How to Publish your own Book

To publish your own book

As you publish your book. An easy-to-follow guide for self-publishers. Hints to help you know if you are ready to create your own book or e-book for the pizza industry. Be a writer and publish a book. Ever dreamed of publishing your own book?

Can I publish my own book in India?

You do not need to be registered anywhere while a book is being released in India as an authors. They can create the book themselves and make it available to vendors directly or through some of our natural sales points and/or on-line platforms. Alternatively, you can take help from some specialists like 24by7 publishers to get the book sketched, redacted, published as well as indexed in various memories.

Let me first clear up the embarrassment among most new writers - NO, the assignment of the ISBN number for your book is NOT MUST. However, it is strongly advised to get the ISBN to make your book look more pro. SSBNs are how reader and buyer find your work.

Have a look at an outstanding information graphic showing how/when/where you receive the number and all related information. Also at the end of the graphic below I have divided the useful information like URL, adress, telephone number to get information about the government or a favorite self-publisher who can certainly help most of you.

Authors in India can have their own free ISBN by submitting an application to the Raja Rammohan National Agency for ISBN. You must create your own EAN bar code by standard, since this does NOT match the ISBN. The ISBN is free of charge and may take about 20 to 50 working day until you have the ISBN in your hands when it is accepted.

When 24by7 Publishers operates the publication processes, as a rule new ISBNs are provided free of charge without any delays, unless the standards of the contents and presentation do not meet the requirements of the author. ISBN becomes machine-readable in the shape of a 13-digit EAN barcode, which is quick to use and less error-prone.

If you edit/publish the book, 24by7 Publishers will make the corresponding bar code available together with the ISBN free of charge. NB: 24by7 is not the agency in India that provides the ISBN. Large quantities of 24by7 Raja Rammohan National Agency for ISBN due to the large number of volumes they process.

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