How to run a Successful Book Club

Running a successful book club

Send your Book Club members an email to inform them of the following: Verify the date, time, and location of your next meeting. Some great ideas for running a book club and organizing a meeting. Advice on dealing with difficult problems - and ideas for good book club practices. When you plan to read only chicks, don't try to make it a book club for couples.

Congratulation on founding a book club!

Congratulation on your decision to found a book club! Use this simple check list to make sure everything is complete so you can relax and savour your book. Do you have a book club brainstorming. Can you tell me how often you'll have sessions? Are you going to have a web-based book club or will you be meeting face to face?

What is the procedure for your business events? Are you going to be sharing the responsibilities with another person or will you take turns in leading the discussions? Hints for selecting a book. So how big or small do you want to start a book club? When, where and how will you have Book Club events? Work with your members to schedule a pre-book club reunion.

Send your Book Club members an e-mail to let them know about the following: Have your first Book Club meet!

Advice for a successful book club

a book long enough to fit me. A 25-year-old book club that unites these two loved ones - a meeting of lovers who shared a passion for it. And I like a good book. I have a great opportunity to enjoy my time here. The ideal time for me is when I am drinking a glass of coffee, snoozing, reading and thinking; a long, rotten days of time.

When I put the children to sleep at nights and prepared for the next morning, there was little in the way of readings. So until my new neighbour Sauci asked me to her book club. Immediately I said "yes", both because it was a way for me to have at least one book per months (I am a timed individual, so I knew I would find a way to have the book choices selected monthly) and because it was a way to see some other people.

I' ve been part of this book club ever since. All of us were mother of small babies who loved to read. All of us were starving to get out of the home and have a "literary" pretext to put the babies to sleep for that one nocturne.

It was a good time for us young ladies to talk about a book, tell our lives and have a delicious dinner. We were a book club long before Oprah began the book club's fury. During the first years we were all baby and toddler moms; that was the theme of our meeting after we discussed the book.

The ups and downs of our lives made our book club gatherings a permanent feature for all of us. Every single day, year after year, these book-loving buddies have fuelled my fuel gauge and kindled my mind again and again. Now there are many book societies, and there is more than one way to run a successful one.

I' d like to know if you're at a book club and have a few thoughts. It is difficult to have a good debate with less than 4 or 5 participants. We' d meet on the first Monday of every months at 7:30. This way we can book club reunions on our calendars and plan other things around them.

This is not planned too far in advance, as we often do not know our appointments more than one months in advance. The members voluntarily become hosts from monthly to monthly, and it is incidentally self-monitored. It' the responsability of the hosting group to remind the remainder of the group by e-mail when, where and which book has been chosen for the next one.

Usually we issue a first warning one or two days in advance and then a second warning one or two days before the book club meetings. We' ll talk about the book while we sipping our drinks. It is important to keep your meals and hosts simple so that everyone likes to be a guest and nobody gets out because the book club is too much work or trouble.

Rotary moderators. Twice a week we hold the book discussions and do so on a voluntary monthly base - just like our hostings. Homestay and moderator are always 2 different members, so that nobody has to take over both tasks for a meet - again simply. He can googgle "Book Description of (Insert Book Title/Author)" and printout a lot of analyses of the book we are currently in.

In the" old" era, the panelist had to go to the archive, reading book review and information for authors in journals and papers, making photocopies and compiling the information for the group. There are also sometimes video or interview sessions that can be split at the book club.

A lot of textbooks now contain discussions and writer-interview at the end of the book. They can easily browse the information they find without notes or time-consuming preparations. After someone does a little typing on the writer and book in advance makes a big deal of the book discuss.

It' always helps to understand the book when you know something about the writer, why he has written the book, how he has written it, and so on. I' ve heared of book societies that oppose this move because they think it makes the book club too "hard", less funny and too much like its schoolmates.

This makes the debate more interesting and entertaining. We' re having some of our most lively debates as we get to know more about the writer and his motivation in his work. Undertake to participate. To ensure that your book club lasts for years, members must agree to participate in it.

The number of participants will finally decrease if the members are not obliged to make participation a topicality. A few years ago, our book club went through a time when our visitor numbers were declining. I' d finished my home, made a delicious desert, purchased a glass of vine and had been sitting with a friend to talk about the book.

Well, we had a serious discussion about the club ahead. Conclusion: If we appreciated our book club, we would all have to commit ourselves again to participate. Occasionally it is not possible for folks to participate because they are out of the city or there is a familybirthday or an important even. But in general we had to "renew" our vow to the book club and make it a regular one.

We may not have the book yet, but we're still going to the book club. There is almost always someone in our book club who has not yet completed or has never even been to the book. Things get stressful, and sometimes a book doesn't work. Choice of books. Also our book selecting procedure is very nonchalant.

Each of us who has a good book will bring it to a get-together and we will talk about the options over it. We sometimes only have one book for next and sometimes we have a shortlist of several that we want to be reading over the coming heats.

At a book club, one of the things I like is that I end up studying a book I would never have known. Everybody doesn't like every book, and that's okay. Indeed, it makes for a better debate if we are not all in agreement. You' re too preoccupied to study?

Since December is such a bustling year for us and many don't have enough free holiday reading a book, we often go to the cinema together in January instead of going to a book club outing. We' re usually able to find a film that' s a book we've been reading.

You have the opportunity to receive a freshly printed book that has just been published. Do you read or read or in a book club?

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