How to Publish and Sell an Ebook

Selling and publishing an Ebook

Easily identify the best places to sell your eBook. Subtitle 1 - How to publish and sell an ebook It is our aim to help you discover new ways and means for your selling strategies through the experiences of our experienced team. I' m really thrilled that you're talking to me, although we have a great line-up of prospective podcasts, because getting digitally is something you know a mile about.

5:25 - How can you find a good eBook-ideas? It' hard to overlook that the ordinary people on the streets don't know as much about your desired subject as you do. 8:15 - When I write an eBook, should I pick a theme I think will sell, or should I pick a theme I like to write about?

When you decide on a nest issue in which only 100 persons are interested, you will have a tough one. You should therefore bear in mind that your theme is for sale. You should nevertheless select something you like to write about from the two possibilities, otherwise you will come across a mural. Use a pseudonym only if there is a conflicting interest in your lifetime that would result in your textbook not being named.

Don't let tracks hold you back too much before you begin to write. Doing this will give you an impression of the transformation rates that you could get from your website eBook. 15:00 - I have many great ebook design suggestions for my next eBook. Do I just get started or do I need a blueprint?

If you have the excitement, begin to write. 17:20 - How can we alleviate the distraction of typing? When you work from home one working weekday, use your commuting hours as your write times. 22:10 - Is there anything else I can do while I' m typing my eBook to raise my consciousness? Are you sure this is the right moment to begin these actions?

This can be used as a forum to collect feedbacks for your books so you can make changes. Before I' m prepared for release, what should I do? Begin creating a go-to-market strategy. Do not publish a final release in Microsoft Word or any other editing file formats. 29:55 - How do we get our eBook in front of an audiance?

Optional 1: Sell through the market place using something like Amazon. They' give you a place to look for your eBook. Optional 2: Sell directly from your own website. Sell directly and you can sell eBooks at up to and over $100. Read more in this section about eBook Selling Mathematics.

An example here about an eBook author who made a pile of money with his 100-page eBook at a very high cost. Create referral offers so others can talk about your eBook. 40:00 - What are some advice we can use to maximise time-to-market?

Put your customers on a mailinglist so that you can sell them again in the near term. Make a similar theme that you can use as an upgrade. It' simpler to sell to an established client than to a new one.

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