How to Publish and Sell a Book

Publish and sell a book

They don't have to do this! It is a very easy and fast way to get into the game. I have created a free step-by-step guide to teach you how to publish your book on Kindle. As you should see, it is beginning to appear in online bookstores. Self publication does NOT mean using a pay-to-publish option.

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but we are working on expanding on an international scale, so please come back later if you are unable to attend at this stage. Enter your bank information and your contacts, and then click Next. Insert a new billing program. Your chosen paying method is determined by the countries in which you are paying. In the first stage, if you click on the button Insert Payments Profile:

Process your distribution area (or generate a new one), choose the new billing policy from the Payments Policy drop-down list, and then click Save Changes. Selling areas indicate the country in which your book can be purchased and the billing profiles that will be used to generate revenues from the sale in those country.

If they have the same configurations, a distribution area can cover several different markets. Visit the payments center and under territories, click either on the button on the left to create a new area or on the button on the right to change an area. Choose an available prepayment program. So if the billing information was recently generated and does not appear in the drop-down box, try reloading the page.

Specify the country or geographic area to which this policy applies (see our format policy). Select the Select this geography option when you are willing to select this area. WORLD or ECZ will expel any country included in other live markets.

If, in some jurisdictions, you are regulated by landline prices, please establish your own distribution area and select the I am regulated by landline prices in those jurisdictions as follows. If you need to make different country specific adjustments, you can define further distribution areas. Include the book in your book catalog.

Include bibliographical information for the book. At this stage, you must give general bibliographical information about the book. ISBN ( or other identifier), book format and cover are necessary, but you should fill in as many boxes as possible, as more information may help the reader to find your work. Go to the book catalog in your Partner Center accounts.

Then click the Add Book buttons. When you have more than one pattern in your book, choose the pattern with the defaults you want to use for this book. Enter as much information as possible about the book on the metadata page. When you have several ISBNs for a book, specify the one you want to see in the report.

This is often the ISBN for the eBook output of the book in EPUBs. In the Contents page, load the book contents and covers into it. From your computer, click Selects a file and browse to the file(s) for this book. It is also possible to update your book file on this page in the near future.

In the Book Pricing page, insert a new pricing. Specify the name of the country, the value and the country for the prize. Pricing requires three components: the country code, the numerical amount and the country in which the pricing is valid. If necessary, you can offer several different pricing with different options (for example, different currencies).

Select the Prices page for the book. Then click the Append New Award buttom. Press Amount to input the numerical name. To disallow this award for all possible destinations, click on GOODWORLD and type in the country lists where this award should be valid, formated according to our policies.

Once you have activated foreign exchange translation (this is selected by defaults for an account set up after July 2014), you can either specify a country that uses a different language than the one you specify, or use the key word WHERLD to specify all your distribution areas. Translated rates are calculated on the basis of your quoted rates.

When you do not use the foreign exchange translation tools, you should specify individual listing quotes in national currencies for each book you wish to sell in. Extended pricing preferences, e.g. whether the pricing is valid for those jurisdictions where you are regulated by the Book Pricing Act, can be set by selecting More Detail.

You can also make extra adjustments to the display and distribution of your book. To have the book offered for purchase at a certain time in the futures, specify the date in the On Sales Date area. When you want to use Digital Rights Management (DRM) on your book, select the DRM activated option.

When you have the right to add pictures to the eBook, select the Show photos in eBook option. When a book contains a significant number of pictures, we can only sell it if this checkbox is selected or if we get an XPUB filename. To sell the book in PDF size, select the Check boxes next to Cover scanned pages.

In the Copy / Insert percent box, choose the highest permitted percent of the book that purchasers can copy and past. When you sell your book directly on your own website, you can insert a purchase text that should be the name of your website and the purchase text is the address for the purchase of that particular book.

Type your homepage-URL as publisher website. When you have a logotype, you can use it as a publisher logotype. When you have the right to view pictures in the book previews, select the Show photos in previews option. If, in the preceding steps (in the Deploy settings), you specified a date for sales in the past and you do not want this book to appear in the previews before that date, select the No previews before the sales date option.

On the Publish page. As soon as your data file is loaded and you are happy with the book preferences, you can offer your book for purchase. For a new book, click the Publish in the top right hand area. Process your payments in our online payments center.

Adds a means of paying. When you are planning to sell a book in the USA, please provide your taxes information. When your banking is in Europe, check your transaction data. Get to the transaction center. Right-click the Edit button next to the billing details. Click in the How You Get Payed field on Insert Your Paym.

Please fill in your banking details. If you plan to sell your book in the United States, you should also include your taxes information. On the Edit Payments Profile page, click on the Edit Preferences tab. Please check your transaction data for the following countries:

The ID of your payment details can be found in the payment center of your Partner Center bankroll.

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