How to Publish an Ebook for free

This is how to publish an ebook for free

Continue reading to learn more. A FREE eBook on the Kindle So, how do you clear it? Your Smashwords ebook will be labeled here as "requires submission" or "pending approval". Unless your ebook is completely flawless, you cannot activate a premier edition - and Smashwords can be very choosy. Your audiobook will be available for free in a few short months - or longer - from B&N and Apple iTunes.

For the good part now.... click'report lower price' on the Amazon list for your eBook, and insert the exact B&N list address, a zero rate and the actual date. Then, click the Apple App Store links again. While you can try to announce the lower rate on Smashwords before your song is available on websites like B&N and Apple, I'm not sure that will work.

Next part is at Amazon. They will sometimes adjust the prices and reset your books to zero, and sometimes not. or if they'll ever cut the cost to zero. Once your Amazon eBook is reset to zero, the Amazon eBook will not be cancelled if you modify the Amazon eBook's face value (e.g. from $1.99 to 99c).

Cancellation of the zero rate? What happens if you want to reverse the zero rate? All you have to do is increase the cost of Smashwords and then waiting for Apple and Barnes & Noble to get the new sales value. As soon as they do, Amazon should do the same. This will hopefully cause some disorientation, and good fortune with your release!

Getting an eBook published on Kindle, Apple iTunes, Google Play and more!

Dr. Penny Pincher launched the much-loved Penny Pincher Journal financial blogs in 2013 and has written two savings related work. You have many ways to publish your eBook and distribute it to bookstores. So here's the case I used to publish an eBook for free and get it into all the mainstream::

Create a Smashwords version of your eBook. Smashwords distributes your eBook to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony and several other distributors for 10% of every sales of books. You can use the Smashwords Style Guide and the Word templates to help you get your manuscripts ready for eBook publishing. You can use the Smashwords utility "Meatgrinder" to create your eBook-format.

Smashwords can also provide your Smashwords ESBN free of charge. ISBNs are a series number for your library that some bookshops and bookshops use to keep a record of their work. You' re required to create or buy covers before publishing them. Before you publish your eBook file, use Adobe Digital Editions to verify it.

Create a Kindle issue on Kindle Direct Publishing. SmartWords is not currently distributed to Kindle, so you will need to open an affiliate program, submit your files and create your own eBook for Kindle. To reuse your Word documents from within a Smashword, simply delete any licensing notices that say "Smashwords".

It' your ledger, so you can do it. Please be aware that you cannot register for "KDP Select", this is an exclusionary arrangement to use KDP Select to distribute your books only if you are using other vendors. Create an eBook for sale on Google Plays.

You can use Calibre to reconvert your Word file (Kindle reuse) to epoxyBub. You must create an Google profile to post your work. Once you have followed these footsteps, you will have a released eBook with an ESBN that anyone in the whole wide globe can buy. I' ve been able to reformat my footage for eBook and publish it over a week-end.

What is the length of an eBook? As I began working on my eBook, I was wondering how many pages an eBook should be long. I had to realize that one of the first things I had to think about eBooks is that the pages' concepts are no longer all-encompassing. Readers can select a bigger typeface and the number of pages in an eBook will increase.

Several eBook appliances have different screens and display more or less text on each page. For eBooks, the lay-out is flexible. One of the best layouts for eBooks is to style the text and images without additional blanks. It' difficult to look at a page that has no page break that makes sense - but keep in mind to change the pages on eBooks, so just let it work.

Return to the issue of the length of an eBook: I had about 40,000 words in my volume, which affects about 145 pages on my Adobe Digital Editions page-expub. A length of 40,000 words seems to be a fairly common length for non-fiction books that compete with mine.

How does a blog/website differ from an eBook? Much of the footage for my eBook comes from Hubs here at HubPages and from my blog. There is a distinction between web pages and blogs vs. eBooks are left. eBooks can still have left, but the favorite way seems to be to use fewer them.

If you use eBook reading, you tend to click on a link by mistake, so that too many can be bothersome. Also, web browser may not be very efficient in eBook reader like Nook or Kindle. As I made my eBook, I cut down some of the shortcuts and improved the text. eBooks are focussed on text.

There is another distinction between web pages/blogs and eBooks: advertisements. When the reader wants to know more, the answer is just a click away. But if you want to distribute your eBook through the most important sales channel, you are not permitted to have affiliated bookmarks. After all, images play a different part in eBooks. Only grayscale is displayed by some eBook users.

Large images can be hard to view on eBook reading devices. The main distinction between a web page and an eBook is that the eBook can be displayed on a small grayscale monitor with a small computational limit to show large images and web page outlines. An eBook focuses more on the text itself.

Which are the most important eBook-forms? Which is the eBook size? A web page is in.html form. Adobe. pdf or Microsoft Word . pdf are common for print. However, what is the eReader standard? There are several eBook data types. It is a standard used by Google Play and Apple's bookstores.

Both Barnes and Noble's Nook eReader use the epoxy-base. Kinddle does not use epoxyub, but the files AZW and KF8. A number of other eBook eReaders are also supported. I' ve used a free "Meatgrinder" from Smashwords to create an issue of my eBook in different eBook-formatting.

Meatgrinder " is a Word document (.doc) and outputs in many different eBook format, providing smashwords to various sales outlets such as epoxyBub, mobile, lrf,db and more. I' ve used a free application named Calibre to create an ebook for Google Play and Google's bookshops.

I' ve had an epoxy copy of Meatgrinder, but Meatgrinder asks you to use the Meatgrinder data only for smash words sales channel. So, I download Calibre and created an epoxy from my Word document and my.jpeg books covers. I' ve used Kindle Direct Publishing to create the Kindle edition of my eBook.

A Word file and the.jpeg covers were used. Do eBooks have images? Yes, eBooks can have images - but keep in mind the eReader monitors are small and some have monochrome monitors. I' ve also tried to make sure that the text can do most of the work when the images are not visible due to restrictions of the eBook reader.

On the right is an example of how I used images in my eBook. I' ve also used small images, so the eBook is small and can be downloaded quickly. Several eBook uplinks have a max. filesize of 8 MB for the whole album.

Convert a Word.doc to an eBook? Reformatting an eBook requires a little work. It seems that a Microsoft Office document is the most frequent source for converting to eBook files. However, the Microsoft Office document must be in the correct layout to be able to be converted to an eBook document size.

I' ve photocopied my footage from a web page or Word spreadsheet and paste it into a notebook format. I' ve made a copy from the notebook and inserted "clean" text into the Word pattern I used to create my eBook. It keeps the Word documents free of formats that can lead to converting issues.

Smashwords-styleguide demands a rather unique way to insert the first section of each section without indentation and all following sections with indentation. A Smashwords Word document can be downloaded that contains fonts to make it easier to format directly before converting. Creating a directory for your eBook is an important stage that will require some knowledge of Microsoft Word.

You' ll need to include links to the main topics or paragraphs of your text. Smashwords Style Guide will explain how to do that. Once your eBook is in format, please load your Word document and your Meatgrinder artwork into Meatgrinder. In a few mikes you will get multiple eBook reviews.

What is the best way to get a front page for your eBook? The production of the covers was actually one of the most daunting stages in the eBook publication lifecycle. There is an old saying: "Never evaluate a text after its cover", but it seems that most folks do not do so. Covers are a big issue when prospective users click on your eBook to find out more or not.

Many eBooks have shoddy or amateur-looking artwork, and that frightens the reader. In the end I created my own artwork with some picture data and some text with the name of the writer and the name. I used the Microsoft Office Picture Manager and PowerPoint to create my album.

Use almost any graphic program you're comfortable with to create a covers. My dust jacket is fine, but I spent a few hour creating it and making the finished picture the right-sized. When you are unable to design your own covers, you can buy a professional design one.

Smashwords Style Guide provides some links to design a jacket for you. Childle Direct Publishers has some utilities to make booksheets, but I didn't study them because I had already created my booksheets when they were published on Smashwords. What is the eBook pricing?

A cute thing about self-publishing an eBook is that you get to adjust the prize. Best royalties are for eBooks ranging from $2.99 to $5.99. I' ve fixed the cost of my volume at $3.99. License fees depend on the sales channels and are between 45% and 85%.

I' m getting about $3 per volume I've been selling so far. eBook pricing is significantly lower than for printed eBooks, and there are many eBooks available for free. A low cost seems to be a big contributor to eBook-readership. How much does your eBook cost?

What is the amount of ebook you can sell? I' m glad I now have the knack of answering that question - I actually did sell a copy of my eBook so I could see how eBook emoluments and payment work. My $3-$ 99-$3, I get about 00 a copy.

I had no costs associated with the publication of my eBook, so the $3 per eBook is a win. We' ll see how many books I can offer, but the chart below shows some ways you can make a lot of it. With an eBook valued at $3.99 at 70% duty rates, how much can you make?

I have to come back and put a line to this desk if I succeed in selling more than 100,000 of my eBook! Where can you get bookshops and online booksellers to resell your eBook? So you wrote a textbook and turned it into an eBook format.

However, how do you get your work in online bookshops where your reader can buy it? That is where sales and marketing can be found. Place your eBook on your own website and create e-commerce softwares so your customers can buy your work. They need to get your product for selling on the tract where group buy their product to person a possibility to oversubscribe precise umpteen work.

They can be addressed on an individual basis, or you can find a solution to help you spread your eBook. SMASHWORD provides the sale of eBooks to a number of bookstores. Allows you to send your books to the following distributors: Kindlle (Amazon) has a large proportion of eBook revenue.

Smshwords has not been able to automatically create an Kindle auto-download, so you will need to open an Kindle Direct Publishing bankroll yourself and submit your own to Amazon for Kindle to get it. Google Play is also absent from the SmartWords distributors directory. Open an affiliate profile in the Google Play Books Partner Center to post your eBook to Google Play.

The Kindle is one of the largest eBooksarketplaces. You want the million of children who have children to be able to buy and view your eBook. Kindle Direct Publishing to get your eBook on Amazon's Kindle. When I look at my books sold, it's clear that my Amazon Kindle books sell far more than other ways of selling.

As I publish my next eBook, I am planning to try Kindle's KDP Select application. It is a way to publish exclusivly on Amazone and get some advertising advantages and increased bonuses. As most of my books are sold by Amazons anyway, I'm willing to try an exlusive publication on Amazons.

Anytime I can quit this application and publish my work on other websites if it doesn't work. I' ve used smash words to give my books to Apple for 10% of every purchase. Smshwords has a stylesheet and a Word templates to help you fulfill all the needs to make your eBook available for purchase from Apple.

Googles plays was not a distributor of Smashwords, so I went directly to Google plays to publish my work. I' ve used the free Calibre for Windows application to have my Word file and my books covers converted to epoxy file formats. What is the best way to publish a print version of an eBook? CreateSpace is accessible through Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing.

I' m not sure if I'm following a print copy of my eBook or just staying with a ebook. Costs for the print will be higher, but it would be great to have an signature for your sign! Overall, I found the whole making the publication of an eBook requires many new things to learn.

So many eBook data types and so many publishers. So I chose to use Smashwords to make things easier by uploading many of the eBook styles and about 10 sales outlets. It took a great amount of work and studying the Smashwords Style Guide to edit the eBook into a good eBook-style.

KinderLe is too big to miss a store, so I opened an Kindle Direct Publishing bankroll, and I' ve added my books to Kindle for sharing. It has a great deal of untapped power, and I like the notion of having text from my books in Google results, so I created an affiliate center with Google Play Books so I can post my books to this school.

It' s a great deal to keep up with, but I like my eBook in all important sales outlets so that anyone can find it and buy it. It struck me that I was able to publish my work for free on a week-end of work. It is very rewarding to publish a eBook - I sincerely wish that the information in this piece will help you to publish your eBook.

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