How to Publish your own Book on Kindle

To publish your own book on Kindle

Anyone can access content for the Kindle through's self-service publishing system, the Digital Text Platform. With Agarwal explains how to do it, from the preparation of your documents to the correct pricing. Whether you like it or not, Kindle keyword and category selection are some of the most important parts to publishing your book. This course teaches you how to publish a book about Amazon with ease.

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As one publishes a book about Kindle

After you download your check list, let's go into detail about the individual stages of the self-publication lifecycle so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. First thing you have to do is finish your book titles. First of all, a book must be remembered by a bookseller.

Then they have to review your book for another prospective readership (and this new prospective readership must be able to recognize and recall it). After all, this new prospective readership needs to find your book in order to buy it. That' s why it is so important to create a large, catchy, replicable and combinable book when selling it.

You need your book name to be easy to memorize so that a book can be remembered well. When your readers forget your book-title, it is almost impossible for them to direct a verb of oral sales unless they are remembering your authors name and you get happy. To make your book more catchy, don't use long headlines, long or unusual words and dull, general expression.

You need your book titles to be reproducible so that your reader can quickly and simply publish them. Their book titles should not be poetical or have latent meaning. You need your book titles to be browsable so that prospective users can find them quickly and simply on-line. Since people buy e-booksýonline, you need to make sure that your book titles can arrange well in the quest.

It is unlikely that a book that is itself a very competitively priced buzzword such as "Weight Loss" or "Marketing" will be found in the on-line searche. Ensure that those who enter the book name in Google or Amazon can find your book quickly and simply because your book is browsable.

A lot of your best thoughts can come from the reader! As you receive more feedbacks before you publish your book, the better information you get, and the better your book will be if you try to make important upgrades and optimizations before you publish it. Ensure that your book has been handled in a professional manner.

You can find a detailled insight into the processing of an editor who has produced more than 19 million copies in an article in the Steve Berry interviews here. Here you will find further processing options for writers. Ensure that your book has been proof-read by a professional. The majority of writers employ at least two writers - one for proofreading shortly before the book is out.

Ensure that your script is correctly prepared for Kindle. Watch our free online tutorial on how to prepare your Kindle e-book in less than an hours or engage someone to prepare your Kindle book for you. Before you publish, please verify your style with the Amazon Kindle Previewer utility.

Also, after your book is released, verify your format by purchasing and uploading a copy of your book directly from Amazon, as the Amazon Kindle Previewer utility is not always 100% exact. When you buy your own book, you need to thoroughly review it on your own Kindle phone, iPhone or smart phone, tray or with the Kindle Cloud Reader on your computer.

Finish your Kindle Book Covers. Ensure that you can see the book with 60×90 pixel, as this is the amount most people will see on their Kindle device, smart phone and small desktoptablets. Here is an example of the book The Kindle Publishing Bible that I have covered, shrinked to 60×90 pixel, the amount most people will see when looking for your book on Amazon:

Choose whether you want to publish the e-book with KDP Select on Amazon Kindle only, or if you want to share it with all large e-book vendors. Since you often make more profit and are saving your e-book, I suggest that most writers use KDP Select because you don't have to reformat your e-book for other e-book vendors like Smashwords, iTunes, Nook or Kobo.

Amazons still control at least 70% of the US eBook and at least 80% of the UK eBook markets, so the overwhelming bulk of your eBook purchases come from Amazon Kindle, regardless of which eBook options you use. Ensure that your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accounts are complete, along with your taxes and banking information, so Amazon can license you for your bookstores.

Here you can set up your own Kindle Direct Publishing for free. With Amazon you can describe a book with up to 4,000 chars (approx. 700 words). Describe your book completely and thoroughly, giving the readers everything they need to know to determine whether or not they want to buy it.

Choose your seven most important key words for your book and make sure you use them when you post your book to Kindle. Above you see a screen shot of the area in your KDP in which you should enter the key words reader should use to find your book. Choose your two most important bestselling category to add your book to Amazon.

Amazons gives you a vast selection of category. Use Fiction or Non-Fiction to sort the category. Chose the right prize for your book in each of the countries. Usually writers should publish their Kindle eBooks between $2.99 and $9.99 if they themselves because Amazon pays you 70% fees for them.

When you rate your book at less than $2. 99 or more than $9. 99, Amazon pays you only 35% donations and actually cuts your income from the e-book in half. Amazons offer you the opportunity to choose between 35% and 70% when publishing your book on Kindle.

Whenever your book is between $2.99 and $9.99, you should always choose 70% bonuses. You MUST choose 35% license fees if your book is not in this pricecategory before Amazon allows you to publish your book. Please note: You can modify your Kindle e-book prices later at any point in your life by logging into your KDP and working on your Kindle e-book listings at Amazon, and you can also switch from 35% to 70% royalty and up.

You can use Amazon's free KDP spellchecker to make sure there are no blatant misspellings before you publish. Amazon's KDP Checker is a beautiful, fast test to make sure there are no apparent misspellings in your book before you publish it on Amazon Kindle. Like every orthography checker, it's not flawless.

There will be some misspellings and bugs that are actually accurate. It is up to you to process and revise your script correctly. You are not the responsibility of Amazon and Amazon will not offer you editorial content management service. If your book is received from a book that contains misspelling or grammar mistakes, your book may be out of print at Amazon for a while until you have corrected the inaccuracies.

You' ll get an e-mail from Amazon with the precise bugs that need fixing and you can then process your eBook files, add the new files to your KDP accounts and submit your book to Amazon again. Following a brief check and permission by the Kindle publishers, your book will be back for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

In some places, draft legislation restricts e-book vendors and readers' access to allow the use of drafting, which makes the transfer of data from one plattform to another practically illegal. When you publish your e-book on Amazon Kindle, please keep in mind not to activate it. Notice: Once you publish your book on Amazon Kindle, you can NOT modify your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account via your existing Amazon Kindle account.

You can also share your data and meta data with if you DO NOT use KDP Select to share your e-book with all other large e-book vendors such as iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Google Player and others. Review the page of your book on Amazon to make sure all information is accurate, as well as your book name, your descriptions, and your bookcovers.

When you discover any bugs, sign in to your KDP account immediately and correct them before you begin advertising your book. Purchase a copy of your book on Amazon Kindle, upload it and search it to make sure there are no typos or other bugs that have been overlooked.

Create your Authors Central account for the US, UK and all other Amazon shops. Learn how to create your Authors Center account in our free online training session. Check out the step-by-step instructions for setting up your own BooksBub Authors account on the TCK Publishing Blogs. Now you have everything you need to publish your book on Amazon Kindle.

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