How to Publish my own Book

Where can I publish my own book?

Now you have your own book for sale at the Apple iBookstore. Also, why writers really need to know how to publish their own books. Really Costs of Self-Publishing a Book So how much does the self-publication of a book really costs? It took about two years from the completion of my first design to the publication of the book. As if approaching him like a second profession, I spend several hundred long sessions during the night and on the weekend to learn how to publish a book.

However, if you want to learn new procedures, make advance investment and work with a professional staff, the cost is definitely a reward.

Publish your own book

A few years ago I was publishing a children's book with a large publishing house. It' been selling very well. Although it is now out of stock, you can still find used examples at Amazon. The majority of my works that have been oversold have gone to the library (as far as I know) without me trying to advertise the book.

Publishers have an "in" with bookshops and bookstores. Their book will probably be discussed in at least some books, such as Kirkus and Library Journal, and some librarians will have the feeling that they really should have a copy. I' ve written many scripts, sent them to many publishers and received many refusals.

I' ve published my book by giving a script to someone I got to know at a book fair who worked for a publisher. I was thrilled to get a telephone call with a signed photograph. My journalist made decisions I just didn't think were right.

Luckily she took my critique and found someone else.) But it made me ask if she really "got" my book. Also, the editors made some minor changes to my text that prevented me from doing so. At last: She modified the ending! A second one I had written, which I thought was a great enhancement on the book, but when the book came out, she had used the words - but with a painting that disproved the book's presupposit!

Some businesses take away your cash and in turn propose to publish your book. DON'T USE A PLACE THAT CHARGE A FLAT FEE OF MORE THAN A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS! A few years ago, when I was writing a book, I resolved to jump over the long submission procedure to publishers.

Instead, I found a firm that agreed to publish, publicize and advertise my book for a few thousand bucks. Now, I filed my script and got back an "edited" copy, with very few changes, most of which I thought were stupid. I got a call a few week later from my "editor" who told me that she was going to leave her editorship to work as a salesperson for Target!

Probably my "editor" knew less about the letter than I did! They came after month of wait and send emails....and they were horrible! Who has ever read about a children's book with small prints? There' s a new one now. Occasionally called" on demand" publishing houses, they publish your book with little or no up-front costs, with the exception of special charges for the design and preparation of the book.

I' ve got to decide my own prize, and a big part of the profits for every book I' ve bought comes to me. They give me an ISBN number and an authors page, and if I want to buy my own copy, I can buy it at Create Space for only a few$ each!

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