How to Publish an Ebook Step by Step

Getting an eBook published step by step

5-step eBook publishing process Do you have a pail of books to write? So when I first came up with the concept of making an eBook show and a financial blogs, I had to say that I wasn't sure what to look forward to or how far I would go. I was motivated to write in various areas.

First I wanted to take my past hits and losses with cash and try to help those who struggled with guilt to write an eBook seemed like an easy and straightforward way of doing it. Secondly, because I left the business community looking for something else, I was looking for a way to generate a low revenue and write an eBook that seemed like a great chance.

When you' re thinking about making a good living or just because you like it, I can tell you that self-publishing an eBook is straightforward - anyone can do it. Besides the actual letter of the work ( (a prerequisite if you want to be an author), here are the five basic moves and a few hints on how to publish an eBook.

Mircrosoft is the standard text processor suite that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords - the four major on-line publisher - recommend. After you have written your eBook in Microsoft Office you can convert it to one of the available eBook file types. Please note: Google Plays is another way to publish, but no new writers are currently accepted.

To make things easier, I will focus on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords for this one. For me, I have my own desk top copy of Microsoft Word, which I bought many years ago. When you' re not comfortable with Word or need to buy a copy, Office 365 Personal is an optional extra.

Besides Word you also receive Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access. Being a newcomer and after I had written my first volume, I realised that although I could put together the contents and the course of the volume, my knowledge of Puncturing and German was at best average. After every work was done on each of the books, I provided other members of the house with a copy of the books to study in a last trench before publishing it.

No matter how good your knowledge of German language is, you should have your textbook edited by someone else. From my own experiences I can tell you that as an editor it is very simple to interfere in the history and stream of the work, and it is important that someone carries out a last control.

Proof-reading can be as much as $50 per lesson. However my advice is if you can find someone you know who can help you work on your books, which is the easiest and cheapest one. Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer have a variety of freelancers who can offer booking processing for you.

Another eBook processing is ServiceScape. When you have finished designing your eBook, the next step is to prepare the file for upload to the onlineshop. Generally, the two most popular eBook file types are MOBI and EPUB. The MOBI is the Amazon Kindle natively-formatted.

As an all-purpose file used by Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other on-line distributior. After three eBooks are released, what I found is that you should reformat your Word documents to Amazon's formats first. As soon as your Word file is properly prepared for Amazon (table of content, chapter, headings), you can use this Word file to transform it into an PDF or XP or EPUB file for redistribution.

Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website offers a variety of help files to show you how to prepare your Word doc for your files to be uploaded. When properly reformatted for Kindle, you can use the same Word files to use eBook reformatting tools such as Calibre to turn the files into an EPUBs.

I' ve found it priceless for checking how my eBook will look before I put it up with the publishers on line. First, reformat your Microsoft Outlook protocol for publication on Amazon/Kindle. This is the direct link to Amazon. Use the Amazon of your Microsoft Outlook documents and bring it into Calibre and use Calibre to transform it into an EBUPs.

You can use the EPUB for uploading to Barnes & Noble and Kobo. When you sell your books on your website and need a PDF size, you can use the Amazon edition and "save as" a PDF directly from Microsoft Word. Please note: I do not use Smashwords for my own publication, as they need a different formatting of the Word documents than Amazon, a tedious procedure after I wrote my second one.

Smashwords, however, has the option to properly format your eBook and share it with other merchants on-line. You' ll need to decide how much you want to invest in your eBook format. After uploading your transcripts to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo, all three offer a preview so you can see what your copy looks like on a smart phone, scanner or tray.

No matter which eBook publishers you select, there are four core items you need to have available before you do this. Before someone buys your eBook, the first thing they see is your eBook sleeve. Making a great-looking artwork can be a long way to promote your work and actually Selling it.

So I created the artwork for my first two eBooks (newbie bugs) and then found I needed someone with a more "graphic eye" to help. I have written my third eBook, I have converted all my artwork to the new look. Please notice the differences between the two coverings below, the second one on the right is much neater.

Here you can have a look at my entire eBook serial. As you create your eBook artwork, consider the news you send to your reader the first time they see it. When you write a story, consider how your eBook artwork will look with each new publication. It will offer the highest picture qualitiy for on-line publication.

Bible Descriptions - Similar to your envelope, the Bible Descriptions are your chance to get your prospective reader interested in your product before they buy it. Good descriptions of your library can differ greatly from category to category. I' m writing my own financial accounts, so from my point of view it' s important that everyone knows what they will be learning and how it will affect their lives.

Regardless, it is important to spend a lot of your free ebook review period, keep in mind that your prospective client has not yet bought your eBook. One of the many items on the web that provides referrals on how you should type a textbook is here one that points to typing a textbook review for a non-fiction - 5 on how to type the best textbook review ever.

Autor Biobooks - All publishing houses and books promotional websites (future eBook commercialization article) offer you the possibility to get an Autor Biobook. One great organic writer is as much of a promotional product as your books covers or descriptions. Billing - In the near term I will offer items about different billing policies I have used for my eBooks.

Prices may differ according to what you write about and the other titles you are in competition with. Though the percentages you can make per volume varies slightly from publishers, license fees for resellers are generally similar to Amazon. If you register your work in the KDP Select programme, Amazon also offers a license for it.

When you enter your eBook in the KDP Select programme, you cannot resell your eBook anywhere else, even on your own website. The advantage of KDP Select is that writers get extra eBook commercialization opportunities and an extra license fee when reading a page from your text. Yes, that's right, Amazon can tell you when your eBook was loaded onto a Kindle Leader and how many pages were used.

In the past, the publication of an ISBN was an ISBN. The ISBN identifies the editor of the textbook and specifies a series of numbers for the work. There is no need to publish your eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. When you have uploaded your Word file.

Creates your books covers, descriptions, author organic and determines you are the prices, then you are willing to post your album. Generally Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords use a similar method of uploading. Type in name, surname, biography, categories of books (fiction/non-fiction/romance) and key words. Key words are how your work is found when prospective purchasers browse the publisher's website.

One of my key words for my eBooks is "Personal Finance", for example. Submit your eBook content: Here you can post your eBook title, your transcription and a thumbnail. Determine the prices and where your books should be sold - only in the USA or around the globe. Click on the "Publish" pushbutton.

Once you have all the information I have above, the publication progress does not take longer than 30-45 mins. After publication, the publishers usually need up to 72 hrs to publish your eBook on their website. In my opinion, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords will publish your eBook within 24h.

I was sceptical even after I read all the on-line article about how simple it would be before I began to write my eBook family. Now I can tell you that if your passions are to write, or you have dreamt of one day being able to write a work, don't let the self-publishing act stop you, it's simple.

Adaziing - creators of covers, for the provision of advertising covers of books.

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