords and it will find its way to Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and many other vendors, as well as various libraries through OverDrive, iBooks Direct, Gardner and others.

I also distributed smash words to Amazon, but I would strongly advise you to leave this canal. It makes no sense if you already publish directly on Amazon. In order to start, you need to open an online bankroll. The next publication stages are described on the Frequently Asked Questions page. In order to start, you need to open an CreateSpace user area.

It is a little more complex than CreateSpace, but its global reach is better than CreateSpace. A number of bookshops order prints from Ingram Spark, but not from CreateSpace. Ingram Spark also provides a hard cover as well as a paper back which is not the case with CreateSpace. In order to get going, you need to register with Ingram Spark.

Once you have reviewed your profile and approved the various publication contracts, go to New Title and proceed as follows. You don't have an online shop for clients, but I have them deliver me my book, and people can buy a copy through my Shopify online shop. Your processes are not as rationalized as CreateSpace, and modifying detail (e.g. price) at a later date will require you to contact MegaBooks by e-mail and ask them to do so.

However, if you want a cutting-edge solution for your regional readership (so they don't have to spend a lot of money on postage and ordering your book from Amazon), and if you don't want to produce, store and directly distribute your book to your readership, MegaBooks is great. When someone asks you where to get your book, you can tell them to go to the MegaBooks website.

In order to start, you need to register an affiliate program at MegaBooks. Then, enter all the necessary information in the Add a Book to Shop section. So if the notion of having to put your e-books up on four or more decks just seems like too much to you at the beginning of your self-publishing career, then you should opt for one of the following choices to make your living easier:

Not sure whether you should choose the exclusiveness of Amazon or not? and many others out there if you just do a Google search) go into more details about the upsides. I' m not a big fan of exclusiveness, and it took me long enough to get my audience on non-Amazon sites that I don't want to lose one of those users by experimentation with KDP Select, even for a short time. iBooks now makes about 20% of my revenue, and this number is rising steadily.

B&N, Kobo and the other plattforms are less useful, but these are no less important to me.

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