How to Publish an Ebook in Canada

Like one Ebook in Canada publishes

There are five ways to self-publish an e-book It is perhaps no wonder that the year also saw an exploding self-published on-line publisher with a host of alternative path writers, such as Kobo Writing Life, Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher and iBooks Author. "We do hear from many different kinds of writers, some brandnew and some highly acclaimed....

who have tradition agreements that only experimented with self-publications or publish works that they wanted to do in a different series than their conventional publishers," says Libby Johnson McKee, head of Kindle Direct Publication.

Once you begin typing the textbook, begin to build your own brand. It is Kawasaki's recommendation to spend two to three hrs a days typing and one hrs a days setting up a branding site on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This may sound easy, but - please make a great audiobook (and know your audience).

"If you speak to an writer and say,'Who is the public for your work? Everybody would adore this ledger. That' the best work ever made. It' s the great US novel," says Lefebvre, who has also authored and both of them have appeared in conventional, self-published reading-material. As soon as the volume is finished, launch Crowdsourcing.

Encourage your readers, your family, your collegues, your clients and others to read and/or revise the work. "Kawasaki says (he sent "APE" in full size to about 1,000 readers before he released it himself, and only three trading day after it was released, it had about 135 on-line reviews).

"However, proof-reading and editorial is an ability, and it's something you may not be the best journalist just because you write," Johnson McKee warns. One of the most important thing is the fact that the e-book is always beautiful once it is out there. You can also generate memorable meta data that contains covers, titles, descriptions, biographies and prices.

"I would strongly advise writers to use a professionally designed envelope and invest the necessary amount of money and time," says Lefebvre. Just like an email text, the front page can also be modified as soon as it is available in electronic form.

In order to find the right pricing point, look at other textbooks in your section. When everyone else is assessed at $5. 99, rate your product at just below that to begin. "I' often think that the 99 cent prize is the only thing that will help someone selling a book," says Johnson McKee.

"I saw that even after the books were withdrawn, folks would still stick to the 99-cent prize and my proposal would be to look again and make sure you get the most value for your shopping. Please send us another great work as soon as possible. Levelevre observes that ardent and committed reader whips through a textbook and immediately checks if the writers have not.

This is a particularly important guideline for authors of genres, Johnson McKee added.

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