How to Publish my Book

Where can I publish my book?

Tracy says first, it's important to choose the topic of your design. To publish your book I' m asked on a regular basis how to publish a book and whether it's best to find a publishers or to publish their own work. Need a publishers? A productive writer, an accomplished businesswoman, Joanna knows everything you need to know about typing, self-publishing and sourcing. Everything I could tell you about my very good experience with the self-publication of There Are Other Rivers, I learnt from Joanna and her website.

Getting an e-Book published on Kobo

obo is a great new instant mart. Upgrading to Kobo is simple and fast. The following is a step-by-step guide through the download procedure. Log into your Kobo Booking bankroll. You will then be taken to a page displaying each of your publications. If you want to make changes to an already created book, just click on the book title.

In order to generate a new book, click on "Create new book" on the right side of the page. obo subdivides the Uplooprocess into 4 parts. The first part is'Describe your eBook'. Here you type in your book name, serial name, picture, caption, description and category.

First you type in the name of your book. In the next field, you are prompted to type a book subhead. Cobo lists the subtitles of your book in parentheses next to your book name, so if you want your serial name next to your book, you can type it here. As an example, my book Beautiful Demons is the first book in the Peachville High Demons family.

For this subtitle I type "Peachville High Demons, #1". If my book is published on Kobo, the song says Beautiful Demons (Peachville High Demons, #1). When you do not type anything in this field, no brackets are displayed next to your name. Next, type in your name. Like for my book Beautiful Demons, I type "Peachville High Demons," because that's the name of the entire show.

You will still want to type it in here, even if you have subtitled it, to connect all the serial e-books on your website. Now, please fill in your authors, publishers and legal notice name as well as your publishing date. Just type in your name or your pseudonym. When you want to append another writer, just click on "Add another author".

The name of your publishers is the name of the publishers you name yourself. Impressum means the series of titles or if you have divided your titles into impresses, as a conventional publishers sometimes does. Harlequin, for example, is a great editor. SuperRomance is an impressum of Harlequin.

Cobo also allows you to enter your publishing date. On the right of this field, where you have typed your book name, you will see a large field asking you to load the book artwork. Just click on this field and a dialogue for your computer will open.

You can find your artwork and download it here. The next step is to type in the IDs of your book. The ISBN is your ISBN. ISBNs that you have not bought from Bowker and that you have allocated to this e-book, please do not fill this field. There is no free ISBN from Smashwords here on Kobo!

The Primary ISBN is the ISBN you allocated to the printed copy of this book. E-book languages is the languages in which your book is inscribed. Now, please ask if your book is in the open or not. Once you have finished writing your book and want to resell it on Amazon, click here on "No".

Eventually you will want to type in the book types. You will see a dialogue field where you can select 3 different catagories for your book. Browse through the different catagories and if you see one that best fits your book, click in the gray checkbox on the lefthand side.

To uncheck one of your options, click on the check mark and it will go away. From part 1 you only have the summary of your book.  This is the synopsis/description reader see when they browse the Store and it is a key fact in determining whether to buy your book.

They can come back and edit this book later. The second part of the eBook Content to be uploaded is named "Add eBook Content". Here you can load the formated eBook files. Now Kobo allows you to load EPUB, DOC, DOCX, MOBI or ODT (open word document) as an eBook attachment.

obo will take any other data type and converts it to EPUB. Locate your e-book files and load them up to the Kobo Shop. As soon as your book is loaded, you will see an optional "Download and eBooks Preview". Pre-view your e-book on any Kobo or Adobe Digital Editions machine.

For each of these issues, Kobo sets a yes or go ahead checklist. Solely because you have no geographical right is if you sell it to another publishing house. If this is the case, move the slide bar to the central box and select the areas where you have the right to publish this novel.

The next step is to determine the cost of your e-book. If you type a listed value in the upper field, Kobo calculates a value for the other areas on the basis of this initial US-Cost. In the next row you can see the royalties Kobo pays you on the basis of the rate you have specified.

obo will pay 70% for a book between $1.99 and $12.99. obo DOES allows you to free your book. When entering your data in each of the four parts, Kobo tells you whether you have overlooked something or whether you have entered all the necessary information, either by placing a small square with a small exclaim point next to the part that is not present or by placing a small square with a small square next to the finished parts.

You are now prepared for release. Choose a publishing date and click on "Publish eBook". Her book is now on its way to the Kobo Shop!

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