How to Publish your own Book on Amazon

To publish your own book on Amazon

Ways to self-publish a book in Amazonia In the next few months Orna Ross and Valerie Shanley will develop the latest releases of ALLi's How-To Guides into the most important publication plattforms for indies. Amazon. When you can see it, Amazon has a publication portal for it. One of the world's largest retailers is the one that launched the self-publishing revolution in 2009 with the launch of Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP.

This makes it the first point of contact for any freelance writer who wants to start selling his work. Covering Amazon's eight major publishers sites and programmes (six for e-books, one for printed and one for audio books), along with ways to advertise your book in the world's biggest bookshop.

Special Kindle applications (restricted access): At Amazon we are always innovating and updating (see this week's change to billing per page rather than downloading a book for KOLL and KU), so please review directly with his own consulting pages, and the childleboards (his consulting forum), for the latest upgrades.

It is the grandfather of the Amazon DIY platform, founded in 2007, for freelance writers who want to publish in e-book formats. It is free until you are selling a book, then a 30% plus discount is applied (depending on a wide range of factor, especially KDP Select, see below).

You' ll need an Amazon user name and you can now load your script in most popular document types and then turn the document into Amazon's own'mobi' using the utilities provided on the site. Alternatively, you can load it up. Before you publish it, you can view a thumbnail of the final eBooks and make any changes.

First, make sure your book is reformatted to the platform's specs. When you are done, sign in to your bankroll, go to your bookcase and click the "Add New Title" tab. Then fill in the boxes in steps 1 (Your book) and 2 (Rights & Prices) and you are good to go.

Amazons KDP provides a great online community for independent writers, giving your e-book a large, worldwide coverage. Disadvantages: In many areas, the incentive to publish only on Amazon means lower royalty payments to those who publish elsewhere. I could do better tracking & analysis because I would like to see more information about the number of hits vs. purchases, percentages viewed, etc.

Kindle Scout, gegr√ľndet 2014, als "Reader-powered publishing for never previously published e-books". Publish the first pages (about 5,000 words) of your book on the Kindle Scout website for a 30-day time frame, along with other new works. When your book is chosen for inclusion on Kindle Press, Amazon has sole global right to publish your book in any language in electronic and sound format for a five-year time.

Otherwise you will receive all your privileges back after 45 days of exclusive use. You must apply to have your work deleted from the Kindle Scout website if you are not chosen for publishing. Otherwise your campaigns page will stay up. the Amazon: "Writers must get in touch with Kindle Scout if they want their site fully deleted.

But after a contest ends, only the reader who nominates a book can see it (if the writer doesn't ask us to remove it). Romances, Mystery & Thriller, Science Fiction & Fantasy and Literature & Fiction titles are supported. They can also receive emoluments with signing up to the Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited, as well as participating in focused e-mail marketing and promotional work.

Download a fully revised, publication-ready book (over 50,000 words) in Word file formats. In addition you need the book name, the book name, the book descriptions, your curriculum vitae and your photograph. You' ll be contacted within two working day if your contribution is eligible for a Kindle Scout promotion. Disadvantages: Unlike most publisher agreements, Kindle Press's contract is non-negotiable.

Reading with an iron eyeball. Granting permissions involves translating copyrights, and if these are used by Amazon, your fee is reduced to 20% of the net price, which is low. Make a schedule that you will do for each of the thirty working day of your election year. You' ve got to be pro-active to spread the word and ask folks to name your book.

When I was planning a 30-day Facebook tour, I asked everyone in anticipation if they would put me on their Facebook wall on a certain date to talk about my book Eddie and Sunny and Kindle Scout. If it was the initial contribution, it would be linked to the Kindle Scout page for my book, making it easier for the public to find and name my novel.

Wilson: Be ready to unrelentingly promote yourself to get the nominating vote for your work. So, I approached everyone I could think of, ran a contest and generally did everything I could to get everyone to name my book. Scout also provides a small selection of your work to the reader, so make sure that the sample hook prospective reader and let them want more, makes them want to make you nom[ Read more ] so that they can see the remainder.

Kindleworlds has an easy-to-use submissions system. Once you have selected a licenced environment and reviewed the contents policies for that environment, click Submit. Then, download your storyline into a Word document or DOC/DOCX (.doc/.docx), RTF or TXT, make a artwork of over a thousand free pictures, or maybe use your own picture - but not all worlds allow writers to uplink it.

You will not see your purchases in your regular KDP accounts. About 2 month after the release of your first KW release, the license information will appear in your Authors Central Accounts > Purchasing Info > Kindle Worlds Royalties. A Kindle Single is an e-book with 5,000 to 30,000 words, currently only released in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Childle Singles is pleased to consider manuscripts or pitch entries and recent Kindle Direct Publishing work. Doing your research: browse a wide range of Kindle singles to get an impression of what the writers want and what the reader reads. If you are looking for the best way to tell your letter for release as a Kindle single is to tell an astonishing tale that is right for the size.

Get to know the size and size of the magazine by read six or eight of Kindle's favorite singles - they don't have to be mine, but hey, why not? Then, create the final release of your storyline and submit it. I ran a few evenings a weeks a bar when I began to publish singles with Kindle, had little career potential and no name as an writer.

I have an agen, a bookstore, a home and a job. Kindle Owners' Lending Library is a library of free monthly reading for Amazon Prime members. Before you can include a book in this program, you must enter it in KDP Select (see below).

You can still get your book at the Kindle Store. As soon as a client of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library receives more than 10% of your book, you will be paid by the KDP Select Global Funds (see below for how the funds work). Since July 1, 2015, KOLL and KU license fees are calculated on the number of pages viewed, as compared to the 10% reading reader) and the funds increased from $3 million to $11 million this months.

At present, KOLL is available for Amazon Prime clients in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan. What to do: You must comply with the KDP Select requirement and enter your book in KDP Select (see below). You agree to use KDP only during the 90 day period following the registration of your book in the program; it cannot be purchased free of charge or in electronic form anywhere else on-line, as well as your own website.

"Tim Lewis, Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's subscriptions system that allows users to access as many titles as they want and keep them as long as they want for a one-month subscriptionship. Every readership (not only Amazon Prime members) can download KU. Before you can include a book in this program, you must enter it in KDP Select (see below).

You can still get your book at the Kindle Store. As soon as a customer has read more than 10% of your book, you will receive a credit from the KDP Select Global Funds (see below for how the funds work). What to do: You must comply with the KDP Select requirement and enter your book in KDP Select (see below).

Your book must not be priced differently for 30 consecutive nights, even if you refresh your KDP Select subscription during this one. You agree to use KDP only during the 90 day period following the registration of your book in the program; it cannot be purchased free of charge or in electronic form anywhere else on the Internet, as well as your own website.

*CreateSpace (CS), is Amazon's free web site for indies. You can use this feature to either buy your pocketbook directly at eStore, through Amazon local shops (; etc.), or through your own website, real-life event etc. For your convenience, the site provides print-ready layouts that you can freely down-load and use to prepare your book.

If you are good to go, the plattform uses two different types of files - a covers and a text one. The CS determines a base rate for your book, but you can specify a higher rate. You can give out a free CS ISBN when setting up your book (however, if you want to buy through a bookstore, this is not advisable; see below).

And if you don't have a website yet, CS also offers the possibility to set up your own authors' page to get in touch with your reader and publish your work. It is also very easy to keep an eye on the sale of your book. Download a book and use the CS specification template to generate print-ready booklets.

Browse to your bookcase and click on the "Add new title" tab. Then fill in the boxes in steps 1 (Your book) and 2 (Rights & Prices) and you are good to go. The POD means that the book is output on call when the customer orders. Production and dispatch are done so that you no longer have any major administration problems, as your book is still in store without having to keep it in storage.

It is also possible to create a Kindle book from CS. Disadvantages: PODs are still costly when printed, making them less profitable for the writer and more costly than commercially available book sales. EVERYTHING advises you to use your own one.

Now Jane Davis:Amazon will turn your'book' documents into an e-Book for you when you post it as a Word file, reducing the load of source code checking (painful for anyone who releases on more than one platform). In 2009, as the growth of the consumer electronics industry continued, some 100,000 titles were released, of which less than 5,000 were recorded in an audioversion.

Amazons Audible saw the possibility of assisting right holders to fill this niche in the industry and set up its ACX plattform to network writers and speakers and sell the resulting autebooks. ACX allows writers to tell and create their own sound works and then sell them via in the US and in the UK and Northern Ireland.

As an alternative, an writer can use ACX's market place features to find and engage a pro audiobook maker and speaker to make a song come alive. The ACX is a great additional revenue stream for your book. The reader can easily move between the e-book and the sound format of a book and continue where they stopped on the other side.

Since you can arrange your own conditions with the storyteller, whether it is an even 50/50 splitting of the 40% commission, i.e. 20% of what the book is selling, or a set commission per completed lesson, you can choose what you like. Writers can use this tool to create free promotional offers for their book at Amazon.

Authors give Amazon 90 day exclusive rights; in exchange, Amazon will pay higher emoluments (70% versus 35%) in some areas; the book is available through the Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited (see above). As of July 1, 2015, license fees paid by KOLL and KU are calculated on the basis of the number of pages viewed (in contrast to qualifying loans).

You can also offer your book free of charge for up to five consecutive nights, a strategic plan that can help boost your future sale. Also it makes your book suitable for Kindle Countdown Counts (see below), a restricted period of promotion discount for your book. There are two ways to register books from the bookshelf:

Click the KDP Select title and click Enroll, or click the Edit Book Details in Other button. Open Plattforms like KU and KOLL and Tool like five day, where your book can be provided for free. Supported by a good merchandising policy, they can give your book a strong surge in revenue.

You agree to make the book's electronic version available only through KDP Select during the 90-day period of registration for the program; it may not be purchased free of charge or in electronic form on-line, which includes your own website. For more information, see KDP Select Terms and Conditions.

Amazons provides a quarterly funds to make the KDP Select programme attractive to KDP publishing houses. "KDP Select is so large that it is a convincing choice for writers and publishers," they say. Amazons computes your stake in the KDP Select Total Funds by counted the pages of your book that Kindle Unlimited (KU) or Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL) first-readers.

Here is an example, provided the funds is US$10 million and 100,000,000,000,000 pages are viewed per month: A 100-page book that has been loaned and reread 100 full pages would make $1,000 ($10 million by 10,000 pages for this writer, split by 100,000,000,000,000 pages in total). A 200-page book that has been lent and reread 100 pages would make $2,000 ($10 million by 20,000 pages for this writer split by 100,000,000 pages in total).

A 200-page book that was lent 100 pages, but only half-read on aggregate, would make $1,000 ($10 million by 10,000 pages for this writer split by 100,000,000 pages in total). The KDP checks the volume of the funds each months and the funds are growing significantly as more volumes are lent and accessed through the Kindle Unlimited program.

The KDP Select Global Fund amount is announced monthly on the KDP website and community pages. Further FAQ' about Amazon's KDP Select Global Fund can be found here. The KDP Select has worked well for me. Unfortunately, I will never know if these dowloads would be for sale if I wasn't in Select, but I question it.

This is a list of advertisements displayed to the reader when leafing through the shop. If you click on your ad, you will be taken to the detailed page of your book. They are not calculated for the ad, only if your ad is selected. Auctions with other suitable advertisements will determine your real costs per click. You' will be billed $0.01 more than the second highest one click offer in the bidding, up to your max CPC offer.

To set up an Amazon Marketing Services affiliate profile, visit the KDP website. Select the book you want to advertise, specify how you want your ad to be aligned, a starting and ending date and a maximal Cost-per-Click (CPC) offer (minimal CPC offer is US$ 0.02 and minimal advertising spend is US$ 100.00).

It is up to you to decide whether your ad should be sent to clients who have previously searched the Kindle Store for a particular category (targeting by interest) or to clients who are interested in certain Amazon related items (targeting by product). If you aim for interest, your advertisements will be taken into account for inclusion on Kindle e-readers as well.

If you are targeting by item, your advertisements are not allowed to appear on Kindle e-readers. This is a good way to make your book more visible and easier to find. That is another advantage of KDP Select, where writers offer temporary discounts. Locate the book you want to place on your bookshelf, and on the Book actions pull-down list, click Advertise and Promote > Countdown Action and make a KCD for that book.

It is used by a number of members of ALLE to raise the profile of a new book. There is no icon on to tell a readers that this is a KC transaction. It is also possible to use Amazon to create links to your own website through Amazon Produkt Ads. If you have a customer interested in purchasing your products, they can click on your website and buy the products directly from you.

Publish your product catalog and define your cost-per-click offers and your budgets. Amazons displays your advertisements to your clients when they search for related items. May be a useful way to advertise other book-related product or book that does not suit the Amazon eco-system. They buy the prices you want to give away at Amazon and payment of VAT and shipment to the winner(s).

As the winner and site are not known when you create a promotional gift, you will be billed an estimate to pay VAT and postage. In case the prices are not collected when your give away ends, they will be given back and are contained in your reimbursement.

Choose a price from the products that sells and fill out a two-step process to create your giveaways and prices. Amazons will email you a hyperlink to advertise your promotional gift. If you want to make an individual request to the loser of the promotional gift, this is another way to make an offering - and to someone who has shown interest in your work.

Disadvantages: Folks can register for the price without really being interested in your work. Hewitt: I made several Amazon giveaways. Before you buy the entire number of promotional gifts, plus postage and packing. I' ve added over 200 members to my mailing lists every single day I made a promotional gift.

This is our guideline for publication on Amazon. Also see our guideline for optimizing your Amazon site. Now, we want to listen to all about your thoughts and experience. When you started out on Amazon, what do you wish you'd known about it?

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