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Making a website available for free

No way to publish it for free, but talk to small/medium businesses for unlimited advertising on your website in exchange for a website domain. Bring your business to Google, Yahoo & Bing today. Previewing and publishing your website using the Site Builder. We' ll look at some options for (free) hosting. Create your website for free with the simple and free Website Builder.

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Single data will be uploaded via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to your Online World web space and can then be accessed at your web adress ( http://yourname.magix. net/public) in the intranet. It is also possible to use MAGIX to create your own HTML web sites in addition to your online album website or your Website Maker sites.

From Xara/MAGIX Web Designer, choose Publish. In case you do not have an existing user name and password, choose the option'Register for free'. To publish to an alternate webhost, choose the option'Publish to an alternate webhost....'. MagIX provides a free web site in the file formats.

In case you need your own top-level domainname (or co. uk, . information etc.), choose the option'New web address...', which connects you to the MAGIX domainnameregistry. Subfolder is optional: To publish your website to a subfolder, type the name of the subfolder in this box.

This will add the name of the subdirectory to your selected web site location, e.g. www.yourname. com/subfolder and all your subfolders will be stored in this subdirectory. Uploading a website. Then click Publish. Publication duration depends on the page and link sizes, but you will see a status indicator for uploading in the upper right area.

Once the publication is completed, you should see a confirmation:. That' s it, your website is released and available on the Internet! Your MAGIX homepage support provides support for the supply of dynamic contents that have to be formatted into the "correct" file formats (e.g. pH, TIFF, etc.) or that have to be handled by other programs (except Javascript).

To upload your latest website design to your Online World web room to publish it to the web, open the "Publish website" feature in your WebDesigners 6 File submenu (you can also do this by selecting the appropriate icon on the toolbar).

The" Publish website" dialogue opens. Use the " Publish website " dialogue to input your FTP account details. The FTP user name and your FTP user name are the same as your Online World account (FTP user name = your e-mail address). The following dialogue asks you to choose a directory into which Web Designer 6 should be exporting your website design information.

So if you haven't already created a directory, just choose an available directory or just make a new directory and use it. A small dialogue appears in the upper right hand side of your Web Designer 6, showing the status of the stream. Once the download is complete, your website can be opened via your Online World web adress

Notice: If you have specified a subfolder in the "Publish website" dialogue, your website projects will be moved there. If this is the case, you must include the name of the subfolder to your web site URL (http://yourname.magix. net/public/sub-folder) to open the page. When FileZilla starts, type in your FTP account.

User name and passwords are the same as your online world credentials (user name = your e-mail address). FILEZILA tries to establish a connection to the MAGIX FTP client. In this case you will see the content of the FTP area of your Online World web space. Choose the directory on the lefthand side (local) that contains the directories and subfolders of your website projects.

Usually you will find the index. htm(l) and various other directories and subfolders (depending e.g. on the website application used). Now mark all subfolders and subfolders with the right mousebutton. Choose the "Upload" feature here.

Uploading may take some amount of your website projects to complete, so please be aware that the file transfer may take some while. Once it is ready, your website can be accessed via your Online World web site http://yourname.magix. net/public.

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