How to self Publish a Book on Kindle

Publish your own book about Kindle

Type and edit your text. Book sales on Amazon Kindle. You can call it the Kindle effect. Some background on me: I was recently asked the question: "What is the ideal length (number of words) for my first book" and I should answer it.

It'?s my Kindle experiment: Is the self-publishing platform from Amazon simple?

As the 26-year-old romantic from Minnesota, who became a billionaire by self-publication on Kindle, came to the web, everyone started thinking about using the site to post his fervent boddy ripper and young grown-up fiction stories that are sure to become the next starvation games. There is one really, my mum is telling me, reasonably acceptable-- so acceptable in fact that I tried to get a literary rep too very little benefit.

While Amazon is by no means the ideal way to release (they were a kind of contraceptive for eBooks), it just looks that simple. So my Kindle Direct Publishing experience, slim and strange, was born. However, when the script was finished and reviewed, I took a close look at the Kindle Direct Publishing Plattform, which contains many, many, many directions.

I actually took the liberty of reading it as best my non-lawyer could. If you stare at the run of 200 pages of words you have already reread, the last thing you want to forget during the first three reads is to add page break.

It' terrible to write the envelope for your own book. There' s not a good copy of that coat in the whole wide canyon. The attempt to describe your book in the "description section" of the "bookcase" is simply the worse. Describe your own book? Now' is a good moment to brush a few beer on him/her, because you want someone with at least some good designer know-how to make your bookcase for you.

While this is a very large part of getting the book bought, I, like many writers, am generally unaware about designing. Amazons is about how they tell this, but I finally found some useful youtub, which told the difference--chiefly that the length of your book (does it have many pictures? Is it 700 pages long?), the cost (keep it between. 99 Cents and $9. 99, and you can keep more money) and whether you want it to be available for lending it ( (it is prescribed at the 70% rate) can all help deciding how to control your donation arrangement.

Finally, after having spent a great deal of my free computing experience (most of which are quite clear and simple to use), I decided to upload my book, choose a very affordable rate (because this is an experiment) and went with the 70% license fee. Then I did some advertising by which I mean I e-mailed all my acquaintances and unit to let them knowing that I had backhand a product and that they could buy it for fitting digit Americans bill.

Then you put a hyperlink to it on this post because a.) I'm a brazen self-promoter, and b.) I won't be lying, it's quite awesome to see it performed like a genuine, factual book.

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