How to Publish on Amazon Kindle

As one publishes on Amazon Kindle

Visit and sign in. Then click on "Bookcase" and select "Add new title".

1. Register with KDP. strong/strong

I' ve already said in November that I would begin to talk about self-publication after I' d released my first volume about Amazon Kindle. I have since released another volume and I am working on another one! So, here are 7 macrosteps I would like to emphasize for getting your notebook from the initial concept to publish on KDP.

It' free to register for Kindle Direct Publishers and you don't need to have a pre-printed copy when you register. You will want to start there long before, as they have many sources and hints for the publication of your work.

As soon as you have your writing materials available for publication, this is the next step. KDP reformatting policies (link to PDF) are free and a must. Begin here and review it 2-3 time. These policies are available in Prepare your Book > Instructions for a Mac, but they don't seem to apply only to the Mac.

There is also a simple format instruction, which is quite simple and much, much short. As both my ledgers began with some HTML-format, I chose to keep designing them like this. I' ve used a text wrangler because I don't care about it.

In my opinion, the less you format (read: specific text design / placement), the better. Keep this in mind unless you have a barrel of complex pictures and placing, your text should be fluent and be able to resize and rotate as the readers dictate. There may be some more ways to format your contents in a forthcoming posting.

Amazons two high-performance creation and previews of how your Kindle will look - get both because they are for different use. Kinddle Gen will put all things (images, tables of content, XHTML) in one single document and send it to KDP. There are a few things Kindle Gen will need to type into the commandline (a little techie), but there are statements and boards that will help you do it.

The Kindle Previewer will show how the Kindle Previewer will look after you run it through Kindle Gen, from your PC/Mac. It' useful if you don't have a Kindle (like me - I have a smartphone & iPad on which I test it and Kindle Previewer). The Kindle Previewer and Kindle Gen are both available in KDP under Prepare Your book > Tools and Resources.

Have the Kindle app for any machine you can test it on (there is a lot)! Once it's done, you can transfer the finished image to your smartphone / iPad via the Kindle app so you can see a previsio. Believe me, no matter how often you write and format the footage, if you do before it is published on your iPad/Kindle, you will find bugs you can fix.

There may be no figures inside your notebook, but you definitely need a cute picture and well thought-out text & typeface for your coverage. Purchase a public print for your artwork, use a creatives commons picture (make sure it's commercially licensed!), or use one of your own snaps. Someone you are paying to do it - it is an capital expenditure, and though the exposure and feeling of a product are not important with an notebook, the coverage is crucial and will definitely affect sells.

Be sure you have reviewed the KDP reformatting policies for your artwork - you can submit an artwork picture before you submit your work so you can see what it looks like. And for more about ecobook coverage designs, just look out the books designer. Notice: In February I won the Non-Fiction Illustration Designer Prize for my album " How to Order an Italien Coffee in Italy "!

Hand in the detail of your textbook, prices included, and publish it! You' re about to hand in your work. KDP policies guide you through the information needed for each stage, but probably the most important stage is the decision on the cost. Please take some extra pause and think about the prize you will be setting before you are prepared to send, so that you don't worry when you click on the "Send" tab.

Once submitted, according to your preferred languages (from this point on your order will be completed more quickly ), your order will appear in Amazon shops (12 hrs for a German order, up to 48 hrs for a non-English order). You' d think if you submitted your work on KDP, you would have an authors page, but you don't.

In my opinion, this means that editors remain separated from writers. Do you have a little organic and image handy, along with quick access to your sites or Twitter if you want to do so. Or you can personalise a brief Amazon writer's link - mine is So I suggest following the KDP newsletters (monthly), which contains some current innovations, Amazon style changes and patches and is valuable to keep up with.

You can also subscribe to @AmazonKDP on Twitter - they don't tweet often, but they are sharing useful posts (many not even from Amazon ) about posting and self-publishing. These are the seven macros I think you should take to publish your work on Amazon Kindle! Who' re you? Who' re the author of your own work?

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