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Obtain free tips and free advice to make money creating Kindle Books. This is a very simple and interesting process. You must first open an account with Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP).

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Publication time is less than 5 min and your text will be published within 24-48 hrs in Kindle Shops worldwidely. Generate more moneys. Comps up to 70% on customer purchases in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. Sign up for KDP Select and make more cash with Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Publication in the field of printing and photography. KDP is a free way to publish Kindle eBooks and paperback books.

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Once you have published your textbook, you will want to advertise it to potential audiences. You can not only advertise your books yourself with e-mails, web sites and other advertising material, but also use our advertising material. If, for example, you enter your eBook in our KDP Select programme, you will have the possibility to attract more users and generate more bonuses.

KDP Select registration means that your product is exclusively available at the Kindle Store and is part of Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL). When you sign up for KDP Select, you also get free promotion resources such as Kindle countdown offers and free product promotions. Or you can get more people to read by building a free authors page through the Authoring Center.

It allows you to post editorials, administer your biography and your blogs, and keep your authors' page "track" your work. Find out more about advertising your books.

Testimonies from the subterranean world of Kindle eBooks

So, there is a group of folks who make a livelihood producing tens of undemanding Kindle novels a mont. I' m calling them Kindle Gold Rushers. Several of them make tens of thousands of dollars sell notebooks on Niche classes. We' re hearing about one of the best-selling Kindle Gold Rushers this weekend.

He is 26 years old, selling 6,000 copies a months and making more than $150,000 a year. Aside from one thing, he doesn't really author the kind of literature he releases. Instead, he has a talented and creative writing staff that pumps out tens of titles a year to play Amazon and rule various types of music.

Walden is one of my favourite textbooks. Then to see how the dude in our history makes a ton with the sale of "eh" novels, the hippy in me thinks that's f-ed up. Here it is, without further ado: a man's tale of how he became a Kindle Gold Rusher: To show how simple it is to play Amazon, we spend a whole month using the techniques learnt in this interactive conversation to make our own best-selling Kindle album.

Prior to my lifetime as a semi-famous, best-selling self-help novelist, I was a business cogwheel with a pointless finish. When I looked at the self-help section in the Kindle Retail Stores, I realized how ghastly the typing was. It was not possible to say if someone had subcontracted his work to a non-English-speaking novelist (which is common), or if it was in fact someone's legal quest for a work.

It was shocking to me that someone (a) offered this shit for sell and (b) actually used it. Here is an extract from a best-selling Kindle volume, for example: And I knew I could shove it up their ass, even if I had no previous knowledge of how to write and publish a work. Prior to the letter I made a three-page design using the table of content I had seen in other textbooks.

I wrote my first volume of 18,000 words (40 pages). That' s the nice thing about self-help textbooks (and why it's simple to play) - there's never really a false response. And then I posted the story in the Amazon Kindle Shop. eleven in the first and thirty in the second months, each bringing in 35 eurocent.

Sells came from the Amazon searcher. Nothing much, but I did enjoy the view of being a featured writer, so I continued to write. I' ve transferred everything I've learnt about the procedure to my following work. I' ve made a hell of a lot of headway (I'm as much of a shock as you), but I've spent a lot of my life - about two whole week - working on and composing every one.

I' d been told that a metric tons of other Kindle writers engaged ghost writers so that they could produce a ten copies a mont. You' d be appalled how many of your favourite writers use ghost writers (here is a list). Amazingly, I found my ghost writer in the spammmiest forums:): Only made $3000 a $3000 a month, so I couldn't buy a first-class ghost writer costing about $1000 a year.

When you look at my Amazon review (the original ones, not the one I was paying for), it doesn't matter to them how you do it. I' ve interviewed eight authors by mailing them a draft of a work.

At $150 a copy, I sent him a 2,000-word contour and 7 working day later he sent me a 20,000-word work. I' m making (net) about $1,000 a week per issue. I can also publish with a ghost writer on practically any topic. E.g. after I noticed a gap in the D.I made a design that my ghost writer turned into a 40-page horticultural textbook that sold very well.

And even the best "authors" use ghost writers..... it's just one of those filthy little clues. I' ve made $1,000 by writing on subjects I have no idea about. They are only about 20 pages long and easy to do. So I find good sellers, look at their indexes, look at the bad press to see what they were missing, and then do a little research on the Internet.

As soon as I have a draft, I will mail it to the old ghost writer. A fortnight later I will receive my work. When you want to make a great deal of profit, the contents of the least-important part of the game. Most of my novels don't always have bestseller standing, a questionable concept, but the great majority do.

The self-help store took only a few month, so here I only do what I know what my audiences will buy. Incidentally, if most self-published writers boast that they are a bestseller, it means from a technical point of view that they are number one in even the smallest group.

There are 50 BAM bestsellers and you can either buy them for sale or simply give them away. There is even a cute little "bestseller" insignia that you can find at Amazon and that many writers stick on their covert. That means my first few ledgers before the ghost writer actually costs $5 and my own alone quality work.

However, artwork requires a good sense of style, which I created by spending my free time scannin' through the Kindle Shop. In no time at all, you get to know what attracts attention and what makes a badly sold work. Amazons is the place to make impulsive purchases. Nowadays, it cost me a $5 sleeve and a $150 script from my ghost writer to publish a work...not a poor spread.

Critics are in the limelight on Amazon. Once a volume is published, Amazon gives you the opportunity to give it away free for up to 5 consecutive nights. That' if I sent the volume to 20 of my best friend to check it out. Uh, it's a thin line, I am paying folks to "read" my textbooks and hopefully they'll check it out.

It' probably important to say I'm one of the best Kindle writers. When I make it just so, it's because I'm kicking my arse in the process necessary to sell a work. Thousands of writers have tried to do what I did and fail pathetic. In order to show if this anonymous author's term is real, we spend the last few weeks playing Amazon and becoming a best-seller in a single sabbatical.

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