How to Publish my novel

Where do I publish my novel?

Still, I couldn't sell a novel. Reading published books in your genre you will be able to make some useful comparisons: Are you too young in YA? Is your new adult novel too chaste? I also assume that you want to publish your book on a professional level.

Becoming a novelist and publishing my novel?

There has never been a better to be a writer; and with the advent of e-books you can get your textbook in front of your audiences very quickly and make some good cash to charge. This is the brief response to how you can become a novelist and publish your novel:

1 > Produce a volume. 2 > Put this on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. Tell all your boyfriends and neighbours to buy your books and say a prayer that someone you don't know will do the same. Don't resign if you like to eat and have a place to stay.

First you make the best fucking thing you can. Don't be scared to try more than one edit. Five, give the novel to the journalist. Six, you' re drinking a lot until your novel comes back from the publisher's gruesome moods. Eight, fix your fucking ledger. Eleven, have some more because you have completed a script, which almost no one who pretends to be a novelist will do.

Twelve, go find a cover artiste. Though this is not going to be inexpensive, a bollocks coverage = bollocksales in almost every case. You are going to have to spend a little bit of money, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, to get a nice coverage drawing in reader.

Tell them the stories, get their inputs and describe the key points on the covers. Fourteen, waiting eagerly for your camouflage. Fifteen, accept your kind of covers and take a look at them critically. Seventeen, get your ready camouflage. Eighteen, reformat your e-book for publishing.

If you don't do it right, you've been wasting a great deal of your work. 19, load it up to Amazon. You can go to directly2digital or smashwords and download it to Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Tolino, blah blah Blah Blue Blush. 20, hold on until Amazon tells you your book's for sal.

With Amazon, you never know. 1 > Produce a volume. 2 > Submit it to a hundred agencies, one after the other, as many do not want you to log on to their rivals at the same one. Await your sales representative to buy your work.

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