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Like one Ebook in Canada publishes

Once you start writing the book, start building your marketing platform. This sounds simple, but - write a great book (and know your audience). As soon as the book is written, start crowdsourcing. Attract readers by placing your work on different pages and devices. We' re pleased to announce that Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is now available in Canada!

Becoming an e-book-sensory. Seriously.

On the spread in the press, from which the publication of the books is hardly excluded, as the readership of Harry Potter, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey have made all too clear. It is about the readership - the big ones who have not been washed, the Hummingbirds - and no longer about allowing the gourmets to choose what is readable.

It is about the crowds confiscating the means of publicity. Publish is an animal hurt, but it was fatally hurt before Amazon assaulted. Most of the high-calibre publications - mediated, revised, distributed, otherwise massacred and only then released - sink without a hint. On the other hand, some textbooks that have been rejected by tens of editors turn into rock stars when a friendly spirit decides to put them on the shelves.

What only means one thing: despite their great training, expertise and good tastes, publishing houses only have a fourth of a hunch what the audience really wants. It is" the end of the earth as they know it" for editors. Meek Vancouver Leisure Vehicles Director of Sale comes to the middle of life and concludes that it's certainly the right moment for some changes.

His novel My Temporary Life makes the circle of aggrieved people. There are almost 130 refusals to the work. Aside from all these denials from professionals, he receives an infinite flow of praise from every true, living, non-professional readership his books meet - family, classmates, buddies, boyfriends of boyfriends, boyfriends of boyfriends.

He went online in December 2011. One of Canada's bestsellers is 5,000 units. On, our heroes are the e-book equivalents of an implant, spray-tanned, syrupy Playboy Centrefold, making $45,000 in February alone. Ebook purchases were approaching $5,000 in March, with another 16,000 freebies. Now, typing My name is hardly about a nature of My Temporary Life, please welcome your self-published heroes and mine - Kilmarnock, Scotland-born Martin Crosbie, who currently embodies happiness to the end of his days.

The Meaning of Children, my own novel, was published in Canada last springĀ - also after a mid-life-situation. Nevertheless, the work of the script was not as good as I had hoped: Being a small publishing house can mean little advertising, which in my case is aggravated by problems of allocation. As Martin Crosbie, I stayed confident that my product had great US marketing power, but I tried to find an US agency (although I didn't have it in me to try 130 times).

I had a publishing company in Canada that wanted the right, but I was sure that I probably wouldn't do a poorer work. I' m preparing to release an e-version myself because I knew that if I wanted a lot from a reader I'd have to sell the hell of The Meaning of Children in person (how am I doing so far?).

I' ve intensified my sociomedia campaigns and so I have " meet " Martin Crosbie on Facebook at the beginning of March. "What is it like to be confirmed, creator of the latest e-book-sense? Selling is astonishing..... but the almost overpowering part is that you have the chance to reach so many souls.

I" liked" his contribution and sent my work to Kindle the very next morning. First of all, you realize that being your own journalist will require a prime investing. Besides, who knows or is more interested in your work than you? You' re writing a good book: Martin's novel is a cross-genre mix, a big factor, he suspects, it was repeated rejections:

Leverage Amazon's unparalleled Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP) programme. Amazons will have the sole right to resell your work for three consecutive periods and will also pay you to loan your work to Amazon Prime's major subscription group. Prime members can rent one KDP volume per year ( "KDP") per calendar year.

Writers can make significant revenue just from these loans: $1. 65 per dowload the first few months to $2. 18 the third months, in Martin's experiance (thousands and thousands of downloads). We hope that this will be reflected in these important readership revisions.

"First half of the months is the hardest. "5 "5. publish coming free time, especially on Pixel of Ink and Ereader News Today (suspend your inner snark). Twitter and join as many groups of readers, Kindle and Facebook authors as possible. "My Temporary Life's e-version costs $3.99 - although John Locke, the first self-published novelist to have sold a million Kindle titles, advises the opposite.

In other words, if you make good profits with this product, buy enough material for your next one. However, the underworld changes and no one - least of all a typewriter - can distract this berg that leaps onto the Titanics of publishers. A Montreal-based author whose e-book, The Meaning of Children, is available at; the pp. com.

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