How to Publish your work

To publish your work

As you publish your work. Notes on navigating in the publication landscape. Notes on navigating in the publication landscape. For those who are primarily interested in publishing short films, poems, essays and/or book reviews, the following resources will be particularly helpful. If you are a non-fiction author, you should not start your work until a publisher has shown an interest in it.

It is an invite to publish your work.

As many of you know, I do not motivate authors to consider publication as a target. I' often say that focusing on the publication and commercialisation of your history or your books is a divert. When you' re preoccupied with publication, you might skip the part of the letter where you become more interested and work on the work itself, and find out what you haven't seen before - where you are feeding your relation to your work.

This is the fountain of power, creativity and good writings, quite openly. Concentrating on the release not only blocks access to this link, but is ultimately a way to waste your valuable write work. As soon as you've done your imaginative work - once you've set up a typing studio you rely on and completed a design that surprises you over and over again when you are reading it - you may be willing to publish it.

Today I am proud to present a contribution by Leigh Nash, the editor of Invisible Publishing. The Leigh has a particular invite for all authors, but especially for them. Notice: Invisible Publishing is a publishing house in Canada. Please welcome our authors in the commentaries if you are a foreign publishers and would like to participate in this discussion!

xo I became editor of Invisible Publishers in 2016, an independant Canada based company. He has produced literature and non-fiction, poems, a number of bibliophonic bibliographies and has also written several new works of anthology and graphics. Our production of new and up-and-coming authors and works that cannot be produced elsewhere.

I have been working in the field of printing for over seven years and still believe in the magical world of mud. We' ve released a few things from the snow heap since I entered Invisible: Am a Truck by Michelle Winters, Everything Life Has to Offered by Shari Kasman and Saints, Unnexpected by Brent van Staalduinen - and all these are first-timers.

The publication of first novelists is an important part of Invisible's mission. Do not publish a book for a writer; we publish with a writer, which means that the writer will take part in the trial as much as they want. As mentors, we see the author-editor-publisher relation and we really do our best to make sure that our editors get out of the editing supply chain with a better understand of their own work and how the publishers work.

However, while we were lucky enough to get contributions from authors of innovative, fictional, non-fiction and poetic works, there is a problem: Invisible publishing gets literary manuscripts every year, and eventually over 80 per cent of the work we get for examination comes from men. I' m on the executive committee of the organisation CWILA, which has been influencing true transformation.

By counting the number of reviewers in Canada each year, CWILA has focused awareness on the issues within Canadian literature and quantified the obstacles faced by Canadians. CWILA' s work inspires me to do my own census at Invisible. During the ten years that Invisible has published literature, our sex distribution is 48 per cent female-identifying, 50 per cent male-identifying and 2 per cent non-binary-identifying contributors.

And, while we have reached an even distribution, we have had to work really well to find good work from a woman, while we have beaten the men away with a cane. Therefore I would like to address an appeal especially to female authors: Please consider whether you would like to submit your project in the length of a volume to Invisible Publishing. Polishing your work, but don't be worried if it's not flawless.

Don't hesitate until you're good - you'll never be good, and many of your masculine colleagues won't sit back and do their job perfectly. We are a non-profit publishing company, which makes us a little different from most other independent printing machines in Canada; we are on the management committee and we are investing all our earnings back into support for the creation and promotional activities of the book we publish.

The writers talk about their experiences in working with our staff and are proud of the way we present their work to our readership. When you are not sure whether Invisible is suitable for your work, take a look at our back list and browse one or two books.

This is the best way to find a good home for your letter - send it to the press who publishes the things you love to have. Being a life-long readership and author, I believe that every career in which I work with literature is great, and this is all the more so when you can choose what kind of story is turned into a book.

It is an occasion to make my ideal book collection come alive - and this collection definitely contains dedicated and original works by modern womens.

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