How to Publish an Ebook for free

This is how to publish an ebook for free

The formatting process makes your eBook look good on any important eReader. You can download our free eBook, The Basics of eBook Publishing. ISBNs that you have not purchased from Bowker and assigned to this eBook, leave this field blank.

FREE ebooks: 1 click e-book converter and publication sources

Conversion of your Word documents to.epub format for free with this automated e-book-builder! Quickly convert.docx,.txt, RTF or PDF documents to e-books. Fill in the text boxes and send us your download. E-book: Writer: Please click here to try another free e-book making it. For more free publication materials, click here.

These are some of the things I have built that could help you be successful as an writer, building your site and selling more work.

24 eBooks publishing utilities

There are many different ways to build, share and resell an e-book - from creating the text to administering the sales. This is a toolbox for publishing an e-book. They include e-Book creation and formatting utilities, e-Book publishing and distribution sites, and e-Book selling sites for e-business.

ePub Wiki. ePub is the international digital publish forum's offical default form. ePub offers a wide range of do-it-yourself and tailor-made solutions to help you create your e-book quickly and professional. ePub Wiki. ePub is the international digital publish forum's offical default forums. It is used by publishing houses for internal use as well as for sales and marketing.

Usually a Microsoft Word file is converted to ePub for you. Free. Smashwords Style Guides have assisted hundreds of writers to develop and release high end e-books. A free guidebook that provides easy step-by-step tutorials for creating, formatting and publishing an online publication. It' a must read for any writer who wants to share his Smashwords books with big sellers like the Apple iBook Shop, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel.

Free. A default international number is a unambiguous identification number that is allocated to each one. SSBNs are not obligatory for e-books. Childle, Kindle Direct Publisher Direct forums. It is the fellowship platform for the publication of your books on Kindle Direct Publish. Kindle is one of the most proactive forums, with seasoned writers and editors.

Free. The Scrivener is a scrivener for scripts to structure, write and format long texts. The Scrivener software provides all the necessary utilities to help you get your manuscripts ready for publication or self-publication. The Calibre is a free open code eBooks administration tool. Conversion to and from all important e-book file types.

Free. Signil is a free, open souce wonderbook wyzyg e-book wyss. Developed to process ePub sized textbooks. Free. iBooks Authors. iBook Authors is a free e-Book creation tool for the iPad. Allows you to include galeries, videos, charts, 3-D charts, 3-D items, rich content and more to make your e-book come alive.

Select from a wide range of designs and styles or make your own. iBooks guides you step-by-step through a tutorial that will help you send it to Apple's iBook Retailer. Free. iBooks author. ressBooks is a simple to use eBooks creation and formatting tool. Provides best-of-breed books and customisable topics.

We also have distributors to sell your books through the big retail outlets. Use with PressBooks watermarks for free. 200 for eBook full-service transformation. CreateAVist allows anyone to smoothly incorporate text, sound, visual, and interaction into e-books and then share them in an iPad or iPhone application, for Kindle and Nook users, and for web browser (in HTML5).

The publisher's flag ship, The Atavist, shows originals from the fields of long forms, non-fiction and journalism that have been produced on Creatavist. Easily build, post and share a free workspace. Produce unrestricted $10 per file per month. With Moglue you can make an online booking and release it as an application. The cost of releasing a stand-alone application is $199 for iPhone and Android.

And even if you are formatting your own books, you need to get a specialist to do it. Make a bespoke page art, get a dozen themes, and then choose your favourite. Envelopes begin at $299. The BookBaby is a publication plattform that can transform your data, offer an individual jacket and send your books to the big retail companies.

Deliver a ready-to-use e-pub and BookBaby will redistribute it to select electronic merchants. The Folium Book Studio. The Folium Book Studio is a plattform to bring your script to an e-Book. Select the DIY for full project management controls with the use of utilities, add-on and free tutorials. Customize the format of your text, make a artwork or download it from your computer, release a thumbnail on line and save it to your e-book device whenever you want.

The brand-named ePub is free of charge. The Folium Book Studio. The Lulu is a publisher and sales portal with DIY features and value-added features. Conversion to ePub and get a free ISBN. You can either load a artwork or select the artwork art add-on. Free distributions to the Apple iBook Retailer, Barnes & Noble's Nook Bookstore and Lulu Marketplace.

CreateSpace, a department of Amazon, provides the utilities and service to help you make your bookings and make them accessible to your prospective customers. Do it yourself access to DIY utilities such as Interior Reviewer, Cover Creator and Image Gallery. Launch a free song. Kindl's transformation is $79. SmartWords is a quick and simple way to distribute an email cookie to the world's biggest email booksellers.

Free access to free tool for selling, meta data managment and selling report. Writers and publishing houses have full oversight over the production, printing and commercialisation of their works. Smshwords sells textbooks to most large retail stores, such as Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the Diesel eBook Store. Retailer sellers deserve 60 per cent of the listed prices.

EZBuyButton widgets allow your visitors to buy your books by first choosing the kind of devices they want to use. Free. The Gumroad system is a system of payments and deliveries that allows writers to distribute e-books (or other electronic products) directly on their website. Use SendOwl to promote your own online product through your own website, your own blogs or your own online seo.

They have analysis and distribution managment instruments. The FetchApp is an easiest way to buy eBooks or other electronic goods. Pricing: 1 Mbyte per months is free. Shop Apple iBook. There are over 2 million eBooks in the Apple iBook Retail Store. 2 million in all. As a publisher, Apple only pays when they comply with terms of use and income levels that differ from country to country.

With an e-book aggregate, small publisher can pay more quickly. Childle Direct Publisher. Kindle Direct Publish to the Amazon Kindle Store to help you create your own book publications. Leverage a broad palette of tools to help prep your e-book, including reformatting, converting, and translating assets. Childle Direct Publisher. The NOOK Press is an on-line platform where independents can find everything they need to post their e-books directly to Barnes & Noble.

Five million e-books. You have to load up your books and select where you want to distribute them. Determine your prize and click on Publishing. Kobo will re-format your documents free of charge if you do not have an existing one.

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