How to Publish my Book Online for free

Can I publish my book online for free?

This author and blogger explains why he publishes his books online for free. When you read a post about it online, ignore it. Anything you do to create your book on Lulu's website or Create Space is free. Authors can also take advantage of the free online marketing tools. When your book does not meet your requirements, you need to focus on online sales and all you can sell from the trunk of your car.

Earn your own book by giving it away for free!

And they wanted to see who could give away the most copies to passers-by in half an hours. Not surprisingly, the book offer of the two writers took the full thirty minute period. Turns out they really like free textbooks. Of course, it's simple for two best-selling writers to give their works away for free, but can you really do that?

Is it really possible to make a living with free textbooks? Gifting free specimens of your book can be the most efficient means of promotion in your armoury. A growing number of authors are successful by giving away free versions of their works online. Gifting free versions of your book will significantly expand your audience for the clearest possible reasons that your reader will not have to part with their hard-earned income before they can enjoy your work.

One of the major concerns many writers have about giving away their letter for free is that by doing so, they lose a sell. Because what good are fifteen million free subscribers if nobody pays for it? Unlike natural book gifts, where you lose a copy when you give it away, you can give away infinite prints of your own book without it costs a cent.

Now that you have a large audience that enjoys your free book, you are in a better location to be able to offer them a book they have to pay for. What's great about free literature is that it's a starter addict to all your work. An occasional readers will collect your first book, savour it immensely and then desperately look for more - which will make you buy your other works.

Especially if you have a book row. Best-selling writer Hugh Howey gives away the first book of his wool collection for free at Amazon. This he does with the certainty that those who are reading the first book of the show are probably keen to study the remainder of his work.

The Wool line is currently being developed as a great movie. Free-of-charge textbooks are not a charity contribution, they are an advertisement. You are not sellin' a tangible thing, you are sellin' a history - one that can be segmentated and given away for free to attract potential purchasers.

That' s why many of our online selling sites let you see the first section for free - if your reader can take a look at your typing and history, they will be tempted to buy your book in the end. Because you give away free literature doesn't mean you have to give something free to the reader.

You have several great ways to get the most out of your book as a free promotional instrument. Developed specifically for those who use a book as a promotional instrument, one of the services is paid with a book, which allows the user to "buy" a book by posting an automatic Facebook or tweeting email as well.

Doing this makes the most of the free book publicity campaign, as it means that your free reader will share your work with bigger and bigger audience. There is no need to use this feature if it doesn't work for you - instead, you can make the book available for free, but ask nicely that your Twitter users should be following you or like your Facebook page.

This way you will have your readers following you periodically so that you can get them hiphoped up if your next book is due for disclosure. As you read your free book, those who love your stories become part of your community and spread the messages of your stories as far as possible.

Looking at it from this point of view, a free online free trial does not come off too cheap for any newcomer! You can also provide your book for free, with the suggestion that the user makes a contribution. Following years of developing an online following and the free exchange of brief histories, I have at last made a downloaded version of my archives available to my readership.

It wasn't something they hadn't seen before, but it was a handy electronic library for those who wanted it. I' ve used the Gumroad site, which allows the user to provide a book at a reserve rate (in my case free), but allows the customer to buy more if they wish. Can you believe my little nasty little nasty little nasty little nasty little twerp?

If you present them with free tales, many of you will of course be happy to work. Fostering a faithful audience by giving away your story is likely to bring great reward. For me, there has never been a better moment to give your book away for free.

Did you ever try to sell your book for free? Did you ever find an artist you like with a free bookstore? If you have any questions, please let us know in the commentaries below. Since 2006 he has been designing and publishing comic strips online.

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