How to Publish and Ebook

Anything to Publish and Ebook

Before you hire a professional editor, you will want to have your book revised with the help of beta readers, a writing group or a workshop. As one publishes an Ebook on a household itself

If you were in a flawless environment, you would be consulting and hiring experts at every step to create an e-book - from text processing, page layout and proofreading to artwork and more. My findings were blogged until I in July 2010 resolved to collect everything in an e-book for other authors with little publication and technology knowledg.

So here is a fast run on my ways of creating an ebook with little or no uptime. Once you've completed your typing, put away the work, look at it again, rework it, etc. and find that you've really hit "The End" and are willing to publish, the next step is to copy edits.

Well, if not a novelist, then a good one is a good one. Choose whether you want to publish your books on Amazon alone, which gives you free entry to KDP Select, a rental/income system that you can also use to advertise your books on Amazon. When you choose to publish on multiple sites, the US site Smashwords is a one-stop target for converting your one Word file into multi-format eBook and storing it in-store.

For a free step-by-step guide to Smashwords Style Guide, see if it's for you. I have a non-techie reader who used to sail through everything and publish seven 83-year-old titles, but if that's a little much, Smashwords has a cheap formatter rent. Horse for classes, my own way is Smashwords and Kindle.

I' m creating a template for Smashwords, which can then be easily duplicated and customized for Kindl. The Smashwords Store free ebook coding system I find very useful for mailing e-books to reviews and contest winner. Mighty US-Blogs Reviewer are used to the system and often just ask for a Smashwords-Codel.

In order to make your eBook out of a Word file, first make a backup copy of your eBook, mark it with OldMaster and keep it in a secure place. Then, obey the style guide and add all top and detail information, disclaimer, authors' biography, other title, confirmations and cred.

It removes all italic letters, bold letters, etc., but also all latent style errors, paraphrase tablets, and other no-nos that snuck into the file while you were editing and revising your typing. Trim the text and insert it into a new Word file. You need to change your cursive, size and boldface, but you begin with a creaky smooth, trouble-free master, which is much less likely to be refused by formatters.

Once you have your Smashwords Master, make another copy of this neat text copy and adapt it to Amazon's Kindle system. Kindle files can contain Web hypertext links, unlike Smashwords. Once the Word file is finished, copy it to a Kindle or ebook scanner for your own last proofreading. But if it gets really cramped, like for me, and you want to try it yourself, like I did, I suggest the free PicMonkey retouching page, which is also perfectly suited for sizing your pictures.

Lastly, if you are outside the US, registration at the US Embassy for an Amazon EIN number, Smashwords et al will deduct 30% from any eBook sales for US taxation use.

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