How to Publish on Amazon Kindle

As one publishes on Amazon Kindle

If not, jump right in - and have yourself published successfully on the KDP platform of Amazon. Self Publishing: How to make a living with Amazon's Kindle KDP. publishing your work on Amazon Kindle A Confederacy of Dunces" was released for the sole purpose that the author's mom John Kennedy Toole took the script out of the trash after his deaths. On the way to release, your textbook should not have to walk the stony path. Amazons makes it easy for you to let go of a Kindle e-reader product.

Build the book: Type your text in Microsoft Word and store it as a Word document. You' re not playing well with the Kindle. Keep in mind that the Kindle can only display pictures in gray scale. Saves in filtered HTML format: If everything looks good, choose Files, Saves as, Web Page, Filtered (*HTM &*HTML).

MapPocket Creator is a program that turns your filtered HTML documents into eBooks and sells them via Amazon. Amazon's formal site has no solution for those using OSX, so find a buddy with the right OS and get the free trial now. Choose "HTML Document" from the section "Import from an existing file".

" Navigate to the HTML document and click on "Import". "This opens the Edit books feature. Then click on "Title image. "Click on "Add artwork " and search your data to find the covers. Choose your covers and click on "Update" to store your covers. Choose "Build" from the menu.

Click on "Build. "When finished, the display shows the error text "Build Finished". Then click on the icon next to "Open eBook folder" and choose "OK". The Kindle Previewer shows you exactly what the readers see when reading your work.

To open your.prc files, please use it. Modify it in your initial Microsoft Word doc and go through the above described procedure to print a new mcd. If you are satisfied with your final products, please load up your . PPR-copies. Once you have entered your price and license information, click on "Save and publish".

" You can have your eBook for purchase at the Amazon eBook Shop within 24-48hrs. 70 per cent of Amazon gives you 70 per cent of all your music. Your iBooks plattform makes it easy to buy reading materials for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but bringing your product to market is much harder.

You will need a 13-digit ISBN in ePub form, validated against evPubCheck 1.0, before you submit your work. Nothing of this is possible, but we are much more amazed at how easy and accesible the same processes are via Amazon.

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