How to Publish an Electronic Book

Like one publishes an electronic book

The self-publishing platform of Barnes & Noble is called NOOK Press. That's from a book I'm working on. The publication of free science fiction has become a model for new authors. We' ve researched and found out how publishers and distributors charge royalties for eBook sales. iBooks (" Kindle, Barnes und Noble's Nook und Apple's iBooks ") d'Amazon (iPad).

Like one publishes an e-Book with Amazon: Self-publication guidelines

It is therefore not surprising that hordes of up-and-coming writers fighting to safeguard this hard to grasp book trade have gone to self-publishers - and publish their own work. So, if you've always dreamed of making a book, it's a good idea to put a stylus on the page (or put your hands on the keyboard).

This award is given to all writers using Kindle Direct Publishing between 20 February 2017 and 19 May 2017. It' also easy, your book must contain more than 5,000 words and be previously unreleased. When you have a one-of-a-kind book in mind. Or, if you just want to try your luck at typing.

First log in to Kindle Direct Publishing ( with your regular Amazon bankroll. Fill in the following information such as the name of the book, the category you would like to address and when you would like to publish your book. If you click on Publish, you are gone! - The book will be available on and can be purchased at Kindles.

  • Amazon takes a 30% charge from the grand amount of cash your book earns. - Amazon has ready-made book covers from which you can choose or create your own. Any eBooks released through Lulu will be available at and Apple's iBookstore. It is a free of charge book review tool that gives you more book controll.

Selling your book at any cost (it can be free) and you can select where your book will be shared (from the site's list). One disadvantage may be that it can take up to two week for your e-book to be released, which is much longer than the other available features - the 2014 pocketbook that we know today.

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