How to Publish your Book for free

To publish your book for free

Don't make your book free through Amazon's KDP selection program. There are also Kindle countdown offers and free book promotions to choose from. Is it FREE to publish a paperback with Create space?

As eBooks emerged, especially the Amazon Kindle size, many of us have ceased to publish our eBooks as paperback catalog. But, as you may have already heard, I was wise to correct that by recently releasing Writer's Doubt and The Audacity to be a Writer as a trade papersbacks using Createspace.

Last weeks after I announced the pocket book releases, I got a lot of questions about how I did it and maybe more importantly: Absolute, total, 100% free! F.R.E.E. And no, I didn't have to give up the bonus rate I would ear. Indeed, Createspace's license rates are higher than the print on demand release choices I've used so far.

I' ve been paying a lot of money in the past to publish my paperbacks. This does not include the additional costs of advanced sales channeling, for which most developers require significant fees. It' a print-on-demand publishing company I payed well over $200. $00 additional for expanded sales. Createspace is the pocketbook version of Writer's Doubt and The Audacity to not only write for free, but also to free append ALL expanded sales channel.

You no longer need to purchase a copy of your product with Cratespace, unless you decide to and your license fees will not have to. In fact, your bonuses can be higher when using crew space. Creates space: An industry-leading developer of POD: iUniverse, another industry-leading developer of POD: If you can do it for free, why buy?

I personally think the Createspace book looks AND feels better than my previous book I bought for printing. Prior to the led trial, as I have posted my free work with Createspace, let me first make it clear that I have already posted both of my works via KDP (Kindle), so that the works have been worked on and the artwork has already been made.

CREA space offers fee-based processing, script layout and artwork for manuscripts, and since I don't need any of their fee-based features, I won't deal with them in this manual. For example, I chose the dazzling Joe Brown to work on "Writer's Doubt" and the amazing Ana Grigoriu to create the album.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question in the commentaries, and I will do my best to reply, or I will try to find the answers for you. 2) Select Paperback. To get going, click on your selection. 1 ) The name of your book will be taken from the page before. 2 ) If you have a caption, type it now.

Please fill in the name here. 4 ) If you need to include participants, select the category from the drop-down list and click the Append tool. 5 ) Is your book part of a serial? Please fill in your data accordingly. 7 ) Select your preferred languages. 8 ) Select the date you want to use as the publishing date.

I could have picked the date when I first released my book on KDP, however, and if I had done it then I would have done so. 1 ) Select what kind of ISBN # you want. I have selected the free ISBN that Createspace used.

3 ) Once you have made your selection, go to the next page and then click Next. 3 ) Now it's a good moment to load up your book files. And if you haven't already done so, please feel free to use the Word bleed pattern for your book. When this is bewildering for you as it was for me, get with someone you know who can help you OR speak to createspace about their home decoration profession.

Reformatting a book can be bewildering for everyone for the first confusion, so I asked a good boyfriend who is good at doing this kind of work and he showed me how to use Createspace's Word templates. 4 ) Once you have downloaded the book you want, click on the SAVE icon at the bottom right.

When you have a question about a print-ready PDF, ask your book covers specialist, he knows what he needs and provides it to you. When you have not set a book jacket design, you should consider the other two possibilities. As soon as you've uploaded your artwork, it's a good idea to check your book.

Create space has an excellent feature named Digital Proof, with which you can see the book's inside and outside of it. Only disadvantage is that all fixes on your computer must be made in the source files and the files must be reinstalled.

It is strongly recommended that you also order a hard copy. As soon as you have approved the copy, your book is available. To select all sales lanes, you must first type in the book name. So I do it a little backwards instead of doing the channel first, as you can see in the menue.

1 ) Click on "Description" in the menue on the leftside and type in the book descriptions in the field on the right. 3 ) Please fill in the language of your book, the country of publication and the search terms for your book. 4 ) When you are done, click on "Save" and then select "Channels" from the menue on the lefthand side.

1 ) My suggestion is to use all the sales opportunities on this page. But take a few minutes to review each book so you know where your book will be located. 2 ) If the second half of this page (Expanded Distribution) is not available, this means that you must still type the book descriptions before you can use them.

It is easy to enter your rate, and once you do, Createspace will calculate your royalty for you. All you have to do now is lean back and await your copy in the post. One thing I haven't said is that when you log in to Createspace, you have to enter all your taxpayer information to continue with the establishment, so you have this available.

When your review is received and you are satisfied, go back to Createspace and go to "Proof Your Book" on the navigation bar on the right side of the page. If you click on "Approve Book Proof", your book will be edited to be available for all your sales outlets.

You can see that nowhere in this procedure did I incur costs for the production or distribution of a book. I mean, it was absolute, total, 100% free. When you need one of the fee-based publishing or book artwork designs, you pay for these and not for the printed publication of your work.

Like I said, I think the standard of these Createspace titles is comparable to other industry-leading POD publishing houses and even many long-established publishing houses. This is my idea of what it is like to see and experience it for yourself by ordering paperbacks of Writer's Doubt and The Audacity to be a Writer.

When you have used Createspace and have further hints or queries, please let us know in the commentaries below.

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