How to self Publish a Book for free

Getting your own book published for free

It' free to publish on many of the POD platforms themselves, and they only take part of the sales. Become the next Andy Weir or E.L. James and start your writing career with a self-published book. When you have decided to publish your book yourself, you must read this.

Knowing this in hand, you will be on your way to learning how to publish a book yourself and be able to start step one! It can cost a little money to publish and print your book in advance.

Publishing a book yourself - Part 4

In order to get your own custom alias or not? Notice: You do not need an ebook eSBN so you can jump this section if you do not publish a printed one. When printing, the first issue is whether you have your own custom printed copy of the mySAP software or whether you would rather use the free of charge service provided by the sales portal.

One brief reply would be be - use the free ISBN at be?-?use and don't spend any more on it. For example, I was reading that I should get my own ISBN as this would assign all of my channel based purchases to the same book.

After this terrible counsel I got my ICSBN in the public libraries of my state. First I used it on Amazon KDP and then I wanted to use it on Lulu. what?-?the It has been denied because it has already been used on another operating system, so no, you cannot use the same source on all distributions.

ISBN was provided free of charge by my libary, but I asked for 4 books for their archives. So I had to cover the postage and packing charges in additon to the cost of the print, which made the'free' access codes quite expensive, not to speak of the hectic pace and the amount of work I had to do to submit the request, order and deliver the obligatory archival print.

An added disadvantage of using my ISBN was that I had to use my name as a publishers rather than The Rabbit Is In Impressum, which I wanted to use. If you receive a free ISBN directly from -, this is another advantage to use your Impressum (or the distributor's brand) to make self-publication of the book less painful.

However, remember that none of the marketing platform will advertise your book. Your only task is to make your book available to the general population, but it is up to you to make it sell. For the first the top 3 authoring sites I can suggest are Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital and Pronoun.

Draft2Digital is the simplest to use, and it convinced me that I can place a pre-order without a completed work. That was the only rig that let me do it, so I'm gonna get started with them. Draft2Digital is the simplest way to publish.

It will take a few moments to publish your e-book with them, even if you have no previous knowledge. The bonuses (60%) outstrip the Amazon KDP's (35%) with lower prices. Unlike Amazon KDP, you can keep your book for as long as you want.

They are not yet distributing the site to Amazon, but they are working hard to add it to their shopping lists in the (hopefully near)uture. However, Draft2Digital already caters for the remainder of the main actors in the market: So I wanted to create the pre-order feature for this blogseries, as I will publish and customize it as a book.

I' ve tried that on Patreon and checked out other plattforms without success?. But I needed a completed script or at least a new one. You don't need a script or even a book jacket to pre-order with Draft2 Digital. This is the shortcut if you want to pre-order it now:

Draft2Digital also features a multi-purpose linking site on its website ?the which links all distribution outlets and generates a landing page for your book (so you only need this one to sell the book in stores). I' m still awaiting other shops to show you the book for this pre-order, but you can already select between the Apple and Kobo options on the uplink.

Since I only sent in the book for preorder just day ago, it' s really easy to publish with it. Obviously it is a disadvantage not to have Amazon among the canals. Hopefully they will soon be able to make a trade with Amazon, and then draft 2 digital will be all you need to publish and widely spread your iBook.

You can also publish your work on Amazon KDP in Draft2 Digital. There is no diversity of unusual formats like Pronoun (but not Amazon KDP). However, this applies to all of our distributions and is not only the case with Draft2 Digital.

I will discuss the free one later in a section on sizing. Now you can pre-order the book that will be released as an adaption of this diary or help me writing it by making a contribution (and receiving a copy of the book when it is released).

Give it a try for free!

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