How to Publish your Ebook

To publish your eBook

This the first time you've published your book? This walkthrough will take you through the process of publishing your ebook on Barnes & Noble's NOOK Press website, one step at a time.

Publish your eBook yourself | Montclair Public Library

Collections are pushing a new ebook exploration epoch for independent writers and small printers. The BiblioBoard and SELF-e help build strong community typing groups and keep the library at the heart of the independent publishing world. Take a look at these sites to find eBooks by NJ writers and enter your work!

We' re even subscribing to a pressbook subscription tool that will help publishers make and publish a printable eBook! If you have a current MPL membership or you are in Montclair physicaly, the locating facilities on your machine must be activated to use BiblioBoard.

Self-eSelf is a publication portal developed to make your eBook(s) accessible to more people via BiblioBoard's subscription lever. Entries will be made available via the BiblioBoard Indie New Jersey Modul, which is full of eBooks by New Jersey-based New Jersey writers. The PressbooksPressbooks is an easy-to-use on-line resource for creating and editing your books in PDF, MOBI, and more!

To use Pressbooks you need a current MPL membership pass.

Create a new eBook - Kobo Writing Life Help Centre

If you are building a new eBook with Kobo Writing Life, you will be asked to enter information that will help us view and categorise your work. In order to make a new eBook: Register with Kobo Writing Life. Select eBooks. Then click New eBook. Once you have generated your eBook, begin entering your information: eBook Title:

Name of the volume you are downloading. Subtitle: Please fill in your song exactly as it should appear in our shop. eBook Subtitle: Subtitle for the text you upload. Subtitle: Please insert your subtitle exactly as it should appear in our shop. Serial Name: If your work is part of a serial, please type the name of the serial.

Please fill in the number of your serial. It is only filled if a serial name has been specified. Name of the person(s) who has written the work. Exactly how you want the author's name to appear in our shop. Name of the publisher: The name of the book's name.

You can type your name if you are a self-published writer. When you are an editor as an independent person, you can register the name of your company here. Tradename under which your product will be released. Editors can have different prints to suit their type of contents. This the first publication of your novel?

In case your volume was already released before the release, you can specify the date of release here. When you choose Yes, this box is preset to today's date. eISBN: Kobo's name for the 13-digit ISBN (International Standard Books Number) that is allocated to the eBook entered. This must be a clear ISBN - you cannot use the same ISBN you have for the printed one.

ISBN associated with the printed copy of your work. In case you do not have a printed copy, please do not fill in this box. eBook language: That is the script of your text. This is a short introduction to your eBook, as it will appear on the article page of your eBook in the Kobo Store.

Useful information on best practice in summary writing can be found in the "Sales Questions" section of this manual. The first thing your readers see when they find your books in the Kobo Store is your covers. Your work is shown on the title page and should attract the attention of the readers.

The other important things you need to mention on your front page are your author's name and name. For uploading a covers: Register with Kobo Writing Life. Then click on eBOOOKS. Choose your eBook or make a new one. On the Describe Your eBook page. Please click on your album.

Choose a jpg or PPG formatte. Please note: For best results, we suggest that your picture is 300 DPI and not bigger than 5 Mbytes. When you create your own pictures, remember that the Kobo eReader default has a 1448 x 1072 with 300 pixel per incher.

It is a good solution for the design of your work. You will be asked to specify topic groups in additional to the information in your text. Each of these catagories determines how your eBook is labeled and categorised in the Kobo Shop. It is recommended that you select all three of them for each of the books to make sure that clients who browse our shop have a better opportunity to find your music.

In order to browse your categories: Register with Kobo Writing Life. Then click on eBOOOKS. Chose your eBook or make a new one. On the Describe Your eBook page. To the right of IISBN, click Edit Category. Selects up to three different catagories. Uploading your contents files is possible in one of the following formats:

In case your data is not already in ePub-files, we are converting it for you. Once you have described your eBook, added your contents, defined your licence and availabilty and set your listing prices, your eBook will be published in a fifth stage. Publish your books immediately on Kobo or arrange a date for their publication in the near future.

To set a date for your eBook to be published in the near term, you can set a list date when you create your eBook. When choosing a date of your eBook, you can also decide whether your eBook should be pre-ordered. In order to publish your eBook: Log in to your Kobo Writing Life account.

Select eBooks. Search your workbook. Please click on Publish! You' re redirected to the Publish eBook page. Notice: If you don't see me, you may need to enter additional information before you can publish your eBook. Then click Publish eBook. You can buy your eBook from within 24 to 72hrs, but it may take longer for it to become available in our affiliate shops.

Once your eBook has been successfully posted to the Kobo Store, you can update it at any point. For editing the information of your eBook published: Log in to your Kobo Writing Life account. Select eBooks. On your eBook, click on Publish. Select what you want to edit: Describe your book: If you select this shortcut, you can modify the meta data of your eBook.

Allows you to modify the titles, subtitles, masthead, authors, publishers, languages, covers, summaries and topic categories of your work. Please note: The ISBN for a eBook uploaded to our website cannot be modified as it is the main identification for an eBook on our system. Modify your accounting content: If you choose this option, you can modify the contents of your eBook.

By clicking this hyperlink you can modify the DRM and the geographical permissions that have been used on your eBook. You can use this hyperlink to process the price lists for your eBook in all available currency. You can have your changes made within 24hrs. It will take longer for our affiliate resellers to implement your changes.

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