How to Publish your work Online

To publish your work online

Purchases the right to publish work online for a specific month. Send finished articles online in the category that suits you best. An easy search on Google gives you a selection of places open for submissions. Publish your work and make it available online.

Publicise your work!

It' surfing the web is the best way to get rid of dirt and get rid of the dirt in your note book with poetry, shorts, lyrics and comic books! We' d like to link you to these great websites that allow teenagers like you to get in touch with tutors, get to know other teenage authors and even publish your own work!

Not only does Adult Inks accentuate your writing work, it also links you with authors across the country. Participation in this online author's paradise offers you a platform in which young people can communicate through poems, essay, stories, critiques, arts and photographs. Anybody can become a public author by filing an originals and creating it through the licensing procedure.

Any and all authorised works will be made public online. Teen Ink's editorial staff then select the best of the best to be included in their printed mag. If you don't apply, you can't be posted! Upload your work now! The Sesi Online Magazines wants to know what you have to say - every last one!

Sesi means nurse, in the Sotho-tongue of South Africa, is a teenage-agazine. You are always looking for poems and create possibilities for young ladies all over the world. You can submit your story or poem at any moment and it will be available in one of the next issues!

That' s exactly what you get with PowerPetry! The site gives every author the opportunity to publish his own poems and earn a $1,000 fellowship to go to college! Scholarships, all recurring, have added their #NoFilter Fellowship Slam in which the authors are asked to talk about who they are without the fellows.

How do your words ring without a filter? As you fight for a rewards for your collegiate training, please tell us about the most genuine part of yourself. This is the place to be if you've never even known Spirit Online!

It' a free teens mag and a website for children designed by and for teens to address the big issues of the world. Divide your texts and works of art, which represent your live-eventages. In the open forums there is always something to discuss if you only want to communicate with other young authors.

Do you like to read works in writing? This is the right thing for you! So all you have to do is go to their website, click on their submission page to be selected for publishing, and the remainder is an open path to your adventurous publishing experience.

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