How to Publish Illustrations

Publish illustrations

Present your work on 45 of the best arts, designs and photo blog sites. Are you an artiste, fotographer or creator who wants to sharpen your image and win more customers, then there are hundred of places where you can post and publish your work to. Better yet, if you make it on a big arts and designs blogs, you can see how your work becomes virtual and divided among many others.

ranging from inspirational pages and on-line journals to much-loved Tumblr submissions with tens of hundreds of thousands of fans, we have 45 of the best blog posts to present and stand out your work. We even showed you how to apply to everyone - if possible, of course. It' bout to point out some of the best arts, designs and photo blog in the game.

The Colossal is a webby-nominated diary dealing with the arts and other facets of our work. Would you like to apply? Please e-mail us a very short summary of your work and include a few pictures of at least 1,000 pix. It' Canada's biggest arts blogs and one of the biggest on the Internet.

It is most efficient to publish a picture and a hyperlink to one of the month's contributions - the latest one can be found here. You can also send your work to his Facebook Wall or Vimeo group. Surfacemagazine is the US journal for international modern desig.

Established in 1993, Surface is active in the areas of architectural, artistic, designer, clothing and travelling, focusing on how these areas are influenced by modern cultures. This is a nice website with aspiring and aspiring artist and illustrator, along with occasionally sexy works of work. There is no simple way to have your work submitted to Juxtapoz if you want it to be taken into consideration for publishing.

When you want to enter your own artwork, there are formal rules on the page that require a PDF version of the news item, a check list - especially for group exhibitions - and the approval of the pictures via Dropbox or WeTransfer in the highest resolutio. This is a Zach Tutor curatorial diary about modern artwork, also with a large fan community on Tumblr.

Zach asks you to include only hypertext pages to your website/portfolio if you wish to enter them. Are you an artiste who wants to work with the rest of the planet - or a professional photo or design professional - please e-mail the staff with your personal data and your work; a reference to your work; two or three pictures that are at least 750 pix.

The Yatzer is a really nicely crafted arts and desgin blogs, created in 2007 by the famous architect Costas Voyatzis. It is aimed at the upscale creativity pro and divides travelling, arquitecture, design, fashions and - as you can guess - aficionado. In order to send in a proposal, you must mail them high-resolution pictures, at least 2,560 pixel in width, together with a proper newsflash.

They also share many artistic ideas on-line via their favourite blogs. This page provides some detailled guidance for submitting entries for both media, but just asks that you send them a hyperlink to your work with'Submissions' in the e-mail subjectmem. Artistic Moods is an entertaining and challenging diary dedicated to the day-to-day inspirational work of the arts community.

When you want to be there, Sandra just asks you to write her an e-mail. Aesthetica Magazin was established in 2002 and comprises photographic, fine arts, musical, filmmaking and theater. It contains articles on the arts, films, music and performances, in which remarkable new exhibits are presented all over the globe and photographs are presented. Just write a news item to the editor-in-chief - e-mail below.

Established in 1999, the first and most sought-after global publication for architectural and architectural designs. Simply click on the below mentioned links and obey the directions. When you are looking for a place where you can explore new arts, illustrations and photographs, this is the place to be. If you would like to send in your own work, please click on the following links and fill in the on-line application for exam.

MILK is a designer blogs with interiors, architects, modern furnishings, home d├ęcor, arts, style as well as tech. In order to enter your artwork, send an e-mail to the below mentioned e-mail add the name of the artwork, 800 pixel width or larger, a detailed job outline and a hyperlink to the website. A massive arts and artwork blogs, this truly inspiring work shares with a vast worldwide public.

You have to sign up and join the fellowship before you can "add" a contribution to contribute your own work. It is an inspirational arts blogs created in 2009 by Danielle Krysa to show works of work that have made her "jealous".

You will find a ton of nice works here, but you can also hand in your own. Whether it's a matter of artwork, fine arts, photographs or other artistic projects, Format Magazine is always on the lookout for new works. Contact them by e-mail and don't miss to provide a reference to your on-line portfolios and a job specification.

It is particularly loved by graphics artists and has its own "blog" alongside the print version of the journal. Would you like to enter your entry now? It' s Nice Das is one of the best weblogs dedicated to creative work in the arts and designs community. To find the best way to bring your work to the teammates, fill out the registration process by following the links below.

Smart Designer is a collaborative effort between Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker, two up-and-coming graphics artists with a love of everything to do with it. Please click on the following links to get to the on-line registration page. It is a diligently chosen graphical work presented in a blogs. There are two criteria to consider when submitting your work: firstly, image and beauty, and secondly, work grouped under the heading of brand and branding, and secondly, works under the heading of branding, branding, books, editing, logo, layouts, printing, posters and types.

Send an e-mail to Preston and insert "Submission" in the reference line. The Mirador is the hunt of Say What Studio, a Paris, France-based graphics team. The curators of the most inspiring works and divide them through this compilation of work. Just send them by e-mail if you want to be taken into account.

Created, conceived and directed by Ena Ba?anovi? - a Zagreb, Croatia registered office agency - the blog will bring you meticulously selected high-quality inspirations with works by artists and art studio from all over the globe. Here you will find useful guidelines that will help you to apply successfully. A freelancer whose innovating and distinctive style attracts customers from all over the globe.

He also operates the "graphic-exchange" blogs, a favourite platform for graphics artists. This is an inspired source that focuses on graphics as well as typographic and raster styles, minimalist and modernist styles. and the things they have in common are very inspired. When you want to be taken into consideration, just write them a line and divide your work.

is a beautifully crafted designer bllog, created and run by the very kind Kelly Beall. She not only shares the communications side of designing, but also likes to publish inspirations for interiors. If you are very accessible and pleased to receive entries, you can get in touch with her by following the links below.

Visual is an inspiring diary by David Bennett. If you want to apply, just write the dude a line. DesignFiftyFive was created in 2005 by an ever-growing group of creators, artists, designers, and programmers who wanted to gather and collaborate on the best designs they've encountered.

When there is a lush piece of imaginative bullion you would like to see on FFF, or if you just want to contact us, send an e-mail to the below adress. Curated since 1998, he is a highly regarded and renowned arts and desgin blogs, which shares the best works of new and existing people.

As well as concentrating on graphic design, the site also enjoys sharing artwork and photographs. In order to send them in, please send them an e-mail to the following adress. This site draws about 100,000 page impressions per month, and if you want to exchange a work with others, the following links will help you show what you like.

Simply make sure you have some pictures of your work, at least 1,000 pixel in width - along with some concomitant briefing detail, your ideas, fonts used or customized, custom fonts, printouts, timeframes and stories about the unexpected. Led by two interplanetary monkeys, created by Alex Mathers, the London-based illustrated artist Philip Dennis - Ape on the Moon will document everything new and interesting about the new artwork and the humans who work it.

The Illustration Age is a blogs and illustration source for professionals. This website offers regular hand-picked content such as on-line courses, digitised learning aids, contests and textbooks. Since its launch in 2007, Tumblr has become the biggest diary on Tumblr. Submitting is simple. Just click on the links below and remember that the blogs receive more than a thousand posts a weeks, so make your blogs something special!

The Illustration Friday is a week-long arts competition, an eye-catching blogs and a vibrant, supporting on-line fellowship that has been expanding since 2003. Fill in the following questionnaire if you would like to send in your work for possible entry in the IF-Blog. You want to get three or five pictures with each entry, at least 800 pixel in width - together with a biography or a section about yourself.

This is a beautiful little diary with a minimalistic, attractive look to enable the great illustrations he is sharing with others. The Brown Paper Bag is an illustration-loving diary celebrating the world of paper in its many different guises. The BPB shows illustrations, and it's more than just the pictures you see in the editorials of a magazine. Fashions, tats and graphic arts are important components of our optical arts and merit their age.

Sara has been accepting e-mail entries for years, but admitted that she wasn't good at it. Together with authors from all over the globe and a broad spectrum of interests, they show modern works in all photographic genres: visual arts, documentaries, portraits, still lifes, landscapes and more. To submit a general entry, e-mail four or five pictures 620 pixel in width that are stored for the Internet without frames or water marks, and do not submit zipped pictures.

The festival of photo arts, which celebrates the picture-maker who tells convincing tales through her work, is called for. To be part of it, please follow the links below. This is A Secret, a photoblog where you can discuss your own work.

Just click on the below mentioned links, fill in the following forms and enter your full name and links to your website or your on-line portfolios. Ain' t-Bad is an independant publishing house for new photo arts. In order to enter your pictures, enlarge them to 1,000 pixel and attach a full description of the artists and their biographies, both in the third party, together with a hyperlink to your website.

Then, drop everything into a zipped archive and download it using the on-line enquiry tool. A prizewinning on-line journal with the best in fine arts, designs, architecture as well as photographs. Submitting, it's very easy. Click on the'Submit your work' button and a pop-up window will give you a fill in sheet.

This website requests up to six pictures with a width of at least 670 pixel and a short descriptions of your work. Minimissimo is a journal that commemorates the best of minimalist designs from past and present and curates works by renowned artists and gifted comers. He covers many areas of creativity, including the field of photograph.

All you have to do is enter a reference to your work via the following asterisk. Yes, they will be sharing paintings, sculptures, collages and illustrations - but they are also big admirers of the photograph. If you would like to send in your own work, please fill in the following work. Genuine Photographers was designed to encourage and bring more attention to the hard-working makers of their work.

In fact, there are three ways to present yourself in this beautiful diary. Please use the on-line registration to fill in your data by giving your full name, a reference to your work and a brief biography and descriptive note. The Inspiration Grid, which started in February 2011, is an on-line journal that celebrates talented creatives from all over the globe.

Her day-to-day work with designs, arts, illustrations, typesetting, photographs, architecture, fashions and more. If this is the case, we will inform you of the photo section in which you can send in your own project by e-mail.

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