How to Publish Hindi Poetry in Magazines

All about Hindi poetry in magazines.

Three times a year we publish original poetry, prose about poetry and art. Currently we are only able to read and evaluate works written in English. Internet opens a great world for poets to share their written word.

I' m writing Hindi poetry. I' d like to publish my Hindi poetry for cash in magazines and newspapers, but I don't know how. So what's a piece of good practice?

Publicise your work in Anhad Kriti e-patrika. The Hindi language journal is published four times a year, including Hindi Kabita, Kabani, lekh, NAAATAK, Baal-Sahitya, Sansmar and Samekesha and Shodh. Anhad Kriti publishes 80-95 works of poetry in one edition and provides his viewers with downloads of his archival works on a website called'Awazein' on a weekly basis.

It' a rapidly expanding worldwide Hindi language learning forum for both Hindi enthusiasts and writer. Anhad Kriti has appealed to modern Hindi authors and enthusiasts in a very organically way, just like this article. Achieving ourselves and by verbal propaganda from Anhad's publicised fellowship. Anhad Kriti has released more than 1100+ literary works in five years, has a member base of >500 authors and a large audience.

To quench your Hindi Sahitya craving, take a look at Anhad Kriti's latest editions, Index: This has provided a cordial and rewarding forum for new and modern authors, in addition to the ongoing inspirations from the work of Hindi literature founders. Get in touch with Anhad Kriti - as a publisher or readership, to offer your Hindi enthusiast a nice place to get contentment and blood.

Submission |

Our aim is to offer a forum for Asiatic authors and authors of all ethnic backgrounds who write on Asiatic topics (regardless of where they live). We therefore invite you to send in your work for publishing here. Authors are asked to send in only one and no more than two entries per year.

Which kind of story are we looking for? No more than 7,000 words will be considered for the uncalled entry of a story, complete with extracts from running fiction (if they are written as a story alone). Entries of 1 to 4 medium-length verses should be submitted at once. If you would like to discuss a story or an essay, you can leave a space with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Proposals must be submitted in their originals and must not be previously publicised, either in printed or electronic form. Concurrent entries are in order, but please inform us as soon as possible if a track is approved for other publish. Entries should be sent both in the text of the e-mail and as a Word or page file, with the name of the writer at the top of the first page.

Submissions that have been approved for public dissemination can be edited in cooperation with the authors. Critics don't get a fee, but they can keep the reviewed copy. Right now we are not in a position to afford our authors. Our goal is to be a publisher with publications that address our wide range of topics: strengthening and linking together Asiatic authors and readership.

We have to be able to go around the globe. Most of the major publishing houses are not too interested in publishing a collection of shorts. That is why we initially pay particular interest to feature films. Today, however, we are open to all types of works: literature, non-fiction and poetry (both originals and translations).

Please feel free to contact us (2-3 chapter with biography and synopsis) and we will get back to you within a few days. Belles Lettres and poetry are not available until further notice. Enquiries for submission of your works under our Simurg Impressum (curated publisher's programme) are open.

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