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With the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program I gave the book away for free for the first 5 days. 14 December 2016 at 10:45 a.m. Some text you'd rather find on the Internet and read on your Kindle? Self-publishing Ebook has become a $1 billion industry.

PowerPoint lets you create a stunning PDF e-book.

Are Bookbaby or Smashwords the best for self-publishers?

Throughout the entire weekly we report on the experiences and opinions of our members, on the various ebook and book sales opportunities open to indie customers - and what they can really look forward to. Today alliance member Giacomo Giammatteo gives us his thoughts on Bookbaby and Smashwords and concludes that it is very positive to go with everyone.

Up until recently, there was only one sensible way to share your eBook outside of Amazon, and that was through Smashwords. And I didn't care until my 90 days of Amazon exclusiveness ended. Soon it was too late for the selection to be restricted, but one of the "sensible" alternatives was a new gamer, Bookbaby.

Swashwords had a beautiful side, but at least for me it seemed a bit overloaded. Bookbaby made everything I needed to know, everything I had to know about, from price setting to sales channel, just a click away. This is not the case with smash words. It' s not always a good idea to evaluate our customers before I log in, but it is important to me and I love the fact that Bookbaby had phone assistance.

When Smashwords had telephone back-up, I couldn't find him. In addition, I e-mailed Mark Coker, the creator of Smashwords, and he contacted me immediately and answered all my snippets. These are the following charts to help you find the right solution. But I don't know why someone at Amazon would like to go either via Bookbaby or Smashwords; it's better to go directly with them.

B&N will pay only 50% to Bookbaby for some reasons. I have removed the 60% number for smash words from the'Channel reports' section of their website. This is the charge for changes at Bookbaby: The Bookbaby allows one upgrade per year. Smashords allows unrestricted changes. In the interests of common sense and because there are too many possible scenes, I limited my calculation to one that I would publish on Amazon and B&N myself and go through either Smashwoords or Bookbaby for the part.

Top four vendors of the ebook are: Amazon, B&N, Apple and Kobo. This made Apple and Kobo as the only two to consider. I' ve taken a combination turnover of 100, 200 and 500 for Apple and Kobo and even round the result to 60% & 70%. On the $2 prize point. 99 an Author would have to sale 333 products to happening, day if they compensable the $99 interest to Bookbaby.

Had you reduced this number to two years, you would have had to buy 400 copies over a two-year timeframe to make a profit. On the $4 mark. 99 break-even points move to 200 sells in year one or 240 in two years. The breakeven point at $6. 99 falls to 143 vendors in the first year and 171 over two years.

If you do not register directly with B&N, you have to re-calculate, because Smashwords has 60% of B&N purchases compared to 50% from Bookbaby. Economically, the choice of your path will differ according to your pricing point and planned revenue, but choices are rarely purely monetary.

User-friendliness Although Bookbaby seems to be winning the award at first glance, with a neat, organised performance the more I used Smashwords, I realised that it was also simple to use. It was great that Bookbaby had telephone back-up, but I was also very pleased that Mark Coker answered my snippets.

but from what I can see on the interface, I'd have to give Buchbaby an advantage. Bockbaby also makes payments every week, Smashwoords every three months. When you need to make changes after the upload, you will be charged a lot of money with Buchbaby, while smash words is free.

Just be straightforward about how many ledgers you think you are selling, then look at the graphs and realize what makes sense. What do you think? I' d discourage you from making a choice about how many you want to have. Keep in mind, so many you will be selling outside of Amazon.

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